Session 1 – Flood Early Warning

Flood forecasting, Hydrological modeling methods and approaches; Issues and challenges in flood early warning, Reservoir operations, GLOF, Dam Break, Hydro-meteorological network in India, etc.

Session 2 - Spatial Flood Early Warning

Spatial flood inundation simulations; 2D simulations; Storm surge modeling, Challenges and issues, role of high resolution digital elevation models, etc.

Session 3 - Urban Flood Modeling

Technological trends in urban flood Modeling and early warning; cause of urban flooding, role of Doppler Weather Radar data in urban hydrology, ground instrumentation, data constraints, etc.

Session 4 – Climate Change Impact

Extreme hydro-meteorological events now and in future; flash floods forecast; role of satellite based rainfall forecast products and its accuracies, climate change impact on extreme events, etc.

Session 5 - Emergency Preparedness

Role of satellite communications, satellite remote sensing, spatial database, Sensors & ground instrumentation, disaster risk reduction techniques, field experiences, etc.