• Awareness programmme on Hydro-meteorological data and security of the stations

  • 06-Sep-2022 to 06-Sep-2022

  • Kolar

  • In-house

  • Training

  • Hydromet Instrument

  • Project Director, NHP and AEE, No.4 IISD, Bengaluru


The programme intended to 1. Make general public aware of the hydro-meteorological stations. 2. Understand the importance of these stations. 3. Know the parameters of hydro-meteorology. 4. Understand the working principle of Rain Gauge, Pan evaporimeter, Wind Anemometer, Dry and wet bulb thermometer, Maximum and Minimum thermometer etc,. 5. Understand the process of data collection


Water Resources Development Organisation, Karnataka has established and maintaining hydro-meteorological stations all over Karnataka. The data collected from these stations is being used by various departments for various hydrological studies. Hence the awareness program was organised to explain the importance of these data among the public and students and also to create awareness on ensuring safety of these stations.

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