• Custom made 3 weeks Third Tailor-made Training Course on Ground Water Modelling

  • 11-Sep-2023 to 29-Sep-2023

  • UNESCO-IHE Delft, The Netherlands

  • International

  • Training

  • GW Modelling

  • DOWR


The training is designed to provide participants with principles and procedures of groundwater flow modelling and the use of computer models for groundwater resources management. The experiences of modelling will be obtained through a series of hands-on exercises in computer workshops and a real case study from India. On the completion of the course the participants are able to construct a groundwater model and use the model to simulate groundwater flow and formulate development scenarios. Also, the training shall create more ground water Modellers in the country which enables Models to develop Aquifer Management Plan through numerical modelling techniques.


To train officers to create groundwater model following the procedures of building a groundwater model: definition of model objectives, construction of hydrogeological conceptual models, design of numerical models, preparation of model inputs, model calibration and model application. Be familiar with the most popular groundwater model codes: MODFLOW, PMPATH, and a graphical user interface PM8. Be able to apply groundwater models for analysis of groundwater flow systems and water budget, delineation of capture zone of well fields, and evaluation of groundwater development scenarios.

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