• Irrigation Asset Mapping using GIS-Second batch

  • 12-Jul-2021 to 16-Jul-2021

  • Webinar

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • Irrigation Bench Marking



The aim of this program is to build awareness about GIS technology among water resources professionals and make them capable of creating basic GIS Maps using Open Source GIS software (QGIS). This training would enable the water professionals to map the irrigation assets like canal network, various civil structures, irrigation command boundary, administrative jurisdiction, rivers, reservoirs, settlements, transportation networks and present the data in a GIS Map format. The program has been designed in such a way that the participants during the training period will have to devote only about two/three hours daily, as per his/her convenience.


One of the greatest challenges being faced by the world today is to increase food production in an efficient and sustainable manner so that the growing population can be fed. Irrigation experts are seeking ways in which finite water resources can use efficiently and in a sustainable manner. GIS and Remote Sensing technologies have been proved very useful for dealing with complex issues concerning water resources development and management. Mapping of irrigation assets and other features of the command areas in GIS format will help in their proper operation and maintenance and thereby in better monitoring and evaluation of water resources projects.

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