• Training Course on "SW-GW Interaction for Sustainable Management of Groundwater Quantity and Quality"

  • 16-Mar-2020 to 20-Mar-2020

  • NIH, Roorkee

  • National

  • Training

  • GW & SW Interaction

  • National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee


Training Coordinator: Dr. A.K. Lohani, Sc-G Mobile: +91-9412928876; Email: aklnih@gmail.com; lohani.nihr@gov.in Course Coordinator: Dr. Surjeet Singh, Sc-E, GWH Division Mobile: +91-9456134747; Email: ssingh_sagar@yahoo.co.in; surjeet.nihr@gov.in Course Co-coordinator: Dr. Gopal Krishan, Sc-C, GWH Division Mobile: +91-9634254939; email: drgopal.krishan@gmail.com


Under PDS No.: SP-28/2017-18/PDS-9 under NHP (PDS Name: Ganges aquifer management in the context of monsoon runoff conservation for sustainable river ecosystem services – A pilot study) Broad Overview: This course on surface water – groundwater interaction alternates between lectures and tutorials including quantity and quality aspects to introduce the stream-aquifer interaction, base flow estimation, nuclear techniques, basics of groundwater, aquifer characterization, computation of groundwater recharge, groundwater modeling, ArcSWAT, etc.

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