• Two week training programme on “Use of GIS for Ground Water Studies (Exclusively for Andhra Pradesh Ground Water and Water Audit Department)

  • 18-Jul-2022 to 29-Jul-2022

  • Residential Training (Exclusively for Andhra Pradesh)

  • National

  • Training

  • Remote Sensing and GIS

  • NRSC


The objective of the course is to introduce the technical and applied aspects of Remote Sensing and GIS, besides theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject of Ground Water Exploration and management.


The training programme provides overview on remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) and their utility in Ground Water Exploration and management. The topics covered included remote sensing, GIS, GIS with practical exercises, overview of ground water mapping, ground water levels and their analysis in GIS, principles of ground water prospects mapping with case studies, ground water quality, ground water zonation with hands on exercises.

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