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Here's ways to deal with Cannibals in Dread Hunger 

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One of the food sources in Dread Hunger is human meat, but a player consuming it as an Explorer will turn into a cannibal. As a cannibal, players will need to keep eating human meat because other food sources will become increasingly less effective. There are reasons why an Explorer may choose to become a cannibal, but there are also consequences that can lead to death after choosing this path.

What are the cannibals in Dread Hunger?
Cannibals are small, pinkish, human-like creatures that when summoned will run towards their target on all fours to finish them off, until they die or get rid of them completely. These creatures can be tricky to deal with when you encounter them, so knowing how to deal with cannibals will help you a lot.

Cannibals in this area are faster than regular players and have two attack options. They will either bite you with their sharp fangs or stop running to throw rocks at your feet as they barge forward!

Cannibals can spawn in certain areas and can be called in by Thralls using the Bone Knife. Luckily, players that choose to become a cannibal don't need to worry about being confused for one of these enemies because they move differently and attack their target relentlessly. Although Explorer cannibals are different from the cannibals used as a weapon by Thralls, there are still some consequences to consider before choosing to eat human meat.

How to deal with cannibals in Dread Hunger?

Now, if you have an ax or saber equipped when you appear, you can already face the cannibals. But if not, you can craft an ax or pickaxe early in the game and use it as your main weapon against cannibals and travel as far as you can.

It is important that you keep an eye out so that no cannibal surprises you from behind, and try to look for coal when there are no threats nearby. But in case you find someone unwanted, you can swing them at once by using melee weapons like handheld cameras. This will allow you to hit everyone and deal good damage.

While holding right-click and pressing left click, you can throw any melee weapon without considering its distance. The upside? You’ll do more damage when thrown into enemies! Of course, if cannibals come at me while I’m using just my hands–I’ll be able to tell them apart pretty quickly because they’re so close together on screen…but what about everyone else?!

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