Session Themes

International Conference on

Water Management

10-11 December 2018, Chandigarh, India

Day 1: December 10, 2018 (Monday)

09:30 – 10:30 hrs.


10: 30 – 11:40 hrs.

Inaugural Session

11:40 – 12:00 hrs.

Inauguration of Exhibition and Poster Competition

12:00 – 12:30 hrs.


High Tea


12:30 – 13:30 hrs.

Plenary  Session  - Chair: Mr. U.P. Singh, Secretary, MoWR, RD&GR, GoI

1.  Water Resources Management Initiatives in India – Mr. S.M. Husain, Chairman, CWC

2.  Bhakra Dam – A Modern Temple for Sustainable Development in India -  Mr. D.K. Sharma, Chairman, BBMB, GoI

3.  Water Resources Planning and Management – An International Experience: Dr. Kees Bons, Netherlands

4.  Discussions

13:30– 14:30 hrs.


Lunch Break


Technical Sessions (14:30 – 16:00 hrs.)

Godrej Auditorium

TS 1: River Basin Planning

Chair: Mr. S.M. Husain
Chairman, CWC

Co-Chair: Dr. Anju Gaur, World Bank

Nalanda Hall

TS 2: Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Water

Chair: Mr. M.K. Srinivas
Director General, NWDA

Co-Chair: Mr. G.S. Narwal
Chief Engineer, BSL, BBMB

Somapura Hall

TS 3: Climate Change and Adaptation Measures

Chair: Mr. D.K. Sharma
Chairman, BBMB

Co-Chair: Mr. Bhopal Singh
Chief Engineer, CWC

Setting up Water Strategy for the Country - Mr. Ashwin B Pandya, SG, ICID

Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Water - Prof. Gajendra Singh, Former DDG, ICAR

Impact of Climate Change on Water Management - Prof. Nick Schofield, AWP, Australia

Integrated River Basin Planning – Case Studies of Room for River Program, The Netherland & Mekong Delta Master Plan, Vietnam. - Mr. Martijn van Elswijk, DHV-RH, Netherlands

Surface Water – Ground Water Interaction: An Australian Experience - Dr. Stuart Richardson, Ground Water Expert, AWP, Australia


Role of Storages in Adaptation to Climate Change - Mr. Avinash Tyagi, Former Secretary General, ICID


Towards Sustainable Water Management in Narmada River Basin - Dr. M. K. Sinha (Executive Member),  Ms. Suman Sinha, NCA


Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Water Sustainable Water Management - Mr. Sujit Sinha, Ms. Akansha Kushwaha,, Neety Negi, and Ankita Bhattacharya , CGWB

Incorporating the Impact of Climate Change on Design Flood -  Mr. Bhopal Singh, Chief Engineer, CWC


River Basin Planning – Case Study from Spain -  Dr. Wolfgang Krinner, TAMC, NPMU


Real Time Ground Water Monitoring and Forecast for Decision Support -
Dr. Venugopal, Director, GWD, AP


Ensemble Forecasting - Mr. Thomas Hopson, NCAR, USA


River Basin Modelling of Tungabhadra Sub-basin, Karnataka, India Using Source - Mr. P. S. Rao, ACIWRM, Karnataka

Application of High Frequency Spring Discharge Data in the Himalayan Region (IHR)-  Dr. Sumit Sen and Vikram Kumar, IIT- Roorkee

Climate Change Impact on Rainfall and Stream Flow in Bhima River Basin, India – Mr. R. Murumkar, Mr. D.S. Arya and
Mr. V.S. Shedekar, IIT Roorkee


Ground Water Resource Management –  Mr. I Mendizabal


16:00 –16:20 hrs.

Tea Break

16:20 – 18:00 hrs.

Industry Session

Industry Session

Chair: Mr. Ravi Shankar, Chief Engineer, CWC & Director, NWIC

Co-Chair: Mr. Rakesh Kashyap, SJC, MOWR, RD & GR

Co-Chair: Mr. Neeraj Kr. Manglik, SJC, MOWR, RD & GR


Use of LiDAR Technology for Water Resources in India  - Mr. Ritesh Singh, GeoKno



Jain Irrigation


Vassar Lab

A Non-intrusive Camera-based System for Continuous Flow Measurement in Open Channels and Rivers – I. Hansen,
R. Warriar, C. Satzger, R. Duester, B. Luethi and S. Peña-Haro,
SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH

18:00 to 18:30 hrs.

 Tea Break

18:30 to 20:00 hrs.

Cultural Programme

20:00 hrs.

Conference Dinner

Day 2: December 11, 2018 (Tuesday)

Technical Session (09:15 – 10:45 hrs.)

Godrej Auditorium

TS 4: Integrated Water Resources Management

Chair: Dr. M.K. Sinha
Executive Member, NCA

Co-Chair: Dr. C. Raj Singh, World Bank

Nalanda Hall

TS 5: Irrigation Management

Chair: Mr. Felix Reinders, President ICID

Co-Chair: Mr Birendra Singh,
E-in-C Irrigation Department, Haryana

Somapura Hall

TS 6: Water Governance and Conflict Management

Chair: Mr. A.C. Tyagi,
Former SG, ICID

Co-Chair: Mr. H.S. Chugh,

Chief Engineer, BBMB

Integrated State Water Plan for Sustainable Water Management - Mr. Rajendra Pawar, and Mr. B.S. Swami


Smart Irrigation Technology - Mr. Felix Reinders, President, ICID


Good governance of Water and Irrigation in India : Understanding the Concept, Issues and Prospects - Mr. A.D. Mohile, Former Chairman, CWC

Inter-basin Water Transfer for Sustainable Development - Mr. M.K. Srinivas, DG, NWDA


Command Area Development and Water Management – Govt. of India Initiatives - Mr. Vijai Saran, SJC, MoWR, RD & GR

Experience from Murray Darling Basin - Mr. David Haris, AWP


Dimension of Integrated Basin Planning : A Case Study of Panam Basin of Gujarat -

Mr. Vivek Kapadia, CE, Gujarat

Potential improvements and Use of Irrigation Benchmarking for Enhancing Resilience in Water Scarce Irrigation Systems  - Dr. Upali Amarasinghe, IWMI, Sri Lanka

Interstate River Water Governance: Conflict to Co-operation Pathways - 

Mr. Srinivas Chokkakula, MoWR- Chair, Centre for Policy Research

Investigating Expansion Limits of Water Resources systems within the framework of optimisation - Dr. Nesa Ilich, TAMC, NPMU


Emerging best practices in irrigation - Mr. Somnath Jadhav, Jain Irrigation


Case Studies from The Netherlands, Vietnam, The Balkans Regarding Stakeholders, Challenges, Governance & Timelines - Mr. Martijn van Elswijk, DHV-RH, Netherlands

Challenges in Managing Inter-Basin Water Transfer – Lesson Learnt from Parambikulam  Aliyar Project - Mr. Sudheer Padikkal and Mr. Joshi K.A., KWRD

Improving Water Use Efficiency of Benchmarking of Irrigation Projects in Maharashtra - Rajendra Pawar, Rajendra Mohite and Dr Avinash S Garudkar, WRD, Maharashtra

Water Governance and Conflict Management- Role of Existing Mechanism - Mr. B.P. Pandey, Director, CWC


10:45 – 11:00 hrs.

Tea Break

Technical Session (11:00 – 12:30 hrs.)

Godrej Auditorium

TS 7: Hydro-informatics

Chair: Prof. Nick Schofield
AWP, Australia

Co-Chair: Mr. Ravi Shankar
Director, NWIC & CE, CWC

Nalanda Hall

TS 8: Innovative Irrigation Practices

 Chair: Mr. A.B. Pandya, SG, ICID

Co-Chair: Mr. H.S. Arora
Chief Engineer, WR, Punjab

Somapura Hall

TS 9: Technology Innovation in Water Management

Chair: Dr. Sharad Jain, Director, NIH

Co-Chair: Mr. Atul Jain, CE, CWC

Smart Water Management System Towards Decision Making: A south Korean Experience - Mr. Lee Geumjum (Korea)

Innovative Irrigation- Case Study from Maharashtra  - Mr. Ajit, World Bank


GIS for Water Management -  Mr. Vishal Anand, ESRI


Water Resources Assessment of basins of India using Space inputs – Dr. R.N. Sankhua, Director, CWC


Grid/Solar Powered Micro Irrigation Infrastructure on Existing Canal Commands and its Outcome in Paddy crops - Mr. Neeraj Sharma, CADA, Haryana Irrigation  Dept.

LIDAR for Lift Irrigation -


A review of US National Water Model and Potential Development Applications and Benefits for Water Security Across India - Dr. Jonathan Quebbeman, RTI, USA

Innovative Irrigation Practices – Case Study from West Bengal - Mr. Joydeep Das and Akhilesh Parey


Integrated River Basin Management using Modern Techniques - Mr. Leelavathi K.S., SECON


Water Resource Assessment using Water Accounting Plus (WA+) Framework: A short review - Mr. Ranjan Ray, Sci.-D, CGWB


Precision Irrigation for enhancing Agricultural Water Productivity-
Dr. Debasis Chakraborty, IARI


Use of IOT and AI application in Decision support system (DSS) for water management - Dr. Venugopal, R. Srinivas Nalluri, Laxmiprasad Putta, Nikhilesh Kumar

Remote Sensing Applications – Estimation of Evapotranspiration using METRIC Model - Ms. Krishna Bhargavi. P., Ms. Nidhi Misra, Mr. Chandrasekar, K. Abdul Hakeem and Mr. V.V. Rao, NRSC


Modernization Strategy for Irrigation Management, MASSCOTE Applications, Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal, Karnataka, India - Dr. Danial Renault, Dr. Rao, P.S. & Dr. TN Reddy, ACIWRM, Karnataka

BlockChain and Internet of Things (IOT)- Tools for better Water Resources Management - Dr. Ajay Pradhan &
Dr. Anish Bansal



Study on use of Micro-Irrigation Techniques in 10 AIBP Completed Projects in India – Mr. S.K. Rajan, Director, CWC


12:30 – 13:30


Technical Session (13:30 – 15:00)

Godrej Auditorium

TS 10: Flood Modelling & Management

Chair: Mr. Y.K. Sharma
Member, RM, CWC

Co-Chair: Mr. Sanjeev Suri
Former Chief Engineer,  BBMB

Nalanda Hall

TS 11: Water and Energy Security

Chair: Er. Baldev Singh Sran

Co-Chair: Mr  R.K. Gupta
Chief Engineer - TS, BBMB

Somapura Hall

TS 12: Water and Environment

Chair: Mr. N.K. Mathur
Member, D&R, CWC

Co-Chair: Mr. Amrendra Kumar Singh, Chief Engineer, CWC

Importance of Scenario and Event Analysis in Forecasting and Real Time Reservoir Operation of Bhakra and Pong Dams -
Mr. D.K. Sharma, Chairman, Mr. Sarvesh Seth, and Mr. Anil Vyas, BBMB

Maintaining Perspective on Water Security Planning and Operation Challenges under Changing Conditions - Dr. Jonathan Quebbeman, RTI, USA


Environment Flow Assessment for River Valley Projects in Siang Basin in India - Mr. N.N. Rai, Director, CWC


Three-day Advance Inundation Advisory Forecast in Brahmaputra Basin - Mr. Ritesh Khattar, Director, CWC


Multi-purpose Storages - Need of the Hour –  Mr. Rishi Srivastava, Director, CWC


Wetlands and Water Management: Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Context - Dr. Ritesh Kumar, Wetlands International

Use of NWP Model – Rainfall Forecast for Water Management -  Dr. A.K. Mitra &
Dr. Kuldeep Sharma, NCMRWF


Contribution of Bhakra Nangal Project in providing Food, Water and Energy Security in India -  Mr. D.K. Sharma, Ashwani Agarwal and Charanpreet Singh, BBMB

Environment Effects of Water Resources Projects – Mr. B B Saikia, Director, CWC


Providing of Flood Storage Space in Reservoir of Tuivai-Hydroelectric Project, Mizoram: A Discussion - Mr. Ranendra Sarma, NEEPCO

Hydropower and Energy Security – Mr. S.K. Das, Director, CWC


Issues Involved in Environment Clearance of Ken Betwa Link Project -  Mr. R.K .Jain, NWDA


Cloudburst Flash Flood Modelling: A case study – Dr. A  K Lohani, Dr.  Y Joshi, Dr. Sanjay K Jain, NIH



A Review of Environmental Flow Methods for Application in the Hydro-power Project, Beas River Basin, H.P. - Mr. C. Prakasam, Associate Prof, Chitkara University, HP

15:00 – 15:15 hrs.

Tea Break

Technical Session (15:15 – 16:45 hrs)

Godrej Auditorium

TS 13: Flood and Drought Management

Chair: Dr. M.K. Sinha,
Executive Member, NCA

Co-Chair: Mr. Shiv Nandan Kumar,
Chief Engineer, CWC

Nalanda Hall

TS 14: Water Management Initiatives under NHP

Chair:  Dr. (Mrs.) V.V. Bhosekar, Director,CWPRS, Maharashtra 

Co-Chair: Mr. Prabhakar D Hamigi, Chief Engineer, WRD, Karnataka

Somapura Hall

TS 15: Water Quality and Sediment Management

Chair: Mr. A. D Mohile,
Ex-Chairman, CWC

Co-Chair: Mr. A .K. Aggarwal,
Chief Engineer, Bhakra, BBMB

Tools and Knowledge Products for Managing Water Related Risks in India - Mr. Giriraj, IWMI


National Hydrology Project -  A Step Towards Sustainable Water Resources Management - Mr. Akhil Kumar, N.K. Manglik, Rakesh Kashyap, Deepak Kumar & K.J. Anandha Kumar

Arsenic in Ground Water in India as a Resource Sustainability Issue -
Mr. Peter Ravenscroft, TAMC, NPMU


Flood Forecasting for Sustainable Flood Management – A Reference to Kerala Flood -  Mr. Sharad Chandra, Director, CWC


User Centered Aquifer Level Groundwater Management Plan – A Case Study From Chandur West Watershed, Telangana State - Mr. K. Shankaraiah, Pandith Madhnure, V. Chakravarthi, G Malsur and S. Jitendra

Need for Updation of  Sediment Assessment and Deposition  Approaches  for Effective River Basin Planning - Mr. R.K. Vishnoi, THDC India Ltd.


Regional Drought Characteristics and Challenges of Water Management in India- Mr. R. P. Pandey and Mr. Rakesh Kumar, NIH


Generation of High Resolution DEM and GIS Ready Database for Part of River Ganga for National Mission for Clean Ganga - Dr. S.K. Singh, Mr. Neeraj Gurjar, Arvind Kumar and Mr. Avinash Mishra

Water Quality Index for Yamuna River – Dr. Zakir Hussain, CWC


Managing Flood impacts – Global Perspective and Way Forward for India - Dr. Sravan Kunukuntla, Dr. Ashoke Basistha, TAMC, NPMU


Inter-Comparison of Estimators of Probability Distributions for Low Flows Frequency Analysis - Mr. N. Vivekanandan, C Srishailam and R.S. Jagtap

Magnitude Frequency Analysis to Assess Effective Discharge for Sediment Transport in Godavari River Basin - Mr. Shobhit Maheshwari, IIT-Ropar

Snowmelt Runoff Modeling in Upper Yamuna River Basin using GR4JSG Model - Mr. S.S. Rawat, Irrigation and Water Resources Deptt, Haryana


Hydrological Fluxes at National Scale & its experimental application for Water Resources management -
Mr. Sakhsham Joshi, NRSC


Spatial & Temporal Variation in Water Quality in Ganges: Vulnerability from Population Growth and Anthropogenic Factors - Mr. R.K. Patel, Mr. RS Jagtap, Vijaygopal & K.K. Swain, CWPRS

16:45 – 17:00 hrs.

Tea Break

17:00 – 17:30 hrs.

Valedictory Session



The above list covers some of the topics to be presented at the Conference. The list is purely indicative and the Papers on other subjects related to the objectives of the Conference are also welcome.