• India-WRIS Surface water Modules: Functionalities & Overview

  • 27-Nov-2024 to 27-Nov-2024

  • Online Training

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • India-WRIS / State-WRIS

  • NWIC


: India-WRIS Surface Water Modules likely focus on managing data from rivers, lakes, and streams. Here''s a concise overview of their functionalities: • Data Collection: Stream gauges, sensors, and manual entry capture water level, flow rate, and other relevant data. • Analysis and Visualization: Tools convert raw data into meaningful insights through calculations, trend analysis, and real-time dashboards. • Water Management Support: Modules might include reservoir operation simulation, irrigation demand assessment, and flood risk identification. • Collaboration and Sharing: Data sharing with authorized users or the public promotes informed decision-making. Overall, these modules empower water managers with real-time data and analysis to make data-driven decisions for sustainable surface water management in India


India-WRIS Surfacewater Modules aim to streamline surface water management in India. These modules collect, store, and analyze data on rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. This centralized platform offers: • Improved Monitoring: Track water levels, flow rates, and quality across India. • Informed Decisions: Empower agencies to manage water allocation, floods, and droughts. • Enhanced Management: Integrate surface water data with other water resources for a holistic view. Functionalities include data collection from various sources, analysis tools, and visualizations. Specific applications like river monitoring and reservoir management are also likely integrated. By providing a central hub for

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