Study Tour of Delegation of Ministry of Water Resources to Spain

Within the framework of cooperation between the Indian and the Spanish Governments a high level delegation of the Ministry of Water Resources visited Spain in February 2019. Headed by Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, RD & GR, Shree UP Singh, the delegation met several top officials of the Spanish water administration, including the Secretary of State of the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition, the Presidents of the River Basin Authorities of the Júcar and Segura basins, the delegate of the Central Government in the Region of Murcia and the Directors of CEDEX and the Centre for Water Resources Studies. During the visit, Spanish officials presented their approach towards water governance and the framework for water resources planning and management. Many similarities between India and Spain as regards to hydrological conditions and water uses were identified, such as regional and temporal imbalances in water distribution and the importance of irrigation. Being one of the first countries worldwide to implement water management on a river basin scale, the Spanish experience is particularly interesting for India as the MoWR is currently in the process of drafting a river basin management bill which considers the creation of river basin authorities and the preparation of river basin master plans.

Study Tour of Delegation of Ministry of Water Resources to Spain

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3rd World Bank Review Mission

3rd World Bank Review Mission

The third World Bank Implementation Status Review Mission for the National Hydrology Project (NHP) was conducted from 5th to 6th February and 19th to 20th February 2019 in collaboration with the National Project Management Unit. The mission’s objectives were to review the agency-wise project implementation progress as envisaged in the annual work plans (AWP) and the project implementation plan (PIP); to identify implementation bottlenecks and to provide all possible support for the smooth implementation of the project.

The mission was held at Hyderabad and Dehradun and IAs participated in the mission at designated location as per their geographical disposition.. Such activity for some of the leftover agencies such as Central agencies viz. CWC, CGWB, CPCB and BBMB is being undertaken in Delhi itself. A total of 43 agencies have participated in the Mission during Feb 2019 through more than 200 participants.

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project Conference

The 5th International Dam Safety Conference–2019 is being held, 13 and 14 February 2019 in Bhubaneswar as a joint initiative of the Government of India, Government of Odisha and the World Bank under the aegis of the ongoing World Bank assisted Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) as a part of institutional strengthening. Dam Safety Conferences are being organized as an annual event in different DRIP States in collaboration with the Implementing Agencies and leading academic institutes to provide a common platform for all stakeholders including non-DRIP States.

The Odisha conference had one Plenary Session, seven Technical Sessions, and one Industry Session. It witnessed valuable presentations during the Plenary Session by eminent dam safety professionals. Several oral presentations were delivered during the Technical Sessions which covered various facets of dam safety. The event was participated by Secretary of the Water Resources, other Senior Officers, the Senior Joint Commissioner, and officials from implementing agencies.

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project Conference

Workshop / Training / Event

Till date (Feb, 2019) a total 202 trainings (both National & International) have been organised with a participation of 1972 participants.


Training programme on

A training course on “SEDIMENT YIELD AND RESERVOIR SEDIMENTATION” was organized by National Institute of Hydrology Roorkee (NIH) under National Hydrology Project from 25th Feb-1 March, 2019 at NIH Roorkee. A total of 12 participants – 5 from Irrigation Research Institute, Roorkee, 2 from Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), Pune, 4 from Water Resources Department, Govt. of Odisha, and 1 from Water Resources Department, Govt. of Tamilnadu participated in this training program. View More

Groundwater Management on MAR

Training programme on “Groundwater Management on MAR”

A five-days(11th-15th Feb) training program on Groundwater Management on Managed Aquifer Recharge was jointly organized by National Institute Hydrology and ICE WaRM (AWP), Australia, in the campus of National Water Academy, Pune. It was attended by over 30 Participants from different agencies including CGWB, CWPRS, NRSC and various state governments. Lectures were given by reputed scientists and professors that included Dr. Peter Dillion, Dr.Basant Maheswari and Mr. Ian Reid from Australia and reputed senior Hydrogeologist Dr.Shrikant Daji Limaye. This training covered various aspects of MARVI project and Community based water management at micro level.


Training programme on

The training was organised by Rajiv Gandhi National Groundwater training (11th-22nd February) and Research Institute (RGNGWT&RI), Raipur under the agies of National Hydrology Project (NHP). It was attended by 18 participants including 3 from Telangana state Groundwater Department, one each from Tamilnadu State Groundwater Department and CWPRS, Pune and 13 from CGWB. View More

Major Achievements

Major achievements Till Date

Upcoming Events

  • Training on “Hydro-Meteorological and Water Resources Monitoring and Watershed Modelling and Management” on 19th March - 21st March 2019 at Administrative Training Institute, Aizawl, Organised by Irrigation & Water Resources Department, Mizoram.
  • 5 days training on Advance Hydrology,11th March -15th March 2019, Organised by Water Resources Department, Rajasthan at MNIT Jaipur.
  • Training on Water Quality Assessment & Management, 17th June -21st June at NIH Roorkee.
  • Remote Sensing & GIS Technologies, 13th May - 17th May 2019, organized by NRSC at Hyderabad.
  • Training on Basic Hydrology, April 2019, Organised by National Institute of Hydrology Roorkee under NHP at Roorkee.
  • Training programme on e-SWIS + Discharge Measurement Techniques, June, 2019 at Himachal Pradesh, Mandi.

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Past News/ Events/ Workshops/ Sessions

River Revives [Poem]

Catchments free
Rains reach rivulets
Passage smooth
Till a trickle left.

Currents stop
Halt at distance now
Dry sands beckon
Water song silent.

Streams wake up
To hoarse winds
Scorching sun took
A toll on moisture.

Water run
In rain and shine for ever
Ephemeral turns eternal
Revel in flowing.

Dr. K. Venugopal(AP GW, Director)
Fifth R&D session of Purpose Driven Studies


In India Groundwater is the major source to meet water requirement for agriculture, drinking, domestic and all other uses. Annul ground water draft in India was estimated as 253 bcm in year 2013 out of this agriculture sector including livestock consumed about 90% (228 bcm) of total ground water draft and about 10% (25 bcm) used for domestic and industrial purposes.

Source: Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Data for 2010. Together, these countries account for 72% of the groundwater extracted annually.

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