• Station Management, WIMS MIS Dashboard, Email & SMS & Manage Contacts

  • 28-Jan-2025 to 28-Jan-2025

  • Online Training

  • National

  • Webniar Learning

  • India-WRIS / State-WRIS

  • NWIC


WIMS offers a suite of tools for water resource management: • Station Management: Create, edit, and manage data collection points for both surface and groundwater sources. • WIMS MIS Dashboard: Visualize key water data metrics and trends through an interactive dashboard. • Email & SMS Integration: Send alerts, reports, and coordinate activities through email and SMS functionalities. • Contact Management: Maintain a list of relevant individuals and organizations for targeted communication. By combining these features, WIMS empowers agencies to effectively collect, analyze, and communicate water resource data for informed decision-making.


Station management within WIMS involves handling both surface water and ground water stations. It allows agencies to monitor and manage data from these stations effectively.

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