Modeller Profile



Remote Sensing Applications Centre Uttar Pradesh

Areas of Interest : Remote Sensing and GIS, Agriculture, water budgeting, Soil moisture, Land use and Land cover, Urban monitoring

Affiliation : Department of Science and technology Government of Uttar Pradesh

Training Profile
S No Agency Hosted Training Type Sub Category Event Name Event Venue Event Days
1 NIH International SW Resource Estimation Capacity Building Programme "Water Budgeting tool for river basins using Google earth engine applications NIH, Roorkee 5
2 NIH National GW Hydrology Groundwater Management and Modeling Online Training 5
3 NIH National SW Modelling Hydrological Modelling Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT): Theory and Hands-on online 5
Work Profile
S No Model Type Modelling Tools State Basin Sub Basin Area Covered (In Sqkm) Developed By
1 Water Budgeting ERDAS Uttar Pradesh Ganga Basin Above Ramganga Confluence,Ghaghara,Ghaghara Confluence to Gomti confluence,Gomti,Ramganga,Upstream of Gomti confluece to Muzaffarnagar 34000 In-house
2 Irrigation Google Earth Engine Uttar Pradesh Ganga Basin Above Ramganga Confluence,Banas,Bhagirathi and others (Ganga Lower),Chambal Lower,Chambal Upper,Damodar,Gandak and others,Ghaghara,Ghaghara Confluence to Gomti confluence,Gomti,Kali Sindh and others up to Confluence with Parbati,Kosi,Ramganga,Sone,Tons,Upstream of Gomti confluece to Muzaffarnagar,Yamuna Lower,Yamuna Middle,Yamuna Upper 93000 In-house