• Data Entry for Stage Summary Discharge

  • 25-Feb-2025 to 25-Feb-2025

  • Online Training

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • India-WRIS / State-WRIS

  • NWIC


WIMS allows capturing water level (stage) and flow rate (discharge) data for stations (rivers, lakes). This data is vital for monitoring water resources and making informed management decisions. • Data Sources: Automated sensors, manual readings, or user submissions. • Stage & Discharge: Stage is water level relative to a reference point, while discharge is the volume of water flowing past a point over time. WIMS likely handles both or calculations based on their relationship. • Data Entry: Users input station, date/time, stage height, and discharge (if measured) or select a calculation method based on stage. • Validation: WIMS might check for data accuracy against historical records or flag unrealistic values. • Storage & Management: Entered data is stored within WIMS for analysis, visualization, and integration with other water resource data. Accurate data entry is crucial, and WIMS facilitates this with user-friendly tools for collection, validation, and storage.


Data Entry for Stage Summary Discharge" in WIMS aims to efficiently capture water level (stage) and flow rate (discharge) data for a station. Summarized data is entered, likely daily or monthly, for better trend analysis. This helps maintain a record, assess water availability, and monitor potential flood risks. It''s crucial for informed water resource management

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