• Python Programming and its application in water sector

  • 08-Nov-2021 to 12-Nov-2021

  • Webinar/Online

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • Software: e-SWIS; e-Gems; Other

  • NWA


The training programme would expose the participants to create awareness regarding the use of the technology but also to enhance the skills and attitudes of officers towards software and IT in general a long-term basis.


Python is an open-source general purpose programming language that has a strong presence in the GIS industry.It is currently gaining a lot of visibility as the primary scripting language for ArcGIS. In water sector the application of various types of remote sensing data & field survey data, water accounting etc are being carried out by GIS software which is based on Python & Java language. Java Script programming is another tool which is useful for having introduction of GEE cloud platform.

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