Financial Progress

  • Since its inception in FY 2016-17 to the date 31 March 2019, a total expenditure of Rs.188 Crores has been incurred under National Hydrology Project. The expenditure for the month was Rs.40 Crores and for the FY 2018-19 up to month March 2019 was Rs.124 Crores.
  • Funds released to the IAs during FY 2018-19, up to the month March is Rs.79 Crores. Cumulative released till the month of February is Rs.309 Crores.

Financial Progress

MIS Achievements

MIS Achievements

  • Launch of new Agency Dashboard (included Financial Status, Events, Procurement, News and Updates, STEP discrepancy and status)
  • Procurement Module – Enhancements
  • Workflow based bid document review system
  • Online Tender publishing system
  • Milestone based bid monitoring system (STEP integrated)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Module – Enhancements
  • Online Agency Ranking
  • 3rd World bank Mission Ranking Manual entry form and Reports
  • Workflow based Purpose Driven Study (PDS) module
  • Hydromet Management Information System (Admin, Vendor, Reports)
  • Web-Application for 2nd International conference and NRSC conference

IA’s Progress

Andhra Pradesh Surface Water

Study Tour to Maharashtra
Andhra Pradesh Surface Water deputed 15 Officers for Study Tour to Maharashtra. The Team visited Basin Simulation Division at Pune, Hydro meteorological Data Processing Division at Nashik and WALMI at Aurangabad. During the visit, the Officials from Maharashtra shared their learning and experiences with APSW team. Such cross-learning opportunity helped the visiting team to gain insights on

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IA’s Progress

Workshop / Training / Event

Till date (March, 2019) a total 206 events (both National & International) have been organised with a participation of 2107 participants.

Advanced Hydrology

Training cum Workshop on “Advanced Hydrology"

A 5-Days training cum workshop on “Advanced Hydrology" was organized during 5th March -9th March , 2019 at National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) as a part of the capacity development component of National Hydrology Project.

Spring Rejuvenation

Training Programme was held on “Spring Rejuvenation”

A National Level Training Programme was held on “Spring Rejuvenation” under National Hydrology Project during 11th March to 15th March at Kalimpong, West Bengal. The programme was organised by State Water Investigation Directorate, Department of Water Resources Investigation & Development, and Government of West Bengal. The 17 Officials from different disciplines came together from the states of Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Kerala, and West Bengal.


The First Stakeholder Workshop for PDS

The First Stakeholder Workshop for PDS titled “Impact Assessment of the Upcoming Irrigation Project and Climate Change on the Drought and Desertification Scenario for Chambal Basin in Western Madhya Pradesh” was held on 27th March,2019 at State Water Data Centre, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal.

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Integrated Water Resources Management

Workshop on
“Integrated Water Resources Management”

Australian Water Partnership (AWP) in collaboration with the NPMU organized two workshops on Integrated Water Resources Management and presented the Basin Planning User Guide developed by the Australian Water Partnership team. First workshop was organized in Bangalore (6th March 2019) with participation of senior officials from Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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Important Meetings / Achievements

Important Meetings

  • The Meeting on the Generic State WRIS was held in National Water Academy Pune & Sinchan Bhawan, on14th March -15th March, 2019 to discuss about the various issues regarding development of Generic State-WRIS.
  • Meeting was attended by Shri. Deepak Kumar, Senior Joint Commissioner, NPMU with SPMU on review various activities of Maharashtra Surface Water at Nashik, Maharashtra on 18th March 2019.

Operationalization of Integrated Water Resource Information System

Seeing the importance of Integrated Information system with the concept of centralized data base, Technical Assistance and Management consultant under the guidance of National Project Monitoring Unit, National Hydrology Project has taken up IT development plan for new Integrated System with incremental launch of new functionalities for eSWIS and WRIS. TAMC, under the guidance of NPMU achieved major milestone to initiate migration of these application to new technology stack and completed database migration from old system to new open source databases.

In line with the development plan, some modules of integrated application made operational on March 29th, with new and enhanced functionalities, keeping the remaining functionalities as they are.


  • Migration Activities
    • Migration to ArcGIS 10.6 from existing ArcGIS 10.0
    • Data Migration from old eSWIS (Postgres 9.1) to WIMS (Water information Management System) database (Postgres 9.6)
    • Data Migration from old India WRIS (Oracle) to WIS database (Postgres 9.6)
    • Data migration from GEMS and some modules of Ground Water, Groundwater observation sites are migrated
  • Water Resource Information Management system (WIMS) is now with improved Performance after revised data model,
  • Telemetry INSAT data acquisition module is operational.
  • GPRS module for data acquisition tested and operational for UP Ground Water with migration of 200 stations.
  • MAP Published on ArcGIS Server for web based editor, viewer, water data online and eSWIS and telemetry. WMS and WFS are exposed for the purpose.
  • Under new WRIS, a Web Editing Tool is planned to be provided to all the states. Maharashtra and Gujrat are taken as Pilot for the implementation. TAMC provided Web Editing tool to Maharashtra and Gujrat for theme layers – DAM, Barrage, Weir, Anicut, Lift, Canal and Command along with base layers and administrative layers are published to these states for editing. WRP visualization for the mentioned layers. This approach shall gradually be extended for other states and remaining theme layers.
  • The Generic State WRIS system as part of India WRIS system is in the process of development. Under this component, two dashboards i.e. Rainfall and rivers and reservoir has already been made operational.


Past News/ Events/ Workshops/ Sessions

Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Swach Bharat Abhiyan


CGWB carried out Cleanliness Abhiyan at Kalindi Kunj Ghat on River Yamuna in Delhi.

NHP Team

"Organized by Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation at Shram Shakti Bhawan, Delhi on 15th March

NWA, Pune

Swacchhata Pakhwara being observed at National Water Academy Pune from 16th to 31st March 2019. Pictures depicting the Swacchhata Pledge taken on 16th March 2019-March, 2019. Participated by NPMU team.


Swachhta Pakhwada-2019 at CWPRS, Pune.

River Revives [Poem]

तलाश थी
एक बूँद की
एक प्यास की
एक आस की
इस भागदौड़ की ज़िन्दगी में
इतने दूर चलेआये हैं हम,
की मंज़िल अभी बाकी है
एक पानी की तलाश की
जल बचाओ कल बचाओ

3rd World Bank Mission on National Hydrology Project
Fifth R&D session of Purpose Driven Studies

World Water Day Celebration


A programme organized on the eve of ‘World Water Day’ with theme Water for All- No one left behind” at CWC, HQ , New Delhi under NHP on 22.03.2019.

Kerala GW

Water Resources Department organized this programme to draw the people's attention to the significance of water as a resource and the need to conserve it through sustainable methods. The theme “Leaving no one Behind”, reminds us of the gap that exists today in terms of the demand and availability of water and about the current imbalance in the access to clean water.

Telangana Groundwater

On World Water Day, Ground Water Department, Govt. of Telangana carried out awareness campaigns among urban public at 17 main centres/junctions of twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad within GHMC area, on the theme “Leaving no One Behind” -everyone on the earth should have access to safe and quality water.