• India-WRIS Groundwater Modules: Functionalities & Overview

  • 30-May-2024 to 30-May-2024

  • Online/Webinar

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • India-WRIS / State-WRIS

  • NWIC


The India-WRIS Groundwater Modules function as a comprehensive information system for India''s groundwater resources. By offering a centralized platform for data collection, analysis, and visualization, they empower various stakeholders: • Water Resource Agencies: Equipped with better data and insights, agencies can develop effective policies for sustainable groundwater management and allocation. • Researchers and Scientists: The data facilitates research to understand groundwater behavior, recharge mechanisms, and potential environmental impacts. • Farmers and Water Users: Access to data on groundwater levels and quality empowers informed decisions on water usage practices to ensure long-term sustainability. Overall, the India-WRIS Groundwater Modules play a critical role in promoting informed and sustainable groundwater management in India


India-WRIS Groundwater Modules target sustainable groundwater management. They collect data from wells and stations, centralize it for analysis, and provide visualization tools. This empowers data-driven decisions for: • Improved Monitoring & Management of groundwater resources. • Enhanced Understanding of availability, quality, and trends. • Promotion of Sustainable Practices to prevent over-extraction and contamination. These modules act as a comprehensive information system, aiding water agencies, researchers, and users in making informed decisions for a sustainable water future.

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