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Training on e-SWIS for the IAs of Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, CWC (NBO & NTBO)


22-Jan-2018 to 24-Jan-2018


State Naronha Academy of Administration

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Software: e-SWIS; e-Gems; Other


CWC in association with Madhya Pradesh WRD


 eSWIS is primarily integration of SWDES, HYMOS and WISDOM with enhance capability for data entry, storage and dissemination  Based on open source web applications  Data and functionality integration.  Easy access to information to users.  Easy backup procedure.  Complete security control over data and functionality.  Data is being entered from all Divisions/Data Centers.  Data access is controlled and restricted to authorized users.  Time from data-entering to data-dissemination largely decreased.  Data can be entered offline and it will be sent when online connection is available.


Hands-on on data entry and validation process: Coordinator/Faculty: Rajesh Kumar, Director, RDC-1, CWC and Chanchal Chakarborty, M/s Eptisa
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