• International Distance Learning Program in Hydrology : Basic Hydrological Sciences in association with WMO

  • 17-Jan-2022 to 04-Mar-2022

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"While Planet Earth is endowed with abundant water, the needs for water at specific times and places often exceed the available supplies. Efforts to utilize this precious resource often result in adverse social and environmental impacts, causing disruption of water supplies to downstream users, and the loss of aquatic habitats. In addition to conflicts over water availability, the quality of water is often compromised. The branch of Geophysics, which deals with the occurrence and movement of water in terms of quantity and quality on and below the surface of the earth except the oceans, in vapour, liquid or solid state, is termed as Hydrology. Hydrology plays an important role in • Effective management of surface water & ground water resources for domestic, agricultural, commercial, industrial, recreational and ecological uses. • Protecting and enhancing water resources for human health, aquatic health and environmental quality. • Minimizing loss of life and property as a result of water-related natural hazards, such as floods, droughts and land slides. • Contributing to physical and economic development of the Nation''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s resources for the benefit of present and future generations. "


The Distance learning program in Hydrology (Basic Hydrological sciences for India) is designed to meet the needs of officials, who work with hydrologic data, particularly in the areas of flood forecasting and design flood analysis etc. The course (in English only) is intended to provide an understanding of the hydrological cycle, runoff processes, unit Hydrograph, flood forecasting, elements of hydrologic modeling etc. and will prepare the participants for further study in hydrologic methods and forecasting.

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