• Reservoir Sedimentation : Assessment and Management

  • 07-Mar-2022 to 19-Mar-2022

  • Webinar

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • River Basin Planning & Management

  • NWA


The raining program aims at dealing with the aspects of sedimentation and its control all along the river course and its catchment in a holistic manner and also to focus on to quantify the sedimentation of reservoirs using various advanced technological / IT tools.


Despite decades of research, sedimentation still probably is a serious technical problem faced by dam engineers.Problems confronting the project-planner are to estimate the rate of sedimentation and period of time before the sediment will interfere with useful functions of the reservoir. Sufficient provision need to be made for sediment storage in the reservoir at the time of design so as not to impair reservoir functions during the designed life of the project.

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