• Training on LDAMS (Live Data Analysis & Monitoring System) for all IAs, TAMC and NWIC

  • 11-Jul-2024 to 11-Jul-2024

  • Online Training

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • Software: e-SWIS; e-Gems; Other



Data monitoring is observing and tracking data to verify whether it''s accurate, quality-ensured, and integrated. Doing so can help you identify and address issues, make better decisions, and maintain the reliability of data-driven processes.


1. Data Accuracy and Quality Assurance: o The system continuously observes and tracks data to verify its accuracy, quality, and integration. o By doing so, it ensures that the data meets established standards and remains reliable for decision-making1. 2. Timely Issue Detection and Resolution: o Like a vigilant watchdog, the system identifies anomalies, trends, or patterns that require attention. o Early detection helps prevent mistakes, resource waste, and legal issues, ultimately saving time and money1. 3. Support for Governance Initiatives: o Data monitoring ensures adherence to standards and protocols. o It provides actionable insights through dashboards, alerts, and reports, supp

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