• India-WRIS Water and Allied Resources Modules

  • 27-Jun-2024 to 27-Jun-2024

  • Online Training

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • India-WRIS / State-WRIS

  • NWIC


## India-WRIS: Managing India''s Water Resources India-WRIS is a central information system for India''s water resources. It aims to: * **Empower decision-making:** By providing data collection, analysis, and dissemination for water agencies. * **Promote integrated water management:** Offering a comprehensive view of water across sectors. * **Increase transparency:** Making water resource data accessible to stakeholders. **Key Modules:** * **Surface & Groundwater:** Tracks water levels, flow rates, quality, and provides management tools. * **Hydro-meteorological & Legacy Data:** Offers real-time and historical data for monitoring and planning. * **Allied Resources:** Includes data on soil moisture, water use, and infrastructure. **Additional Features:** Station management, data management tools, visualizations, communication tools, and a knowledge-sharing wiki. **Benefits:** Improved water management, disaster preparedness, enhanced research, and increased transparency. India-WRIS is a vital tool for informed and sustainable water resource management in India.


The objectives of the India-WRIS Water and Allied Resources Modules can be broadly categorized into two areas: Data Management and Improved Water Resource Management. **Data Management Objectives:** * **Comprehensive Data Collection:** To gather data on both surface water (rivers, lakes, reservoirs) and groundwater (wells, aquifers) resources across India. This data can include water levels, flow rates, quality parameters, and other relevant information. * **Data Centralization and Accessibility:** To create a central repository for water resource data, making it readily accessible to authorized users like government agencies, researchers, and stakeholders. * **Improved Data Quality

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