• Training Programme on Basics of Ground Water

  • 17-Feb-2020 to 21-Feb-2020

  • RGI Raipur

  • National

  • Training

  • GW Hydrology

  • RGI Raipur, Sh. T. B. N. Singh, Sr. Hg (Scientist-D), 94310 71535


On Completion of the Course, Trainees will be able to  Realise the ground water challenges in the 21st Century.  Work on various components of Hydrogeological Cycle.  Describe thefundamentals of hydrogeology and various aquifer properties.  Design the GW Monitoring Network.  Estimate the Ground Water Resources.  ConductGW Prospecting through various Geophysical Methods.  Carry out drilling activities with different techniques and conduct Pumping tests.  Work on the GW Quality.


 Challenges of Ground water Scientists in the 21st Century  Hydrogeological Cycle and its Components  Geomorphic and Geological Controls of Ground Water  Fundamentals of Hydrogeology and Aquifer Properties  Objectives and Design of Ground Water Monitoring Network  Ground Water Resource Estimation  Ground Water Prospecting by Geophysical Methods  Ground Water Drilling Techniques  Pumping Test Analysis  Chemical Quality of Ground Water

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