For Design of hydromet network, a web tool has been developed to help implement agencies. The tool shows existing hydromet stations (rainfall, Weather stations, water level and groundwater level) on Google Map.
For Link to Web tool for Hydromet network, click here.
In order to assist the implementing agencies, a HIS manual has been developed. This manual covers all aspects of HIS network design including network design density, site selection, selection of right instrument technology, installation guidelines, specifications for equipment, telemetry etc. The Manual covers various aspects of Hydromet like Meteorology, Hydrology, Groundwater, Water quality and Sediment monitoring.
Click here to download HIS manual
A questionnaire has been prepared to guide implementing agencies in deciding the right technology (Telemetry, water level sensor) for integrated reservoir monitoring. The questionnaire will guide the agency while preparing bid documents for Hydromet of Reservoir / Barrage monitoring.
The questionnaire is available here for download.

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