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Training on Capacity Development in Groundwater Management on MAR (11th to 15th Feb, 2019)


11-Feb-2019 to 15-Feb-2019


NWA Pune

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MoWR, RD & GR in Association with ICE WaRM (AWP), Australia


This is mandatory to attend the International Training on Capacity Development in Groundwater Management, at Australia


This proposal is seen as an initial way to get started with training / capacity building and foreshadow a larger programme in broader topics and more diverse target audiences. Outcomes of the proposed training programme are:  25-30 water professionals receive a broad and rigorous understanding of groundwater management here at India  Out of those 25-30, selected 15 high-achieving water professionals receive advanced knowledge and skills in groundwater management  Strong alumni links are established between Australian and Indian water professionals on which to build future collaboration
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