Contract Awarded
Package no Package Name Awarded Date Amount (in Rs) Name of Consultant/Supplier/Contractor
NHP-2018-2019-UK-209771 Equipments for water quality labs at Roorkee and Haldwani 18-04-2018 92,29,960 M/s Mars Technologies & Services,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APGW-897137 Procurement of IT Hardware and Software 09-01-2019 51,98,260 Signy Technologies private limited, Vijayawada,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-137049-NC-SH-QU Digitization of historical data, documents and reports etc. 28-12-2018 18,56,525 UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS,UPTC 0249,2nd Floor,Upohar Town Centre,2052, Chakgaria, Kol-94.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-931362 Procurement of DGPS & Handheld GPS 25-03-2019 14,44,320 LAWRENCE & MAYO (INDIA) PVT. LTD.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APSW-661926-GO-NCB-SE RTDAS Procurement 03-01-2019 7,68,81,150 M/S Seba Azista JV,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MZ-819537-GO-SH-LM Purchase of Computers 27-09-2018 6,77,000 Sunflower Electronics Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-763326 Procurement of RiverWare Licence - 3 Nos. 08-10-2018 2,20,271 University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado - 80309-0421,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-210259 Upgradation of ArcGIS Software 27-11-2018 5,32,180 ESARI INDIA TECHNOLOGIES LTD., Parwanoo-173220, Himachal Pradesh.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-263510 Procurement of Multifunction machine -6 no (Printer/Scanner/Fax) 17-12-2018 6,98,560 FotoFlux System Private Limited, Ahmedabad,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MZ-312776-GO-SH-LM Purchase of Water Cooler 27-09-2018 1,43,400 LM Store, Tuikual South, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MZ-976354-GO-SH-LM Procurement of sound system for Committee Room 08-03-2018 4,45,204 LH Lalzarliana, Hannah Sound, Serkawn, Lunglei Mizoram,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-AS-485181 Planning & Designing of State Data Centre, CONSTRUCTION OF STATE DATA CENTRE 05-03-2018 9,12,000 Cadmetric Consulting,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MZ-664502 Purchase of IT equipment (scanner, UPS system , work station and Internet facility) 03-10-2018 4,09,400 Sunflower Electronics Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-595296 Procurement of Current Meter, Resistivity Meter and Echo Sounder 10-05-2018 2,12,400 AIMIL LTD. INSTRUMENTATION & TECHNOLOGIES,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-DVC-266749-NC-SH-DE Pre monsoon River cross section survey work at different hydrological sites of DVC on river damodar 28-06-2018 2,11,050 San Survey Engineering 465, Jiban Pal Bagan, Karbala (West) Near Ramkrishna School Hooghly, WB-712103,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-DVC-381001-GO-DC-DC Procurement of GIS software under NHP 20-06-2018 19,75,890 ESRI India Technologies Ltd.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-DVC-370770 Procurement of Printer for the data centre. 28-09-2018 29,028 M.S. Infotech, New Market Complex, Area-4, PO-Maithon Dam, Dhanbad Jharkhand, PIN-828207,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-DVC-578685 Sedimentation survey of 4 nos Reservoirs of DVC which are Maithon, Panchet, Tilaiya & Konar. 08-02-2019 59,00,000 Precision Survey Consultancy, Vichitra SP-45, NH-6, Howrah-711403, WB,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-DVC-889370-NC-SH-DE River cross section survey of Lower Damodar 18-01-2019 6,47,500 Precision Survey Consultancy, Vichitra SP-45, NH-6, Howrah-711403, WB,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APGW-766601 Upgrading ArcGIS 30-11-2018 15,98,687 M/s. ESRI India Technologies Ltd,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-351943-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Laptops 07-06-2018 4,46,984 PERICOM , 2/2B CHRISTOPHER ROAD, KOLKATA - 700 014,Earthline Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. Block DL 174, Sector-1 Saltlake City, Kolkata-700064.,Asha Trading Corporation, 56-C Nandan Kanan (S), P.O.- Rahara, Dist.- 24Pgs (N), W.B-700118,Sarannya Solutions , Kalitola, Ichapur, 24 Parganas (N), W.B-743144 ,
NHP-2018-2019-APGW-815876 Procurement of IT Hardware and Software 11-01-2019 16,79,940 Signy Technologies Private limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-537847 Equipments for PDS_Arsenic (As) Distribution in Groundwater & As Contamination in Food-Chain 09-07-2018 16,77,308 G B CHEMICALS,AMALGAMATED BIOTECH,AMALGAMATED BIOTECH,DAS SCIENTIFIC HOUSE,
NHP-2018-2019-APSW-785008 Water Quality Lab Equipment Procurement 31-12-2018 1,19,44,196 M/s SWAN Environmental Pvt Ltd,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MZ-884831-GO-SH-LM Purchase of AC 27-09-2018 5,43,820 Bethel Electronics, Millennium Centre, Aizawl Mizoram,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APSW-807113 Procurement of ARCGIS 14-12-2018 35,69,350 ESRI india Technologies Ltd.,ESRI india Technologies Ltd.,,,
NHP-2018-2019-SK-333559-GO-SH-QU Furnishing of divisional and sub divisional offices 06-10-2018 8,95,500 M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services
NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-707531 Hiring of IT Expert for Web application / Developing Website/ System & IT Survelance etc. 12-11-2018 12,60,000 Mr. Ramji T. Singh,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-BRSW-917939 Establishment cost and furnishing of SPMU 28-02-2018 2,94,651 Bharat Commercial Agency, S.P. Verma Road, Patna,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APGW-125617 Procurement of IT Hardware and Software 11-01-2019 34,99,650 Signy Technologies Private limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KASW-475013-GO-SH-QU IT equipment for data centre-UPS system: through GEM portal 18-12-2018 14,59,458 M/s .Adithi infotech,Bangalore,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-646589-CW-NCB-SE Desilting and minor repairs of Water recirculation systems 03-12-2018 8,05,226 C K Rathod,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-551441 IT Equipment for Data Centres - Printer 01-12-2018 4,32,388 Signy Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad ,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-364043-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of PMU Office (civil and electrical work) 03-12-2018 2,46,776 Sujit P Mate,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-167277 Procurement of SOI Toposheets 31-08-2018 93,648 ESRI India Technologies,Survey of India, Hyderabad ,,,
NHP-2018-2019-ML-265245-GO-SH-QU ArcGIS 20-09-2018 19,75,890 M/S, ESRI INDIA TECHNOLOGIES LTD,,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-ML-127591-GO-SH-LM Procurement of PCs and printers for Data Centre 20-12-2018 2,04,000 INDIAN EXPORT & IMPORT CO.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-ML-609629-CS-LCS-NAT Hiring of MIS & Database Management Expert 30-11-2018 27,000 KYRSOIBORLANG S KURBAH,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-204908-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of 100 cusecs return channel at Ch.0.0 m near Kirkatwadi nala 23.08.2018 6,38,685 Prateek Purushottam Mate,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-ML-411358-CS-LCS-NAT Hiring of Ground Water Expert 30-11-2018 1,50,000 GOPAL CHANDRA SAHA,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-511223-CW-NCB-SE Construction of AWS site and switch room 03-05-2018 2,06,907 C L Rathod,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MZ-822378-GO-SH-LM Purchase of Copier/photocopier 27-09-2018 13,34,500 M/S Multi Plaza, Mission Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MZ-936163-GO-SH-LM Purchase of printers 27-09-2018 2,07,000 Sunflower Electronics Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NL-551923 purchase of desktop computer 02-11-2018 1,88,000 Eastern Computer Agencies, kohima, Nagaland.,Smart- Techies Service, kohima, Nagaland.,Computer Hub , kohima, Nagaland.,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-803704 Procurement of IT Equipment 20-07-2018 51,46,417 AIRCON COMMUNICATION,TRISITA MARKETING PVT. LTD.,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KASW-345314-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Current meters 14-09-2018 1,77,177 M/s B.S.V Enterprises,Hassan,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-PB-237118-GO-DC-DC Procurement of Office Furniture, Fans etc- 25 No Fans 14-09-2018 46,250 ASIA ELECTRICAL,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KASW-944031-CW-SH-QU Upgrading state data centre : package 1 28-11-2018 26,84,313 Sri.B.C.Dinesh,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KASW-809404-CW-SH-QU Acoustics works,improvements works,civil & electrification etc.,, to class rooms at ESTC,KERS& other 06-12-2018 37,38,587 Sri C.Puttaswamy ,Mysuru,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-261629-GO-SH-QU Basic field equipment for field officers 13-11-2018 57,73,881 M/s FUTURE MEDIA HYDERABAD,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-DVC-308378-NC-SH-DE Establishment of Bench mark and Gauge staff near the Radar sites 18-01-2019 6,37,100 Precision Survey Consultancy, Vichitra SP-45, NH-6, Howrah-711403, WB,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KASW-873395-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Standard Rain Gauges 23-10-2018 3,55,500 Raj Instruments,Ahmedabad,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-BRSW-860405 Planning, Designing and Architectural Layout of Water Knowledge Centre, Bihar at Patna 30-07-2018 22,36,100 Interface Architect Pvt. Ltd, 102/A, Om Usha villa, A.N. Path Boring Road Patna,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KASW-151156-GO-SH-QU Lab equipments for KERS WQ ,divisional WQ labs 05-01-2019 1,16,749 M/s. Systronics (India) Ltd.,Bangalore.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KASW-130432-GO-SH-QU IT equipment for data centre-Copier / photocopier: through GEM portal 29-12-2018 11,03,400 M/s .Peritech Systems Corporations,Bangalore,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-GJGW-329482 Upgradation of Arc-GIS Software - 2 Nos 21-01-2019 10,64,360 Esri India Technologies Ltd.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-983848 IT Equipment for Data Centres - UPS System 22-09-2018 24,49,000 Cache Peripherals Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad ,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-802145-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of CMC division building 03-12-2018 1,44,169 Sujit P Mate,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-553646 Software for Data Center - GIS software 12-09-2018 24,55,864 ESRI India Technologies,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-ML-390072-GO-SH-SCB DGPS and Handheld GPS 02-01-2019 19,00,000 LAWRENCE AND MAYO (INDIA) PVT LTD.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-ML-493065-CS-LCS-NAT Hiring of GIS & RS Expert 03-12-2018 50,000 AELIZA AURELIA DONDOR RITSHONG,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-155250-CW-NCB-SE Construction of Bore well & fencing- GW 11.05.2018 1,22,490 C L Rathod,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-604635-GO-SH-QU Procurement of AC 18-06-2018 2,91,000 COMCAT,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APSW-678788 Procurement of Total Stations 20-09-2018 19,56,912 M/s Sankon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-376515-CW-NCB-SE Internal and external painting including some civil works in HMC Div. 06.09.2016 18,76,493 M/s Sujit P Mate,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-TSSW-914321 Purchase of GIS Software 25-01-2019 25,00,000 M/s SISL Infotech Private Limited,#81/2,2nd Floor,Aurobindo Tower, Aurobindo MArg, New Delhi-110017,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-271725 Purchase of Very High End workstation 27-03-2018 16,67,000 M/s Computer Ware Private Limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-833494 Public Alert: Block Level GW Availability 26-12-2018 4,83,045 RED APPLE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-339996 Purchase of Low End Workstation 27-03-2018 14,03,374 Netweb Technologies India pvt ltd,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-447564 Interior Works in GW Hydrology Training Centre (GWHTC) 04-06-2018 7,77,912 ECHO TELE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM,TOTAL INFOMAX,TOTAL INFOMAX,TOTAL INFOMAX,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-758674 Purchase of Plotter 19-03-2018 9,52,000 M/S Computer Ware Private Limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-DVC-247732-CS-CQS-NAT Hiring of GIS/RS Expert 14-01-2019 5,88,000 Prasanta Santra, Rajarhat, North 24 Parganas, WB-700135 (Individual Consultant),,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-944587 Purchase of Photocopier Multifunctional (B&W) 27-03-2018 93,595 Comnet Vision India private Limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-677124 Purchase of Scanner (A4 size) 28-03-2018 1,16,000 M/S Computer Ware India Private Limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-707424 Purchase of UPS (7.5 KV) 28-03-2018 2,96,400 M/s Premier Enteprises,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-416392 Scanner for data center (2018-19) 31-08-2018 99,800 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-302457-GO-SH-QU Manual SRG (2018-19) 28-08-2018 1,88,400 Rehmann Nautical Replica,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-5372512 Installation of network, cabling etc & communication services( Broadband, Leaseline, MPLS etc) 21-12-2018
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-205497-CW-NCB-SE Infrastructure facilities for NHP Laboratory at CWPRS 06.09.2016 33,35,365 M/s K D Mate,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-634146 Procurement of Bridge outfit 05-10-2018 4,77,000 M/s The Western Precision Instruments Emporium, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India,M/s Raj Instruments, Rakhial, Ahmedabad,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-844940-CW-NCB-SE Construction of Experimental Flume 23.03.2018 11,02,146 M/s Ajay Thite,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-755564 Purchase of Photocopier Digital multifunctional Machine office Machine (Color) 27-03-2018 2,92,249 Konica Minota Business Solutions India Private Limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-727479 Purchase of Printer (Color) 28-03-2018 1,37,970 M/s SS Enterprises,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-MHGW-434875-GO-SH-QU IT Equipement for data centre 05-03-2019 23,89,900 LATEST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-CWC-257334 Purchase of Computers 28-03-2019 15,00,000 M/s Computer Ware Private Limited,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-568007-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Copier / photocopier through GeM (Development/ strenthening of IT infrastructure at f 10-07-2018 16,49,970 THE ELECTRONIC WORLD, LUCKNOW,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-850626-GO-SH-QU Procurement of storage and backup devices through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructu 24-07-2018 1,99,540 THE ELECTRONIC WORLD, LUCKNOW,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-132545 Current Meter with accessories- Cup Type 13-06-2018 4,61,980 M/s The Western Precision Instruments Emporium, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India,M/s Raj Instruments, Rakhial, Ahmedabad,M/s Himalayan Enterprises, Roorkee, Uttarakhand,,
NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-199461 Upgradation of Training Centre, Thrissur 11-01-2019 52,45,489 M/s FINS Engineers & Contractors Private Ltd., Thrissur, Kerala,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-551788 Plotter/ printers for data center (2018-19) 31-08-2018 4,17,370 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-796471 Laptops for data center(2018-19) 31-08-2018 7,37,100 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-909517 Establishment cost of SPMU ( Furnishing/ Furniture) 06-10-2018 23,09,974 Kendriya Bhandar, Jaipur,Shaurya Enterprises,Jyoti Raj Enterprises,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-931387-GO-NCB-DE CHNS Analyser with Biomass Converter 26-09-2018 37,69,500 Elementar India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-541114-GO-NCB-DE Element Analyser 26-09-2018 47,56,500 Elementar India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-119698-GO-NCB-DE Automatic WL Recorder & Conductivity Logger 19-07-2018 4,89,090 Encardio-rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow (UP),,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-129041 Procurement of staff gauge 19-02-2018 1,72,146 M/s The Western Precision Instruments Emporium, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India,M/s Prime Machine Tools Centre, Ranigunj, Secundrabad,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-518596-GO-SH-QU Flame Photometer 28-01-2019 65,205 Mars Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd., Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
NHP-2018-2019-PB-442654-GO-DC-DC System Upgrade and VC Equipmen- 25 no Desktop 08-01-2019 11,30,000 Latest Devices Private Ltd.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-494325 Web Hosting for NHP_WB(GW) 05-01-2018 4,19,859 GEOMATICX SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES(P) LTD.,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APGW-583728 Upgrading existing Website and Maintenance 18-12-2018 24,95,300 M/s. APCFSS, Vijayawada,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-573302-GO-NCB-DE SCADA and gate sensors for other dams 14-02-2019 3,19,08,516 M/S Indexel engineering pvt. ltd. Kota, Rajasthan,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-854780-GO-SH-QU Computer for data center( 2018-19) 31-08-2018 29,38,380 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-RJ-483550 Establishment of SPMU ( Renovation/ civil work) 05-10-2018 54,54,846 M/s Shri Sanmati Constructions,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-825129-GO-NCB-DE TOC Analyzer 23-10-2018 39,96,825 Shiva Global Teknosys, Ghaziabad, UP,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-751851 Assessment of Water Quality status (Surface water) and evolving mitigation measures to improve the W 25-04-2018 5,00,000 Executive Director, Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM), Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-864594-GO-NCB-DE Normal Scintillation Counter 22-11-2018 26,51,062 Noki Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-437156-GO-NCB-DE Microwave digester 05-10-2018 15,43,500 Anton Paar India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-NIH-741431-GO-NCB-DE Multi-Parameter Ion Analyser 27-06-2018 4,72,345 A & S Creations, New Delhi,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-JH-846701-GO-SH-QU Printers with scanners 17-05-2018 95,000 Sai Enterprises Ranchi,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-466265-GO-SH-QU Procurement of printer with scanner 16-05-2018 14,775 IT SYSTEMS,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-859568-GO-SH-QU Procurement of printer with scanner 28-01-2019 27,489 IT SYSTEMS,KOUSHAL ENTERPRISES,,,
NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-872563-GO-SH-QU Procurement of external hard disks 2TB 22-01-2019 18,500 ASTRO COMPUTERS,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-875446-CW-SH-QU Development of mobile app 17-10-2018 20,35,500 MARG SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LUCKNOW,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-800607-GO-SH-QU procurement of Networking / Internet facilities (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at 19-07-2018 1,39,800 COLORCAL SYSTEMS, LUCKNOW,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-140208-GO-SH-QU procurement of Plotter/Printer through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at field 23-07-2018 11,49,800 RAJAT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES LUCKNOW,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-981379-GO-SH-QU Procurement of UPS systemr through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at field div 28-09-2018 1,57,000 S.A. ENTERPRISES LUCKNOW,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-594966-GO-SH-QU Procurement of workstations through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at field di 26-09-2018 30,96,700 THE ELECTRONIC WORLD, LUCKNOW,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-HP-913226 Renovation and allied works for SDC Mandi 28-07-2018 9,98,506 Sh.Mohinder Sharma,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-APGW-384006 Design of State data center for SW and GW in Vijayawada 08-08-2018 24,22,494 M/s. Murthy and Manyam, Hyderabad,,,,
NHP-2018-2019-HP-265893-CW-NCB-SE Construction of 12 Deep/shallow wells(Observation wells) with Rotary Method 11-01-2019 64,58,000 M/S Super Drillers, 101, Jawahar Tower, AC-4, Gayatri Marg, S.J.S. Highway, Bani Park, Jaipur-302106,,,,

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