• Dam Break Analysis

  • 17-Jan-2022 to 20-Jan-2022

  • VIjayawada, Andhra Pradesh

  • National

  • Training

  • SW Hydrology

  • Sri. K. Siva Prasad D. E. E, 9949556201


Dams provide many benefits for our society, but floods resulting from the failure of constructed dams have also produced some of the most devastating disasters of the last two centuries. Simulation of dam breach events and the resulting floods are crucial to characterizing and reducing threats due to potential dam failures. 1) This Training program is intended for All the ""Surface Water Implementing Agencies " of NHP. 2) Please Nominate 1 or 2 officers from each IA (Surface Water) 3) This includes One day site visit nearest Dam This program is conducted by APSW in collaboration with Deltaic Regional Center, NIK, Kakinada


The objective of dam break modelling is to simulate the movement of the dam break flood wave along the area downstream and to identify the time of arrival of flood, flood inundated area, flood depth, flow velocity, peak discharge and duration of flooding. It will introduce the topics related to different hydrological and hydraulics studies used for Emergency Action Planning of Disaster Management. The aim of Dam Visit is to provide the real time experience related to various features and functions of the dam and also to understand the critical elements causing failures and to comprehend probable remedial measures

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