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Short-Term Courses on River Discharge Estimation Using Non-Contact Hydrometric Techniques


03-Jun-2019 to 07-Jun-2019


Department of Hydrology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

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Hydromet Instrument


Prof. M. Perumal (9410130958) & Prof. Sumit Sen (9457449522), IIT Roorkee


Acquisition of hydrometric data at river sites is needed for river engineers and hydrologists involved with water resources planning and management to make informed decisions regarding various operational purposes such as flood forecasting, reservoir operations and flood management studies. To circumvent the continuous river discharge measurements at a stream gage, which are costly, tedious and frequently dangerous during flood events, river engineers generally develop stage-discharge relationships (rating curve) using observed stage and the corresponding discharge measurements. Subsequently, rating curves are used to estimate the discharge corresponding to the observed stages.


Expected International and Indian experts: Dr. Tommaso Moramarco, Italy, Dr. John Fulton, USGS, USA (Skype), Prof. M. Perumal, Dr. Sumit Sen, Dr. Manoj K. Jain, IIT Roorkee and Dr. Bhabagrahi Sahoo, IIT Kharagpur
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