Guidelines To Authors For Submission Of Papers

Introduction : To bring about uniformity in the technical papers, all the authors shall strictly adhere to the guidelines provided hereunder. For convenience, a format for technical papers is annexed to provide an example. Papers not complying with the guidelines may not be accepted for presentation/publication in the Conference Proceedings.

Undertaking By Principal Author

For wider dissemination of the ideas contained in conference papers, BBMB/CBIP may edit and publish the conference papers as well as upload them on its websites or any other media after appropriate editing. The principal author is required to give his consent for the same while uploading the paper.

Submission Of Paper

Manuscripts should be submitted in English and must be original, unpublished work and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Maps, when included as part of the paper shall not depict territorial boundaries incorrectly.Manuscripts should be prepared in .docx (Word 2007 format) file or later version. It should be no more than 6 (six) pages on the A4 format, including text, tables, figures, and references. The size of the Word files should be not more than 10 MB. Font type and sizes to be used in the paper should be as follows:

  • The title of the Paper: Times New Roman 14 pt. boldface, uppercase and centred.
  • Name(s) of the Authors: Times New Roman 12 pt. regular, uppercase and centred.
  • Affiliation of Authors: Times New Roman 11 pt. italic, sentence case and centred.
  • Section Headings: Times New Roman 12 pt. boldface, uppercase and justified left.
  • Subsection Headings: Times New Roman 12 pt. bold face, capitalize each word and justified left.
  • The text of the Paper: Times New Roman 12 pt. regular, sentence case, single spaced and justified.
  • Headings of Abstract: Times New Roman 11 pt. regular, uppercase and centred.
  • Headings of Annex, Acknowledgements, and References: Times New Roman 11 pt. regular, uppercase and justified left.
  • The text of Abstract, Annex, Acknowledgements, References, and tables: Times New Roman 11 pt. regular, sentence case, single spaced and justified.

The completed full paper needs to be uploaded by any one author who is registered as a delegate to the Conference on to the website. No other mode of submission will be accepted, and no acknowledgments will be issued other than that issued by the web portal. The contact information of the principal author or the author who will be presenting the paper should be provided when uploading the paper.

Acceptance Of Paper

All papers will be reviewed by qualified technical specialists through BBMB and CBIP and papers considered suitable for the conference will be selected. The reviewers of the papers may also offer comments / suggestions for consideration by authors for implementation before accepting the papers. Keeping in view the time available for oral presentation of papers in the technical sessions, only some papers will be selected for oral presentation and the principal authors of the papers will accordingly be informed. Principal authors of papers considered suitable for the conference but not selected for oral presentation will also be informed; however, they may keep themselves in readiness to make an oral presentation, if an opportunity arises during the conference.

Presentation Slides

Principal authors of all the papers selected for oral presentation at the conference should prepare slides suitable for projection using LCD projector. The number of slides may be confined to about 20 for a 10-minute oral presentation. The font size of at least 24 pt. shall be used for the text with a maximum of 5 bullets per slide and the text per bullet to limited to a phrase or keywords. Colour contrast to be maintained for better readability. White backgrounds are difficult to view in subdued lighting. Photographs, videos, charts or tables may be included in the presentation after ensuring their clarity while projecting onto a large screen. Softcopy of presentation slides / videos should be sent by email to the Organizing Secretary () at least 10 days before the conference

Profile Of Authors

The principal authors, who may be presenting the papers, shall provide their brief profile (not exceeding 6 lines) while uploading the paper, for facilitating their introduction.

Download : Format For Technical Papers