Session Themes

Technical Session - 1A, 1B & 1C
1400-1530 Hrs. on December 10, 2018

Issues and Challenges in Sustainable Water Management
  1. Contribution of intelligent decision support systems in water management
  2. Integration of ground water and surface water management
  3. Sustainable water management: Command Area Interventions-precise irrigation methods and cropping patterns
  4. Smart cities and sustainable water management
  5. Role of non-government sector in sustainable water management
  6. Sustainable water management – Alternatives to storage dams

Technical Session - 2A, 2B & 2C
0930-1100 Hrs. on December 11, 2018

Water Storage Dams: Water Management, Environment and Development
  1. Management of water storage projects
  2. Water security and climate change outlook in respect of storage projects
  3. Need of storage dams/storage infrastructure for multiple purposes
  4. Design adaptations and adaptive resource management for climate change
  5. Inter basin transfer of water
  6. Integrated reservoir operation
  7. Electricity grid stability- Benefits of storage hydro projects

Technical Session - 3A & 3B,
1130-1300 Hrs. on December 11, 2018

Technical Session - 3C,
1130-1300 Hrs. on December 11, 2018

River Basin Development and Management
  1. Need for integrated river basin management
  2. River basin hydrology, climate change and cloud bursts
  3. Issues and challenges in large river basin management
  4. Impact of climate change, uncertainty in predictions and adaptive resource management
  5. River basin management- International scenario
Environmental and Social Impacts
  1. Environmental flows (E-Flows)
  2. R&R Implications of storage projects
  3. Asset conservation including sedimentation management
  4. Potential ecological impacts and D/s flow regimes of storage v/s RoR Hydro projects
  5. Drinking water management in remote and hilly areas
  6. Capacity building and participatory approach for transfer to next generation

Technical Session - 4A
1400-1530 Hrs. on December 11, 2018

Technical Session - 4B
1400-1530 Hrs. on December 11, 2018

Flood and Drought Management
  1. Vulnerability analysis of flood damages with emphasis on pre and post-large storage projects scenarios
  2. Historical droughts study justifying need of storage projects in large rivers
  3. Occurrence of extreme events due to climate change
  4. Brain Storming Session on Requirement of Decision Support System by IAs under NHP
Financing, Legal and Contractual Aspects of Water Management
  1. Water Laws and Policy: Problems, prospects and consumer perspective
  2. Water as new oil-Geopolitics in water management
  3. Water conflict management: precedents and mechanisms
  4. Trans-boundary water management

Technical Session - 4C,
1400-1530 Hrs. on December 11, 2018

Other Engineering/Related Issues
  1. Water conservation best practices-Experience and outcomes
  2. Disruptive technologies aiding sustainable water management
  3. Modern tools for mitigative diversion of water flows
  4. Geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing applications
  5. Wastewater management

The above list covers some of the topics to be presented at the Conference. The list is purely indicative and the Papers on other subjects related to the objectives of the Conference are also welcome.