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List of Approved PDS 

C. P. Kumar
C. P. Kumar
Posts: 4

C. P. Kumar
C. P. Kumar
Posts: 4
The complete list of approved PDS (till now) is given below. Let us hope that MIS framework for PDS is activated/used by all concerned so that such information (including quarterly progress reports) is readily available/monitored through MIS.

(1) Mr. Sudheer Padikkal - Measurement of Discharge of the Flowing Stream using Image Processing Techniques in Bharathapuzha Basin (KER-1_2016_16)

(2) Mr. Rhitwik Chatterjee - Hydrochemical & Mineralogical Evaluation of the Arsenic affected, Shallow (<50 m) Holocene Aquifers of West Bengal & its Effect on Food Chain, West Bengal India (WB-1_2016_18)

(3) Mr. Ravi Galkate - Evaluation of Impacts of Rabi Irrigation in Ganga River Sub-Basin of Madhya Pradesh (NIH-1_2016_1)

(4) Mrs. Shashi P. Indwar - Modelling of Tawa Reservoir Catchment and Development of Tawa Reservoir Operation Policy (NIH-3_2016_4)

(5) Dr. Rajesh Singh - Water Quality Assessment of Southwest Punjab Emphasizing Carcinogenic Contaminants and their Possible Remedial Measures (NIH-14_2017_24)

(6) Dr. V. S. Jeyakanthan - Sedimentation Study of Hirakud Reservoir, Odisha using Optic and Microwave Remote Sensing Technology (NIH-16_2017_26)

(7) Dr. B. K. Purandara - Studies on Occurrence, Distribution and Sustainability of Natural Springs for Rural Water Supply in Parts of Western Ghats, India (NIH-18_2017_28)

(8) Mr. D. S. Rathore - Investigating Water Stress using Hydrometeorological and Remote Sensing Data (NIH-20_2017_30)

(9) Dr. S. S. Rawat - Web GIS Based Spring Inventory for Vulnerability Assessment and Hydro-Geological Investigation of Selected Springs for Sustaining Local Water Demand in Ravi Catchment of Himachal Pradesh (NIH-21_2017_31)

(10) Dr. M. K. Sharma - Groundwater Quality Assessment with Special Reference to Sulphate Contamination in Bemetara District of Chhattisgarh State and Ameliorative Measures (NIH-29_2017_70)

(11) Mr. Vijay Kashyap - Water Efficient Irrigation by using SCADA System for Major Irrigation Project (MIP) Shah Nehar (HIM-1_2017_78)

(12) Superintending Engineer, Thrissur - Assessment of Surface Water Quality Status and evolving Mitigation Measures to improve the Water Quality in Thrissur Corporation (KER-3_2017_46)

(13) Mr. Tribhuvan Singh - Development of a Comprehensive Plan for Conservation and Sustainable Management of Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal Lakes, Uttarakhand (UK-1_2017_71)

(14) Dr. Gopal Krishan - Assessment of Impacts of Groundwater Salinity on Regional Groundwater Resources, Current and Future Situation in Mewat, Haryana – Possible Remedy and Resilience Building Measures (NIH-4_2016_5)

(15) Dr. T. Thomas - Impact Assessment of the Upcoming Irrigation Projects and Climate Change on the Droughts and Desertification Scenario for Chambal Basin in Western Madhya Pradesh (NIH-5_2016_6)

(16) Dr. Surjeet Singh - Ganges Aquifer Management in the Context of Monsoon Runoff Conservation for Sustainable River Ecosystem Services – A Pilot Study (NIH-7_2016_10)

(17) Dr. Sumant Kumar - Hydro-geochemical Evolution and Arsenic Occurrence in Aquifer of Central Ganges Basin (NIH-13_2017_23)

(18) Dr. M. S. Rao - Integrated Study on Groundwater Dynamics in the Coastal Aquifers of West Bengal for Sustainable Groundwater Management (NIH-22_2017_38)

(19) Dr. Sudhir Kumar - Chemical & Isotopic Characterization of Deep Aquifers of Middle Ganga Basin (NIH-26_2017_62)

(20) Dr. Y. R. Satyaji Rao - Groundwater Salinity Source Identification in Godavari Delta, A.P. (NIH-27_2017_63)

(21) Dr. C. Krishnaiah - Study of Surface and Subsurface Water Interaction using Remote Sensing, Geohydrological and Geophysical Techniques and its Modeling (CWPRS-2_2016_7)

(22) Dr. V. M. Prabhakar - River Rejuvenation of Mutha River Reach Flowing through Pune City and Suburbs, Maharashtra (CWPRS-3_2016_8)

(23) Ms. Preetha Sugathan - Sea Water Intrusion in Coast of Kerala State (KER-5_2017_48)

(24) Mrs. Soya Y. Das - Mapping of Groundwater Quality in the Industrial Belt of Ernakulam District (KER-8_2017_82)

(25) Mrs. G. P. Bindumol - Environmental Impact Assessment of Pesticide Residues in Cardamom Cultivating Area in Idukki District, Kerala (KER-9_2017_83)

(26) Dr. Pandith Madhnure - Impact of Urbanization on Groundwater Quality & Quantity and its Management in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Hyderabad (TEL-4_2017_76)

(27) Dr. Pandith Madhnure - To Study Surface – Ground Water Interaction to develop a Comprehensive Hydrogeological Frame Work to manage Groundwater Resource in an Over Exploited Groundwater Assessment Unit (TEL-5_2017_77)

(28) Mr. A. Vara Prasada Rao - Study of the Behavior of Multi-Aquifer System & Aquifer Mapping for an Effective Groundwater Management in Gunderu Sub-Basin, West Godavari District, AP (AP-1_2017_80)

(29) Mr. M. T. Kachhia - Assessing Effect of Coastal Process and Catchment Behavior near River Mouth of Ambika and Auranga Rivers (Tapi River Basin in South Gujarat) (GUJ-1_2017_64)

(30) Mr. P. B. Choudhary - Effective Flood Protection Works in Vulnerable Tail Reaches of Rivers Tapi, Damanganga & Mahi of Gujarat State (GUJ-2_2017_65)

(31) Mr. P. B. Choudhary - Assessing Efficacy of Piano Key Weirs on Low Height Existing Weirs to Increase the Spillway Discharge Capacity (GUJ-3_2017_66)

(32) Dr. Bibhas Chandra Barman - Study of River Network, Water Quantity and Quality for Assessment of Environmental Flow Requirement for Sustenance of the Sundarbans Ecosystem (WB-2_2017_67)

(33) Dr. Bibhas Chandra Barman - Development of DSS for Operation of Kangsabati Reservoir in the Context of Ghatal Master Plan (WB-5_2018_88)

(34) Mr. Shailendra Kumar - Development of Decision Support Tool for Efficient Utilization of Water Resource in Parwati Canal & Dholpur Piped Irrigation Project of Rajasthan (RAJ-4_2017_57)

(35) Mr. Rahul Kumar Jaiswal - Hydrological Modeling for Evaluation of Return Flow and Irrigation Planning for Optimal Utilization of Water Resource in the Command of Sanjay Sagar Project in Madhya Pradesh (NIH-28_2017_69)

(36) Dr. Arts K. Purushotham - Delineating the Boundary of Shallow Saline Zones Encountered in Poyya, Karalam, Adat and Tholur Panchayats in Thrissur District, Kerala and Investigating Their Origin and Possibility of Any Underlying Fresh Water Aquifers through Geophysical Surveys (KER-14_2019_102)

(37) Mr. R. R. Lyngskor - Water Quality of Rivers in East Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya with Specific Study on Change of Colour of Lunar-Lubha River at Certain Periods of the Year (MEG-1_2019_96)

(38) Mr. D. B. Syngkon - Study on Behavior of Flooding and Unexpected Drought Like Situation in Garo Hills District of Meghalaya (MEG-2_2019_104)

(39) Ms. Anjali - Leachate Transport Modeling for Gazipur Landfill Site for Suggesting Ameliorative Measures (NIH-32_2019_105)

(40) Mr. Guguloth Shankar Naik - Urban Hydrological Studies of Pilot Area using Hydrological Instruments in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Area, Hyderabad (TEL-6_2017_86)
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