• 19-Apr-2021 to 30-Apr-2021

  • Online Training for TWO Weeks

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • Remote Sensing and GIS

  • Pradeep Kumar Director Director,Tel: 020 - 24380476, Fax: 020-24380110


The purpose is not only to create awareness regarding the use of the technology but also to utilize the latest technical know-how for the watershed through a series of practical hands-on. The training programme would expose the participants to watershed modelling using geospatial tools along with remote sensing, digital Surface modelling, DEM analysis with the help of Open source GIS.


Digital Image processing is widely used today by application users to derive a wide range of information including land use/ land cover, urban sprawl, temporal changes in watersheds, monitoring irrigation status. This provides the end users with image data sets directly in digital form, enabling the use of digital image processing techniques to extract information from the images. Encapsulating the information from images into gainful use is the need of the hour and the emphasis on Geoinformatics plays a vital role in spatial information for water resource appropriately. This programme is envisaged to impart training on image processing with special emphasis on water resources.

Reference Material
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3. Report on “Drainage & Watershed delineation using GIS” 17526 KB Document
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