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Project Objective

To improve the extent, quality, and accessibility of water resources information, decision support system for floods and basin level resource assessment/planning and to strengthen the capacity of targeted water resources professionals and management institutions in India.

National Hydrology Project

National Hydrology Project has been approved by the cabinet on 06.04.2016 a central sector scheme with a total outlay of Rs.3679.7674 crore [Rs.3,640 crore for National Hydrology Project (NHP) and Rs.39.7674 crore for establishment of National Water informatics Centre (NWIC) as a repository of nation-wide water resources data]. NWIC is envisaged as an independent organization with adequate administrative and financial powers under the overall control of Secretary, MoWR, RD&GR.

Project Highlights

  • Central Sector Scheme, with 100% grant to the States
  • Budget Outlay: about Rs 3,640 Crore, with World Bank Assistance to the tune of US$175 Million
  • Timeline: 8 years from 2016-17 to 2023-24
  • Scale: Pan India
  • Lead Agency: MoWR, RD&GR
  • Implementing Agencies: 49 (including 10 from Central Government and 39 from States)

A. Water Resources Monitoring Systems

This component will finance the establishment/modernization of new and existing hydromet monitoring systems including meteorology, streamflow, ground water...

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B. Water Resources Information Systems

Component B will support the strengthening of national and sub-national water information centres with web-enabled WRISs through standardization of databases and products...

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C. Water Resources Operations and Planning Systems

This component will support the development of interactive analytical tools and decision support platform that would integrate database, models and scenario manager for hydrological flood forecasting...

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D. Institutional Capacity Enhancement

Component D aims to build capacity for knowledge-based water resources management. It will support subcomponents in the establishment of...

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Major Achievements

Major achievements Till Date


Till date (Mar, 2018) a total 109 trainings (both National & International) have been organised with a participation of 1622 participants.

Upcoming Events

  • 2nd Wold Bank Mission for the project to be held in May/June 2018
  • Stakeholder workshop for Decision Support System DSS(Planning) is scheduled for June 2018
  • More number of visits to IAs by NPMU/TAMC for handholding them are planned in the coming months
  • Regular follow-ups and assistance to IAs in undertaking procurement activities as per agreed timelines

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