• Introduction to Python and its Applications in Water Resources Sector

  • 19-Sep-2022 to 23-Sep-2022

  • Webinar

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • Remote Sensing and GIS

  • NWA


Python is an open-source general purpose programming language that has a strong presence in the GIS industry. It is the primary scripting language for both licensed and opensource GIS software. Due to its simplicity, coherence and easy to learn syntax, Python is better suited for even beginners who are not proficient in programming. At the same time, Python is portable, versatile and comes with extensive support of libraries, both standard and third-party libraries tailored to specific needs such as ‘Data Analysis’ and ‘Geospatial Data Processing’ which have great potential to address a variety of issues related to water resources sector.


The aim of this training program is to introduce the trainees to Python Programming and its applications in handling water related data. This training program is designed as a foundational course for water professionals who have some basic understanding of Programming, GIS & Remote Sensing technologies. The program will be held in distance learning mode with a flexi time approach on NWA e-learning platform. Participants are required to complete the modules and assessment test within 10 days after completion of the training program for receiving the e-certificate

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