India-WRIS WebGIS aims as a Single Window solution for comprehensive, authoritative and consistent data & information of India’s water resources along with allied natural resources in a standardized national GIS framework, tools to search, access, visualize, understand and analyze the data for assessment, monitoring, planning, development and finally Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The website has multiple layers covering different types of themes.
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The website developed by Central Water Commission provides information on real time flood levels and discharge on map based interface and tabular filter
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HydroQ - Central Monitoring System, Designed and developed by Central Pollution Control Board. The website provides information on water quality on real time basis
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A Real Time Decision support System (RTDSS) for operational management of Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) reservoirs was developed under HP-2. The RTDSS integrates data from the RTDAS with data from external sources (e.g. weather forecast, snow cover, land cover and other global datasets) and performs flow forecast modeling; and makes them available through a user friendly web interface. The system provides climate linked forecast for short term (3 days) and medium term (10 days)
The BBMB website is available through this link
Government of Maharashtra has upgraded HIS with real time data acquisition system (RTDAS) for Krishna and Bhima basins and developed a real time stream flow forecasting (RTSF) and reservoir operation system (ROS) in the Krishna and Bhima river basins. The project was undertaken under HP-2. A three days climate link forecast is provided on website
The Maharashtra RT-DSS active web-site can be accessed through this link
The Brochure & Course Schedule on the training entitled “HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEY TECHNIQUES FOR SEDIMENT ASSESSMENT” on 12-14 Sept 2017 are available on website. The Interested participants can send their nomination directly to Sh. M. Selva Balan, Scientist-D, Hydraulic Instrumentation division, Central Water and Power Research Station. There is a course Fees of ₹6000/- per participant.
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During July 23rd - July 27th 2012, Innovative Hydrology and The World Bank organized a Workshop on Hydrological Information Systems (HIS) at the National Water Academy in Pune, India. The training modules (in pdf and powerpoint format) along with specifications of the equipment are available for download on the website.
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The training was organized by the Central Water Commission, National Water Academy, with support of the World Bank – DFID Trust Fund. Long lead flood forecasting based on ensemble flood forecasting aims at increasing the lead time of flood forecasts from 2-3 days up to 10 days in advance, as well as to attach a probability to forecast values. The website provides links to training modules
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This is a website by Central Water Commission for Flood Monitoring and Forecast dissemination. The portal provides the options to explore either on a map based interface or using tabular / filters to identify flood forecasting locations.
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BBMB has installed around 100 stations in the catchment of Satluj and Beas rivers, covering different hydrological and meteorological stations including rainfall, Weather station, Water Levels, Snow Depth and Snow Water equivalent. The data is transmitted to control room using INSAT based telemetry. The website provides data on real time basis classified by different catchments and different types of stations.
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The National Project on Aquifer Management (NAQUIM) is an initiative of the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, for mapping and managing the entire aquifer systems in the country. To establish a methodology for the National Project on Aquifer Management, the Central Ground Water Board is undertaking a pilot study of 6 areas in different hydrogeological terrains. The pilot study integrates multiple disciplines and scientific approaches, including remote sensing, hydrogeology, geophysics, hydrochemistry, drilling, groundwater modeling, and management approaches. The website links all activities on single platform
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A Real Time Data acquisition system was installed in Krishna Bhima Basin, Maharashtra under HP-2. The system comprises of 249 stations including rainfall, weather, water level discharges, gate opening etc. The data is transmitted via VSAT and GSM based telemetry, and available on web site at real time basis.
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HEC-RTS is the public version of the Corps Water Management System (CWMS). HEC-RTS provides support for decision making by forecast simulation modeling using a combination of models to represent hydrologic processes, regulation of flows, river hydraulics, and flood consequences. HEC RTS allows engineers to evaluate operational decisions for reservoirs and other control structures; and view and compare hydraulic and economic impacts for various what if scenarios.
HEC-RTS Version 3.0.3 is now available from the HEC webpage at
Andhra Pradesh government provides monthly bulletins and real time information on the groundwater situation on the Chief Minister’s web portal.
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a) lead rainfall forecasts as well as satellite based now cast; b) River gauge forecast; and c) flow estimate based on rating curve developed.
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