• Soft Skill training on "Emotional Intelligence at Work"

  • 05-Apr-2021 to 05-Apr-2021

  • Webinar (11.00 am to 1.00 pm)

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • National Hydrology Project

  • NPMU


In the high pressure/demand driven work scenario as prevalent today the training envisages that the participant would be able to understand the concept of EQ and its relevance in their day to day work. This alongwith the knowledge of the various ways to enhance one’s EQ will help the participants to deliver high quality work in their respective domains thus enhancing the overall output of the National Hydrology Project.


The training aims at understanding the meaning of Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence and uncovering the EQ model. It also explores the relationship between our brain and the Emotional Quotient alongwith the ways and means to work and build on our brain. In the 2nd part the training will explore the applicability of EQ in work and methodologies of developing one’s EQ by giving Examples of high and low EQ. The training will involve extensive use of exercises and activities for the participants.

Reference Material
1. Download List of Participant XLSX
2. PPT 723550 KB Document
3. EQ Training 67 MB Video