• 88th Annual Meeting and an International Symposium on ''Sustainable Development of Dams and River Basins

  • 04-Apr-2020 to 10-Apr-2020

  • Noida Expo Mart, (NCR-Delhi)

  • International

  • Workshop-Seminar-Conference

  • SW Hydrology

  • I-COLD


The ICOLD event would provide an opportunity to the dam engineering community of the country in familiarizing themselves with the technological advancements in all dam engineering aspects across the World by networking with the countries and organizations involved in dam construction for mutual benefits. The valuable experience, ideas, technological advancement as received by interaction with reputed dam professionals as well as policy experts will help India in further steering the country with more confidence to deal with matters related to this sector. In addition, it will also provide an excellent opportunity for effectively implementing some of the World Bank funded projects like Nation


Registration Only for Non-DRIP States, Only 12 Participants

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