• Financial Management, World Bank Procurement Procedure and Contract Management

  • 17-Aug-2021 to 18-Aug-2021

  • Webinar/Online

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • Finance & PFMS

  • CWC, NWA/Shri S N Pande, Director (Designs) & Program Coordinator; Mob – 9873163630 ; email : nwa.mah@nic.in / shailendrapandenwa@gmail.com.


The main objective of this program was to create awareness of the World Bank Procurement Guidelines & Procedures and Contract Management and Arbitration, for speeding up of the procurement and the execution of various contracts as well as in understanding the fund flow and accounting.


It has been observed that many a times, lack of awareness of the World Bank Procurement guidelines and procedures lead to delay in execution of contracts as well as setbacks in reimbursement procedures. This in turn leads to the delay in implementation of projects and the lapse of funds committed by the World Bank. If the World Bank rules and procedures are not followed properly for procurements, there is a likelihood of the procurement being treated as mis-procurement and further denial of the reimbursement claims by the World Bank. There has been a persistent demand from many of the Implementing Agencies for conducting a training program on “The World Bank Procurement Procedures” for the benefit of the executives and personnel associated with the World Bank funded projects.

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