• Training on Remote Sensing based Irrigation Performance Assessment

  • 04-Jul-2024 to 12-Jul-2024

  • Hybrid Mode (World Bank HT office, New Delhi)

  • National

  • Training

  • Remote Sensing and GIS

  • World Bank


The World Bank and CWC, MOJS jointly are organizing this training with an aim to develop irrigation performance assessment tool for the country. Using earth observations (EO) via satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems, irrigation performance mapping can help prioritize sectoral management, operations, and maintenance (MOM) investments by directing them to locations with the highest needs. EO data in irrigation support scheme MOM for the evaluation & increase of on-farm water use efficiency and crop productivity and enable monitoring irrigation policy compliance. The World Bank has developped a pilot online earth observations web platform for irrigation performance mapping. It is available online and can be accessed here: CropMapper India. The application enables users to interactively select command areas of irrigation schemes, visualize maps of crop types, irrigated area, and crop irrigation water use, and enables access to crop and irrigated area statistics. Its layers enable the calculation of irrigation performance statistics, which allow comprehensively assessing and comparing the irrigation performance of different schemes. In this training, participants will learn the principles of the remote sensing methodologies behind the app, and they will learn how to use Google Earth Engine (GEE) to set up the application for their own places of interest.


•Understand the principles of remote sensing methodologies for irrigation performance assessment (IPA). •Gain proficiency in using Google Earth Engine (GEE) for analyzing and mapping evapotranspiration, biomass, vegetation periods, crop classification, and irrigated areas. •Develop the ability to independently conduct remote sensing-based IPA, including integrating in-situ data and crop statistics.

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