Component B: Water Resource Information System (WRIS)
Component B will support strengthening of National and sub-national water information centers with web-enabled water resources information systems through standardization of databases and products from various data sources/departments; and make comprehensive, timely and integrated water resources information available to decision makers for effective planning, decision taking and operations. The sources of data/information will include the real time data acquisition networks and centers under Component A, remote sensing data, topographical maps and knowledge products developed under Component C.

The Project will develop or strengthen centers for web-based water resources information systems (WRIS) at central levels. The web-based will be strengthened particularly through integration with state level data and will be operated by the National Water Informatics Center (NWIC) at MoWR, RD&GR. Central data management software will ensure harmonized data formats and quality control. The project will finance hardware, software and services, and the acquisition/generation of additional data layers particularly through topographical surveys and development of remote sensing applications to strengthen spatial information and particularly bridge the gap for data scarce basins. The support for publications, knowledge portals and interactive products and services to share information and improve communications amongst stakeholders would be provided to National level agencies.

The sub-national level WRIS will be introduced at state/UTs and river basin levels. Building on protocols developed by central agencies, information sharing amongst agencies will be facilitated through MoUs that will specify which information can be publicly shared. The knowledge portals will provide easy access, facilitate training, support social media networking, and help users visualize complex information. Public access will be facilitated by a mobile-based app, and disaster-related information may also be rapidly disseminated through mobile services. Support will be provided for secure within-government portals that internally share operational water resources information at national and state level.

Implementation Guidance

Implementation Support