Framework agreement or Impanelment agreement is a shortlisting of make and model for Hydromet equipment. NPMU will publish Impanelment document and publish a list of impaneled equipment on its website. In second stage, Implement agencies will invite bids from vendors, allowing only impaneled equipment to be quoted
The project will support all types of Hydro logical, meteorological, groundwater and water quality stations including Automatic Weather Stations; Automatic Rain Gauges; Water Level recorders like Radar, Bubbler, Shaft Encoder, Pressure transducer, ultrasonic sensor for Rivers, Dams and Barrages, Canals; Groundwater Level (DWLR), water quality probes, flow meters, ADCPs, current meters etc
A detailed HIS manual has been prepared to guide selection of instrument, selection of site, choosing telemetry etc; and is available on project website.
For link to HIS manual,
The list of vendors is available on project website under componant A. There is a link for new vendors to register as well.
For the list of registered Vendors,
eSWIS is software developed by CWC under HP-II to store, quality control and manage all kind of Surface Water Data. It is an online system based on cloud server and have modules for data entry, quality check, hydrology, meteorology, reservoir etc. The attached document lists various features of eSWIS
The Link to eSWIS Document
eSWIS has all modules related to Surface water Hydrology, which includes hydrology sites, meteorology sites, reservoirs, data quality check and validation, manual data entry etc. The detailed list of modules and description of each module are available in presentation
Click here to Download eSWIS Presentation (32 MB)
Password for eSWIS would be provided to each state on request. For password request, please contact: Director, River Data Compilation -2 Directorate, Central Water Commission, West Block – 1, Ground Floor, Wing No – 4, Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi 110066 (E-mail:-,, Fax No+91-11-29583483, Telephone + 91-11-29583483)
For Goods, contract above 3 Million USD comes under ICB; Between 100,000 USD to 3 Million USD under NCB and contracts below 100,000 USD can be under shopping. A detailed document mentioning thresholds for Goods, consultancy, civil works; the thresholds for prior review and post review etc, are available in Table.
Click here for detailed procurement instructions for NHP
Framework agreement or empanelment agreement is a shortlisting of make and model for Hydromet equipment. Although initially NPMU was initially working over Framework agreement , however, it has been shelved as on date. NPMU would now be providing detailed technical specifications for the hydro-met equipment.
Each agency must open only one Bank account for the purpose of NHP.
Four Databases have been prepared to cover existing hydromet stations in India. The stations are classified into four categories: Weather Stations, Precipitation Stations, Surface Water Level Stations (Hydrology), and Groundwater Level Stations.
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Yes, The project will support manual stations to Automatic and Automatic Stations without telemetry to stations with telemetry. In case of upgrade from manual station to Automatic, new instruments would be installed at same location. However, the old manual stations should be continued to operate for validation of data of new station. I case of upgrade of non telemetry station to telemetry, a new transmission equipment would be attached to datalogger.
First preference should be given to upgrade of old manual station to automatic, so that site selection is not required. For new Meteorological sites, preference should be given to secure locations like govt buildings, guest houses, inspection houses, block or tehsil offices, department divisional offices etc. For hydrological sites, appropriate site should be selected near river where 6 feet X 6 feet land is available. A detailed procedure for site selection is available in HIS manual.
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The standard bid document for procurement of goods under National Competitive bidding available in procurement section. Some example bid documents prepared by various agencies are also available on project website for quick guidance.
For Example bid documents,
The majority of Hydromet stations will have one of the three telemetry options: GSM/GPRS, INSAT Radio, VSAT. The details of these telemetry options, criteria for selection, advantages and disadvantages of each are available in HIS manual.
For link to HIS manual,
Side looking dopplers is type of Accostic Doppler device that provide velocity at given depth or section. Velocity Radar is similar non contact instrument to measure surface velocity on open channels. They are costly equipment but are very useful in situations where discharge is not a function of velocity. The example of such situation is coastel river, where flow direction can be positive or negative, depending on tides. In that situation, water level would be same of flow in positive direction and negative direction, making velocity measurement an important indicator.
No, the Ministry would review only NCB and ICB documents above threshhold specified in Procurement manual. The documents for shopping and operational expenses would not be prior reviewed by ministry or World Bank.
The selection of INSAT radio vs VSAT based satellite telemetry depends on many factors like location, availability of space, requirement of one way or two way communication etc. A comparison of two telemetry methods based on these parameters is provided in the attached document
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The cloud server offers many advantages over using physical servers; major being Scalability, security, maintenance, cost and backup. A brief note on cloud server is available for download. This note provides comparison of physical server vs cloud server, approximate cost of cloud services, explanation of various parameters for designing specifications for cloud services.
Click here to download the Brief Note

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