LOA Issuance Date Contract Signing Date Package No Package Name Amount (In Rs) Name of Consultant/ Supplier/ Contractor
2020-05-07 2020-05-15 NHP-2019-2020-HRSW-884075 Renovation of Knowledge Centre 11173026 M/s Krishna sales, Panchkula,,,,
2020-05-15 2020-05-15 NHP-2019-2020-ML-964943 Procurement of Laptop for Study on Water Quality of Rivers in East Jaintia Hills District with speci 49191 Ananta Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,,,,
2020-05-11 2020-05-11 NHP-2019-2020-ML-773954 Procurement of Laptop for Study of behaviour of flooding and unexpected drought like situation in Ga 79000 Odissi Systems and Solutions,,,,
2020-05-06 2020-05-06 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-787622 High-end Computer Server for NRSC-NHP data 970200 Mega Networks Pvt. Ltd,,,,
2020-04-27 2020-04-27 NHP-2019-2020-TSGW-586066 Procurement of DWLRs with Telemetry 24414580 M/s.Encardio-Rite Electronics, Lucknow,,,,
2020-01-23 2020-04-24 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-627407-GO-NCB-DE RTDAS with Civil Work For Tapi Basin. 179250894 Mechatronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.,,,,
2020-02-05 2020-04-22 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-450635-GO-NCB-DE RTDAS with Civil Work for Godavari Basin in Marathwada Region 191931404 Mechatronics Systems Pvt.Ltd,,,,
2020-04-22 2020-04-22 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-218424 Procurement of equipment for Tanks as Source for regional Groundwater Recharge using Managed Aquifer 4212954.00 M/s.LaGa Systems Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad,,,,
2020-04-20 2020-04-20 NHP-2019-2020-TSGW-325673 Portable Units for WQ Test 1049474.30 M/s.Savant Instruments Pvt.Ltd,,,,
2020-04-17 2020-04-17 NHP-2018-2019-NL-934126_1 Procurement of Currentmeter 198240 The Western Precision Instrument Emporium,,,,
2020-04-13 2020-04-13 NHP-2019-2020-MHSW-204101 Pre Construction Activities for Construction of Water Quality Lab Level II at Jalgaon 115811 AV Consultant, Jalgaon,,,,
2020-04-03 2020-04-03 NHP-2019-2020-TSGW-653442 IT Equipment for Data Centres - Printers for SDC 558000 M/s.Xprint solutions,,,,
2020-04-01 2020-04-01 NHP-2019-2020-ML-779387 Procurement of Ground water monitoring equipments 900340 Steel Fabricators,,,,
2020-03-20 2020-03-20 NHP-2019-2020-NL-553810 Procurement of Handheld GPS 400000 Wildwood,,,,
2020-02-07 2020-03-20 NHP-2018-2019-BRSW-571902 RTDAS for River Basins and Dams/Reservoirs including Civil Work. (River Basins: Mahananda, Punpun & 54709633.00 M/S Astra Microwave Products Limited, Hyderabad,,,,
2020-02-18 2020-03-18 NHP-2018-2019-GA-216692-GO-NCB-DE RT-DAS Goa - AWS & ARG 9320820 Astra Microwave,,,,
2020-03-18 2020-03-18 NHP-2019-2020-BBMB-161773 Purchase of Laptops and computers 614001.20 M/s Binary Infotech pvt ltd,,,,
2020-03-17 2020-03-17 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-458467 Furnishing of Sub Divisional Data Centre with Non ITC equipment under Thrissur division 52510 Mrudula Furniture world 19/99/1, Poothole Road Thrissur,Premier Furniture corporartions Musium Road Thrissur ,Galaxy Traders, Poonkunnam Guruvayoor Road Thrissur ,,
2020-03-17 2020-03-17 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-941602 Furnishing Field Offices (data Collection Centres) with Non ITC equipment under Thrissur Division 127400 Mrudula Furniture world 19/99/1, Poothole Road Thrissur,Premier Furniture corporartions Musium Road Thrissur ,Galaxy Traders, Poonkunnam Guruvayoor Road Thrissur ,,
2020-03-16 2020-03-16 NHP-2019-2020-AS-114352__1 RENOVATION & CONSTRUCTION OF DIVISIONAL DATA CENTRE(CID,BADARPUR) 1449446.00 Salim Uddin Chudhury,,,,
2020-03-12 2020-03-13 NHP-2019-2020-BBMB-687971 Fabrication of Crane 598950.3 M/s G.S. Engineers,,,,
2020-03-12 2020-03-12 NHP-2019-2020-NL-550918 Procurement of Laptop 110000 YURATECH GLOBAL PRIVATE LIMITED,,,,
2020-03-11 2020-03-11 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-448870-CW-SH-DE Renovation of sub-divisional data centres - Wada Sub Division 261457 Sai Srushti Devloper navi mumbai,,,,
2020-03-11 2020-03-11 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-669725-CW-SH-DE Renovation of sub-divisional data centres - Karjat Sub Division 153593 Sai Srushti Devloper navi mumbai,,,,
2020-03-11 2020-03-11 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-248901-CW-SH-DE Renovation of sub-divisional data centres - Kolad Sub Division 166546 Sai Srushti Devloper navi mumbai,,,,
2020-03-05 2020-03-05 NHP-2019-2020-AS-251160__1 PROCUREMENT OF OFFICE TABLE FOR DIVISIONAL DATA CENTRE(FOR UAID,DIBRUGARH; CAID,MANGALDA; LAID,BARPE 168000 Parin Furniture Limited,,,,
2020-03-03 2020-03-03 NHP-2019-2020-NL-560140_1 Procurement of Total Station 500000 AllTerra Solutions LLP,,,,
2020-02-20 2020-03-03 NHP-2019-2020-NRSC-600854__1 Procurement of High-end Workstations for the geo-spatial data analysis under NRSC Studies 6452775.00 Microcare Computer Pvt. Ltd,,,,
2020-03-03 2020-03-03 NHP-2020-2021-HRSW-480032 Photocopier Machine 260028.97 ISO Office Automation, Mohali,,,,
2020-02-06 2020-02-24 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-632856 DWLR with telemetry GSM 14835000 Engineers and Environmental U.P (JV) Hydro Flowtech Engineer,,,,
2020-02-01 2020-02-24 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-459830 Upgrading Divisional/Subdivisional Data Processing Centers:Construction of Regional Data Processing 6353609 Sri Paramanna.B.Kumbar,,,,
2020-02-21 2020-02-21 NHP-2019-2020-NRSC-613590 High quality Colour Laser Printer 488000.00 XPRINT SOLUTIONS,,,,
2020-02-06 2020-02-20 NHP-2019-2020-UPSW-277668 Furnishing & Renovation of Okhla Barrage Control Room 2497600.00 M/s Krishna Enterprises, Pune, Maharashtra,,,,
2020-02-12 2020-02-12 NHP-2019-2020-NL-215164 Procurement of Desktop Computer and Laptop 110000 Webnetasia,,,,
2020-02-11 2020-02-11 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-247471 Procurement of workstation for conducting trainings at NRSC 7227937.50 Microcare Computer Pvt. Ltd,,,,
2020-01-24 2020-02-07 NHP-2018-2019-ML-967673-CW-SH-SCB Construction of piezometers 2243550.00 Ganesh Laxmi Borewell,,,,
2020-02-05 2020-02-06 NHP-2018-2019-AS-198046 CURRENT METER WITH ACCESSORIES 2308298 Steel Fabricators,,,,
2020-01-29 2020-02-05 NHP-2019-2020-PB-955367 Upgradation of GIS software and maintenance 754222 KAIZEN TECHNOLOGIES,,,,
2020-02-04 2020-02-04 NHP-2019-2020-TR-672828 IT equipment - Desktop Computer 70000 YURATECH GLOBAL PRIVATE LIMITED Palms-2, 113, Royal Palms, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065 Country : India,,,,
2019-12-20 2020-02-01 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-723664-GO-NCB-DE RTDAS with Civil Work for West-word flowing rivers in Kokan Basin 62255435 Mechatronics Systems Pvt Ltd,,,,
2019-12-20 2020-02-01 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-728193-GO-NCB-DE Expansion of Existing RTDAS established in HP II, for remaining area of South of Panchganga in Krish 64011954 Mechatronic Systems Pvt Ltd,,,,
2020-01-31 2020-01-31 NHP-2019-2020-TR-729758 IT equipments- Centralized Printer 189705 EXPERT SOLUTIONS 57/2/22-A, Kaveri Centre, Opposite Azad Petrol Pump, Sanjay Place, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Country : India,,,,
2020-01-07 2020-01-27 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-307622 DAS for Kerala River Basins 109296320 M/s Obel Systems Pvt. Ltd., No.7,Ground floor Jaya Mansion,126 Park Lane, SD Road, Secunderabad.,(SEBA - AZISTAJV) M/s Seba Hydrometrie GmbH and CO. KG , Boz, CRYSTAL CHs, Jimmy Tower 111, Koper Khairane, New Mumbai -400709 ,,,
2019-12-03 2020-01-22 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-998845-GO-DC-DC Procurement of PLAXIS-3D Software 2755845.20 Ram Caddsys Pvt Ltd,,,,
2019-11-19 2020-01-22 NHP-2018-2019-UPSW-124234-GO-SH-QU ADCP 11826378.00 M/s A & S Creations,,,,
2020-01-07 2020-01-16 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-416883 Meteorological Equipments (SRG&FCS equipments in Manual Guaging stations for replacing the obsolete 815911 M/s The Western Precision Instruments Emporium, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India,M/s ITI Ltd., Palakkad Plant, Kanjikode West, 678623,,,
2019-12-03 2020-01-10 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-317529-GO-DC-DC Procurement of Geo-Slope and Geo-Studio software 2006000.00 Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt Ltd.,,,,
2019-12-02 2020-01-10 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-474314 Hiring of services for scanning and digitization of historical data , maps and Reports 19250166 PKS INFRA ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED,,,,
2019-12-02 2020-01-08 NHP-2019-2020-ML-713341 Procurement of ADCP 2335693 A & S Creations,,,,
2019-12-23 2020-01-07 NHP-2019-2020-RJ-498339 Civil works for Material testing lab 1232871.00 ROHTAS ENTERPRISES,,,,
2019-11-26 2020-01-06 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-544004-GO-NCB-DE Procurement of SCADA System for Durgapur Barrage 35671984.00 Mechatronics Systems Pvt.Ltd.,,,,
2019-12-27 2020-01-06 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-834014 Protection works to Piezometers (<50m) drilled under HP-II in Eastern Telangana Region 3802691.20 M/s.SriLaxmi Sai Scientific Services ,,,,
2020-01-03 2020-01-03 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-953662 Projector 43950 M/s R. P. Enterprises, Dehradun (Uttarakhand),,,,
2020-01-03 2020-01-03 NHP-2019-2020-TSGW-643223 IT Equipment for Data Centres - Data Analysis System (DAS) 2922200 M/s. Signy Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad ,,,,
2020-01-02 2020-01-02 NHP-2019-2020-TR-834369 Revolving Chairs (4 nos),Computer Table (4 nos.), File Cabinet (2 nos.),Half secretariat table (1 no 191422 SUNIL KR BANIK 8,Ronalsay Road Battala,Agartala Country : India,,,,
2019-11-28 2020-01-01 NHP-2019-2020-MHSW-145025 Hiring Office staff / lab assistant/ DEO/ House keeping for Nagpur Water Quality lab 1055914 Mahabal Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Koradi, Dist. Nagpur,,,,
2020-01-03 2019-12-31 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-158474 Procurement of Water Quality Equipment for Labs 1884434.00 Bharati Chemicals & Scientific works,,,,
2019-12-27 2019-12-27 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-965817 Updation of existing Water Quality Labs at Hyderabad & Karimnagar 3638267.40 M/s.Icon Bio Systems,M/s.Ayyappa Scientific Sales,M/s.Sri Vijaya Scientifics,M/s.Sri Vijaya Scientifics,
2019-12-05 2019-12-26 NHP-2019-2020-WBSW-273665 Procurement of 2 nos ADCP 5729301.20 A & S Creations, 6/7, Ground Floor, West Patel Nagar New Delhi-110008,,,,
2019-12-20 2019-12-20 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-191994 Hydrological Modelling Software 4428407.00 MIKE DHI,,,,
2019-12-04 2019-12-18 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-239999 Water Purification System 442575 M/s Merck Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai,,,,
2019-12-11 2019-12-18 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-497998 Earth Resistivity Meter 220500 M/s Integrated Geo Instruments & Services Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad,,,,
2019-12-18 2019-12-18 NHP-2019-2020-TR-663012 10 KVA UPS 321662 RS POWER PRIVATE LIMITED A-42, JAI AMBEY NAGAR, TONK ROAD, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN - 302018 Country : India,,,,
2019-11-13 2019-12-18 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-760014 Lab Scale Column Setup 240083 M/s Mars Technologies & Services, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
2019-12-17 2019-12-17 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-470056-CW-SH-DE Renovation & Furnishing of Existing Water Quality Labs in the State - Thane Lab 699261 Sai Shrusti Developers, Navi Mumbai,,,,
2019-12-16 2019-12-16 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-114471-GO-SH-DE Providing& Supplying consumables ( Chemicals & Glass wares ) for WQ Lab in the State - Pune & Kolhap 154548 Vijay Chemicals, Pune,Dodal Enterprises, Pune,,,
2019-11-08 2019-12-13 NHP-2019-2020-UPGW-860555 Procurement of DWLRs 27342476.20 Encardio Rite Electronics Pvt Ltd,,,,
2019-12-03 2019-12-12 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-354063-GO-DC-DC Procurement of HYPACK Software 1604800.00 ASB Systems Pvt Ltd,,,,
2019-11-25 2019-12-10 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-771112 Procurement of ADCP 3249720 M/s A&S creations ,15/19 East Punjabi Bagh , New Delhi - 110026,M/s ASB Systems Pvt. Ltd Anderi west,Mumbai,,,
2019-11-28 2019-12-09 NHP-2018-2019-GJGW-178548 Procurement of DWLR with Telemetry - 453 Nos and Improvement of Existing Piezometer 73992300 SWAN Environmental Pvt Ltd,,,,
2019-12-05 2019-12-05 NHP-2019-2020-NRSC-430688 Image Analysis (ERDAS) Software for Training 6405000 Integraph SG&I Pvyt. Ltd,,,,
2019-10-03 2019-11-30 NHP-2019-2020-GJSW-272173 Upgradation of IT Equipment and software 1594747 Accutech Technology Private Limited,,,,
2019-11-26 2019-11-28 NHP-2019-2020-UPSW-326051 Software for Water Management, GIS etc. 1975890 M/s SISL Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,,,,
2019-11-13 2019-11-27 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-970905 pH Meter, EC Meter 93345 M/s Hanna Equipments India Pvt. Ltd, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra),,,,
2019-11-13 2019-11-25 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-683061 Water Temperature Profiler, Water Level Indicator 81900 M/s Roorkee Industries, Roorkee (UTtarakhand),,,,
2019-11-22 2019-11-22 NHP-2019-2020-TR-396822 2 ton split AC (2 nos.) 98380 JAYANT ENTERPRISES Camp-2, Durg, Chhattisgarh - 490001 Country : India,,,,
2019-11-05 2019-11-18 NHP-2019-2020-GJSW-568623 Internal Fabrication & Furnishing of Van for Mobile water Quality Lab 3540108 Natraj Motor Body Builders,,,,
2019-11-08 2019-11-15 NHP-2019-2020-MHSW-121640 Hiring Office staff / lab assistant/ DEO/ House keeping for Aurangabad and Nashik Water Quality Lab 2495654 Ashwamedh Engineers&Consultants Nashik,Ashwamedh Engineers&Consultants Nashik,,,
2019-11-13 2019-11-13 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-351213 Raingauges (5 nos.) 132300 M/s Virtual Hydromet, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),M/s Roorkee Industries, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,
2019-10-29 2019-11-12 IN-TAMIL NADU -80165-CW-RFQ Renovation of Divisional Data Processing Centre at Trichy and Sub Divisional Data Processing Centres 777315 Mr.E.John kennedy, Plot no35, Ashok nagar, Pudukkottai-1,,,,
2019-11-01 2019-11-09 IN-TAMIL NADU -80131-CW-RFQ Renovation of Regional Data Processing Centre at Thanjavur and Divisional Data Processing Centre at 903475 Thiru. K.Karthikeyan, Thanjavur,,,,
2019-10-25 2019-11-08 NHP-2018-2019-TN-128139 Renovation of Divisional Data Processing Centre at Gaugings and Sub Divisional Data Processing Centr 298468 Mr. A. BASKARAN,,,,
2019-10-25 2019-11-08 NHP-2018-2019-TN-477234 Improvements to SDPC 496592 Mr. A. BASKARAN,,,,
2019-10-16 2019-11-05 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-379526-CW-NCB-SE Construction of SCADA building at Tilpara 7020310.00 Ad. Associates India,,,,
2019-10-25 2019-11-04 NHP-2018-2019-TN-8066121 Renovation of Divisional Data Processing Centre at Vellore and Sub Divisional Data Processing Centre 773735 Thiru. K.RAMESH BABU,,,,
2019-11-01 2019-11-01 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-379629 Furnishing of divisional Data Centre with Non ITC equipment 27970 Mrudula Furniture world 19/99/1, Poothole Road Thrissur,,,,
2019-10-01 2019-11-01 IN-TAMIL NADU -79909-CW-RFQ Renovation of Divisional Data Processing Center at Chennai and Sub divisional Data processing cente 793105 Mr. A. Baskaran, PWD Contractor, Pattaraikazhani, Kalpakkam-603102,,,,
2019-10-19 2019-10-31 NHP-2018-2019-JH-684716-GO-SH-DE Handheld current meters with accessories 7862300 A AND S CREATIONS, NEW DELHI,,,,
2019-10-19 2019-10-31 NHP-2018-2019-JH-919830-GO-NCB-DE ADCP and other accessories 7862300 A and S Creations, New Delhi,,,,
2019-10-31 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-565487 Hot Air Oven (1 no.), Handheld Salinity Refractrometer (2 nos.), Flame Photometer (1 no.), Portable 132142.77 M/s Mars Technologies & Services, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),M/s Chemlab Laboratory Equipments, Greater Noida West, GB Nagar (Uttar Pradesh),M/s Aarna Enterprise, Rajkot (Gujarat),M/s Sambhav Enterprises, New Delhi,
2019-05-30 2019-10-30 NHP-2019-2020-SK-581266 Purchase of GIS software 2368183 M/S Electrical Measuring Instruments,,,,
2019-10-16 2019-10-30 NHP-2019-2020-CWPRS-673479 Up gradation of Current meter rating facility (CMRT) including training, spares and AMC at CWPRS und 16600000 M/s Fox Solution Nasik,,,,
2019-10-09 2019-10-30 NHP-2018-2019-TN-825886 Supply and installation of GW RTDAS including sever 57900000 M/s Encardio rite Lucknow,,,,
2019-10-07 2019-10-29 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-640010 RTDAS System for AWS, AWLR etc. 262600000 Seba Hydrometric GmbH&CO.KG JV with Azista Industries Pvt Ltd,,,,
2019-10-07 2019-10-23 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-795511 Piezometer Development (12 nos.) 195680 M/s Advanced Geological Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune (Maharashtra),,,,
2019-10-03 2019-10-21 NHP-2019-2020-GJSW-788688 Procurement of IT eEquipments 3832614 System soluation,,,,
2019-10-16 2019-10-18 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-301959 Portable EC, pH, Temp. Meters 15750 M/s Astha Enterprises, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
2019-10-14 2019-10-17 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-600812 Weighing Balance (1 no.) 224700 M/s Mars Technologies & Services, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
2019-10-16 2019-10-16 NHP-2019-2020-KASW-469022 Furnishing of data center at KERS 2312823 K. Jagadesha,,,,
2019-08-29 2019-10-15 NHP-2018-2019-JH-843692-NC-NCB-DE RTDAS system 49321872 Astra Micro Wave Product Ltd.,,,,
2019-10-05 2019-10-14 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-177799 Procurement of IT Equipment for data centres 585000 M/s Corporate Bussiness Solution, Door No.18/11-6, C-10 ANP Complex Stadium Bypass road, Palakkad 678001,M/s CMS Power Technology, A95, TC 7/1699(2) Sreechitra Nagar, Pangode Thirumala P.O Thiruvananthapuram 695006,,,
2019-10-14 2019-10-14 NHP-2019-2020-ML-261588 Procurement of UPS 45990 INDIAN EXPORT AND IMPORT CO,,,,
2019-10-11 2019-10-11 NHP-2019-2020-RJ-519757 Establishment of SCADA Control room at Bisalpur dam 2702050 M/S VISHWAKARMA CONTRACTOR,M/S Dev Construction,M/S Durga Lal Panchal,M/S Om Prakash Khati,
2019-10-09 2019-10-09 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-135321 Procurement of electronic balance for Level I lab at Thalassery 49980 M/s Innate Analytics, Vadakara, Calicut,,,,
2019-09-11 2019-10-05 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-811947 Camera 27500 M/s Artek Web Distributors, New Delhi,,,,
2019-10-04 2019-10-04 NHP-2019-2020-ML-300801 Procurement of Desktop Computers 469990.00 INDIAN EXPORT AND IMPORT CO,,,,
2019-10-03 2019-10-03 NHP-2019-2020-ML-214677 Procurement of Printers 93490.00 INDIAN EXPORT AND IMPORT CO,,,,
2019-10-03 2019-10-03 NHP-2019-2020-ML-983975 Procurement of Copier cum Scanner 159500 Indian Export & Import Co.,,,,
2019-09-16 2019-09-30 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-284721-CW-SH-DE Renovation of sub-divisional data centres - Wardha Sub Division 247023 M. N. Shirpurkar, contractor, Nagpur,,,,
2019-09-16 2019-09-27 IN-TAMIL NADU -80250-CW-RFQ Renovation of Divisional Data Processing Centre at Tirunelveli and Sub Divisional Data Processing Ce 599085 Thiru Srinivasa Thevar Balakrishnan, Tirunelveli,,,,
2019-09-20 NHP-2018-2019-TN-947298 Equipment for 3 WQ labs at Chennai, Madurai & Trichi 3982824 M/s. Microtek Technologies,,,,
2019-09-19 2019-09-19 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-413810-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Work stations 73722.00 KINGS FURNISHING AND SAFE COMPANY,,,,
2018-09-29 2019-09-18 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-837552 Soil Moisture Profile Probe with Moisture Meter 428400 Roorkee Industries, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
2019-08-23 2019-09-17 NHP-2018-2019-PB-527765-GO-NCB-DE DWLR with Telemetry without Water Quality-505 DWLR with 2 No Server & protective cage at each sit 70510139 M/S Encardio-Rite Electronics Ltd,,,,
2019-09-13 2019-09-13 NHP-2019-2020-MHSW-137330 Hiring Office staff / lab assistant/ DEO/ House keeping for Thane Water Quality lab 706228 Aswamedh Engineers and Consultant, Nashik,,,,
2019-08-26 2019-09-06 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-989048-GO-NCB-DE Procurement of ADCP for canals 6988495 A&S CREATIONS DELHI,,,,
2019-08-26 2019-09-05 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-335077-GO-SH-QU Desktop Workstation, Laptop Workstation, Desktop-5nos. 391125 M/s Horizon Comp., Indore; M/s Taurus Micro Systems, Bhopal; M/s Comp. Infotech (I) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai,,,,
2019-08-30 2019-08-30 NHP-2019-2020-GJSW-280802 Procurement of Van for water Quality Mobile Lab 4552010 Force Motors Ltd. ,,,,
2019-08-14 2019-08-26 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-934154 Desktop PCs 56999.90 M/s Digitech Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai (Maharashtra),,,,
2019-07-16 2019-08-26 NHP-2018-2019-BRSW-338341 Development of Embankment Asset Management System for Gandak river basin with structuring of a Maste 29390260 LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. LTD, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044, India Ltd, Mathura ,,,,
2019-08-08 2019-08-23 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-224212-GO-SH-QU Small current meters 905050 Hach DHR India Pvt Ltd New Delhi,,,,
2019-08-23 2019-08-23 IN-MEGHALAYA -96957-GO-RFQ-2 Procurement of Current meters with accessories & Ordinary Rain Gauges 1061675 STEEL FABRICATORS,,,,
2019-08-23 2019-08-23 NHP-2018-2019-ML-524253-GO-SH-LM-2 Bridge outfit 41405.00 Lakshmi Engineering Works,,,,
2019-08-05 2019-08-22 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-236582-GO-NCB-DE Auto Titrator Potentiometeric 3646650 Analytica Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow (U.P.),,,,
2019-08-16 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-144957 Procurement of ADCP 3370621 A&S Creation,,,,
2019-07-26 2019-08-10 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-527467 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 2 nos of Variable frequency drives (starters) 1400000 Maverick Automation Pune,,,,
2019-08-02 2019-08-09 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-515934-NC-SH-DE Hiring Office staff / lab assistant/ DEO/ House keeping 2246090 Ashwamedh Engineers & Consultants, Nashik,Ashwamedh Engineers & Consultants, Nashik,,,
2019-08-03 NHP-2018-2019-GJGW-209177 Procurement of Resistivity Meter - 5 Nos. 110200 Integrated Geo Instrument & Services Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad,,,,
2019-07-19 2019-08-02 NHP-2018-2019-PB-933393-GO-NCB-DE Installation and Maintenance of Solar System- 75 KW 3337500 M/S OAKRIDGE ENERGY PVT LTD,,,,
2019-08-01 IN-SOI-21678-GO-RFQ Procurement of Furniture for PDO 2440000 M/s Indian Stores, Dehradun,,,,
2019-07-31 2019-07-31 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-740080 District Data Center-Dungarpur 81920.00 SOBHAGYA KALA YATAN udaipur,KHADI BHANDAR,,,
2019-06-28 2019-07-26 NHP-2018-2019-NL-768029 Construction of State data Centre(SDC) at Kohima 8269014 Vilelie Khamo & Sons,,,,
2019-06-28 2019-07-26 NHP-2018-2019-NL-278303 Construction of Hydrology Project Convention Centre(HPCC) at Dimapur 22784564 Vilelie Khamo & Sons,,,,
2019-06-11 2019-07-26 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-185362-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Digital Data Logger mounted on vehicle (Geophysical Equipment) 6611186.00 CHRISVIN GEOMET SERVICES PVT LTD. CHENNAI,,,,
2019-07-24 NHP-2018-2019-JH-395497-CW-NCB-DE Construction of piezometers 19922452 Kauserex Drillers,,,,
2019-07-23 2019-07-23 NHP-2019-2020-NRSC-456623 Laptops for NRSC NHP Activities 429500 Vantage Network Solutions,,,,
2019-07-23 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-728302 Laptops for NHP NRSC activities 429500 M/ Vantage Network Solutions,,,,
2019-07-22 2019-07-22 NHP-2019-2020-SK-296235 Procurement of IT Equipments 161695.00 M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales & Services,,,,
2019-07-17 2019-07-22 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-944383 Water quality lab equipment for level II lab including PDS - Procurement of Bacteriological incubato 50268 M/s Chemind Tc/35/4984 Chemind House Machingal Lane MG Road Thrissur 1,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-07-18 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-622791-CS-SSS-SSS DSS for River Basins(Ravi, Nagvali, Periyar, Pennar, & Bhadar) 34771742 DHI (India) Water & Environment Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi,,,,
2019-07-17 2019-07-17 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-168639 District Data Center -Partapgarh 90963 SURYODAY ENETERPRISES,,,,
2019-07-17 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-428087 Water Quality Lab Equipment for Level II Lab including PDS 80168 M/s. St.George Electronica pvt Ltd, Vadakke Stand ,rissur( Refrigerator)& M/s Chemind, Macjngal Lane, MG Road, Thrissur (Bacteriological Incubator),,,,
2019-07-09 2019-07-15 IN-KERALA SW-29071-GO-RFQ NHP- Procurement of Water Quality Lab Equipment for Level II Lab 29900 St. George Electronica Pvt Ltd. Vadakke Stand, Thrissur,,,,
2019-06-28 2019-07-15 NHP-2018-2019-ML-426354-CW-NCB-SE Construction of Data Centre 21517926 Shri Peter Osmond Lyndem,,,,
2019-07-12 2019-07-12 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-553830 Procurement of automatic levels 113280 M/s Hexagon Geosystems India Pvt.ltd, Grugram-122002, Haryana,M/s Geomax Positionaing system pvt ltd, Sector , Noida, Uttarpradesh-201301,M/s Zigma Info Solutions, KP I/633(1), Trivandrum 695015,,
2019-07-12 2019-07-12 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-563433 WQ lab equipment - Flame Photometer-1,Ion meter-1, UV Visible Spectrophotometer-1,EC-TDS Analyser-3, 549294 D K Scientific technologies,,,,
2019-07-11 NHP-2019-2020-GJSW-300035 purchase of AC for conference room at CDO 97800 Anjaneya Corporation,,,,
2018-10-09 2019-07-09 NHP-2018-2019-TR-641570-GO-DC-DC Arc GiS 1975890 M/s ESRI India Technologies Ltd.,,,,
2019-07-09 2019-07-09 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-344339 Water quality lab equipment for level II lab including PDS - Procurement of Refrigerator 29900 St. George Electronica Pvt Ltd. Vadakke Stand, Thrissur,,,,
2019-07-06 NHP-2018-2019-PY-677121 Civil works for peizometers 2000000 Thiru. R.Ashokan ,Barani Complex, Kamaraj Salai,Puducherry-13.,,,,
2019-07-05 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-553109-CW-NCB-DE Construction of Data Centre for Southern division 24563968 AEI Construction,,,,
2019-07-01 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-509421-GO-SH-QU IT equipment for data centre-WorkStations: through GEM portal 1160750 Jintech Solution Limited, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,,,,
2019-07-01 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-131329 Impact on GW status due to pesticide residues in cardomom cultivating areas of Idukki district 1500000 PDS Study in assosioation with Indian cardamaom Research Institute Idukki - Project In progress,,,,
2019-06-28 NHP-2018-2019-JH-919411-GO-SH-QU Purchase of Computers, Laptops,External Hard disk etc. 1981015 1. Hue Service Pvt Ltd, Kolkata 2. Lakhmani Infotech, Patna 3. AM Computech Solutions,,,,
2019-06-28 2019-06-28 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-607826-GO-SH-QU Training equipment/LCD projector and screen 164700 POWERPYE ELECTRONICS,,,,
2019-06-28 2019-06-28 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-636444-GO-SH-QU Procurement of laptops 127300 INNOTECH INFOSOLUTIONS,,,,
2019-06-28 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-638136 Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of ADCP 21717324 A & S creation, New Delhi,,,,
2019-06-28 NHP-2019-2020-SOI-709840 Procurement of Stereo Satellite imagery for creation of 3-5m DEM of gap areas 170000000 National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad,,,,
2019-06-19 2019-06-27 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-946553 Protection works to Piezometers (< 50 m) drilled under HP-II in Northern Region 3596023.20 M/s. Sri Laxmi Sai Scientific Services,,,,
2019-06-19 2019-06-27 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-339383 Protection works to Piezometers (< 50 m) drilled under HP-II in SOuthern Region 5001365.60 M/s. Sri Laxmi Sai Scientific Services,,,,
2019-06-25 2019-06-25 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-869184 Chemicals, Glassware and other consumable items 121089 ghanshyam trading co ,,,,
2019-06-17 2019-06-17 NHP-2019-2020-CWPRS-830350 IT equipments- i5 PCs 471900 INMAC Computers Pvt Ltd Mumbai,,,,
2019-06-17 2019-06-17 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-198141 Desktop PC 68999 M/s Global Computers, Amritsar,,,,
2019-06-17 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-410294 District Data Center-Bhilwara 97929 Kajori mal vishno,M/s Shankar enterprises ,M/s Lokjivan handloom,M/s Manish eletricals,M/s Abha printers and stationers
2019-06-16 2019-06-16 NHP-2019-2020-GJSW-707862 Miscellaneous item for furnishing conference room 18420 sterling trading co ,Geeta SCfF Glass Work,Hindustan Army Store,Sai baba store,
2019-06-15 2019-06-15 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-564746 Rejuvenation of Existing PZ for effective water level monitoring 5246674 M/s.Boreddy Upender Reddy, Nalgonda District,,,,
2019-06-15 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-992750 Supply and installation of DWLR(telemetry) and Supply and installation of DWLR(telemetry)with EC pro 22562780 ENCARDIO-RITE ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. A-7, Industrial Estate, Talkatora Road, Lucknow, UP - 226011, India,,,,
2019-06-13 NHP-2018-2019-JH-861607-GO-SH-DE Procurement of Office Furniture 611375 Total Solutions,,,,
2019-06-07 IN-MIZORAM -98718-CW-RFQ Procurement of DG Set Housing 400000 AIE Construction,,,,
2019-06-06 NHP-2019-2020-KASW-770044 IT equipment for data centre: Computers & LED Screens 468000 Shrinivas Electronics, Bagalkot,,,,
2019-06-03 2019-06-03 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-238689-GO-SH-QU Procurement of office furniture 296351.00 TWENTY FIRST CENTURY TECHNOPRODUCTS PVT LTD,,,,
2019-06-01 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-960815-CW-SH-DE Renovation & Furnishing of Existing Water Quality Labs in the State - Kolhapur Lab 652200 M/s. Magdum and Assocites, A/P- Kini, Tal-Hatkanangle, Dist-Kolhapur-416 112.,,,,
2019-06-01 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-985734-CW-SH-DE Renovation of divisional data centres - Pune Division & Pune Sub-division 1459400 M/s. Magdum and Assocites, A/P- Kini, Tal-Hatkanangle, Dist-Kolhapur-416 112.,,,,
2019-06-01 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-996730-CW-SH-DE Renovation & Furnishing of Existing Water Quality Labs in the State - Pune Lab 406600 M/s. Magdum and Assocites, A/P- Kini, Tal-Hatkanangle, Dist-Kolhapur-416 112.,,,,
2019-05-30 NHP-2018-2019-SOI-909544-NC-ICB-DE Creation/ updation of 1:25k geodatabase from satellite imagery and existing database 340000000 M/s IIC Technologies Limited, Hyderabad.,,,,
2019-03-09 2019-05-30 NHP-2018-2019-BRGW-516023 80 nos of automation tube well 29208646 Unique Technologies,,,,
2019-05-30 IN-DVC-38032-GO-RFB Real Time Data Acquisition system (RTDAS) For DVC 79900000 Hach DHR India Ovt Ltd,,,,
2019-05-29 NHP-2018-2019-JH-595199-GO-SH-SCB Resistivitymeter 869104 M/S Integrated Geo Instruments & Services Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-05-29 NHP-2019-2020-APGW-912550 procurement of Water Quality Equipment for 4 water Quality Labs 1500000 M/S Swan Environmental Pvt. Ltd.,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-05-29 NHP-2018-2019-SK-979458-CW-NCB-DE Construction of State Data center building 45800000 SonamTopden Bhutia,,,,
2019-05-25 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-810820 IT equipments-Laptop computers 1657082 AbsoluteTechnologies Pattom Thiruvananthapuram,,,,
2019-05-25 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-891280 IT equipments-desktop computers 1271805 AbsoluteTechnologies Pattom Thiruvananthapuram,,,,
2019-05-24 2019-05-24 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-864740 Studies on saline ingression in selected river basins of Kerala and the impact/extend of sea water i 1250000 Centre for Water Resource Development and Management (CWRDM),,,,
2019-05-15 2019-05-15 NHP-2019-2020-CWPRS-645652 IT equipments- i7 PCs 595800 KBS Computers Pvt Ltd Mumbai,,,,
2019-05-08 IN-SIKKIM -98606-GO-RFQ Procurement of ADCP (1no) and DGPS (1no) 2810000 M/S A&S Creations,,,,
2019-04-30 2019-04-30 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-619408 IT Equipment for Data Centres - computers & laptops 5268606 CACHE PERIPHERALS PRIVATE LIMITED, Hyderabad,,,,
2019-04-26 2019-04-26 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-709863 District Data Center -Rajsamand 63427 Serjunal Enrires ,Classic Décor,Shambhulal Khatik ,Saghan Sektr Vikas Samiti ,
2019-04-12 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-647389-GO-SH-DE Ground water level sensor without vent and with vent- TCCF (GW) 196600 Reflect Horizon Electro Solution, Pune, India. ,,,,
2019-03-01 2019-04-08 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-853608-GO-SH-QU Printers 19190 M/s Suntech Infosolutions, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh),,,,
2019-02-25 2019-04-01 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-476036-NC-DC-DC Social Survey for Salinity Impact Assessment 413000 S. M. Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon (Haryana),,,,
2019-04-01 IN-KERALA SW-20508-GO-RFQ NHP - Procurement of Computers, printers and UPS 1560250 JETAGE Computer Traders,M/s COMPU LAND,M/s Corporate Business Solution,,
2019-03-29 NHP-2019-2020-TSGW-182437 Software for Data Centre 4775575 M/s. Adithi Infotech, Nagpur,,,,
2019-03-28 2019-03-28 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-555102-CS-FBS-NAT Consultancy Services: PDS for SW GW interaction 1197200 The Registrar, SPPU Pune,,,,
2019-03-28 2019-03-28 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-257334 Purchase of Computers 1500000 M/s Computer Ware Private Limited,,,,
2019-03-26 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-642281 Furnishing Field Offices (data Collection Centres) with Non ITC equipment 29030 M/s St.Antonys Furniture Mart, Alappey,,,,
2019-03-08 2019-03-26 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-503451-GO-NCB-DE EC Probes for Salinity 162750 Aimil Limited, New delhi,,,,
2019-03-26 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-927345 Regional Data center- Bikaner 466752 Yamini Enterprises,Shree balaji enterprises ,MBTC Infrafurnish private Ltd., Ganpati construction company,
2019-03-25 2019-03-25 NHP-2019-2020-GJSW-204549 AMC for Existing RTDAS Weather Stations 950000 Komoline Aerospace Ltd,,,,
2019-02-25 2019-03-25 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-931362 Procurement of DGPS & Handheld GPS 1444320.00 LAWRENCE & MAYO (INDIA) PVT. LTD.,,,,
2019-03-25 NHP-2018-2019-GJGW-640834 Procurement of Multi-functional B & W Photocopier (2 Nos), Multi-functional Color Photocopier (1 No) 678172 1.Multi-functional B & W Photocopier (2 Nos)- Galaxy Infotech Gandhinagar 2. Multi-functional Color Photocopier- Yes Marketing,Ahmedabad,,,,
2019-03-23 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-161599 Consultancy charges for the PDS study on Tanks as Source for regional Groundwater Recharge using Man 2000000 IIT, Hyderabad,,,,
2019-03-20 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-296999 Desktop Computers for NHP NRSC Activities 592816 IRIS GLOBAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED,,,,
2019-03-19 NHP-2018-2019-PY-329995 Software for existing data centre 1400000 M/s.Geotech Geospacial pvt,Ltd. Chennai.,,,,
2019-11-19 2019-03-19 NHP-2018-2019-GJGW-560697 Procurement of Workstation - 4Nos 995996.00 J.R.D. Services, Gandhinagar,,,,
2019-03-18 NHP-2018-2019-GJGW-642126 Procurement of Water Quality Equipments 1318456 Systronics (India) Limited,Ahmedabad,,,,
2019-03-18 2019-03-18 NHP-2018-2019-PB-539986-GO-DC-DC System Upgrade and VC Equipment -25 no UPS 113000 NIYURA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED,,,,
2019-03-15 2019-03-15 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-944494 District Data Center-Ganganagar 95000 KAPIL AND BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY,,,,
2019-03-15 2019-03-15 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-991487 District Data Center-jhalawar 98500 Jai Maa Karni Constructions,,,,
2019-02-11 2019-03-15 NHP-2018-2019-UPSW-583881 SCADA Sytem for Okhla Barrage & Its Regulators 39500000 M/s Mechatronics,,,,
2019-03-13 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-245127 Water quality Analyser - Portable type equipment 215000 M/s Crescent Lab Equipments, BMRA-136A, Theckineth, BK Menon Road, Edappilly.P.O.,,,,
2019-03-13 NHP-2018-2019-CGSW-417585-CW-SH-QU Renovation of state Data Centre 1497000 M/S Soni Electricals, Raipur,,,,
2019-03-01 2019-03-13 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-530734-GO-SH-DE Procurement of Heavy Duty generator Set for Centenary complex building 1067327 KSB Electrical Services Pune,,,,
2019-03-11 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-983453 District Data Center -sawai madhopur 99697 M/S Hariendra singh Naruka,Shrimal enterprises,,,
2019-03-09 2019-03-09 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-876975 District Data Center-Dholpur 99734.91 M/S Mahesh Singh Parmar,M/S Manvendra Singh Parmar,,,
2019-03-08 2019-03-08 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-936016 Regional Data center-Hanumangarh 275821 SHIV HOME DECOR,SRIRAM ENTERPRISES,COMPUTER HUT,JAGIND FURNITURE,RAJASTHAN ELECTRICALS
2019-03-08 2019-03-08 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-834818 District Data Center-Karauli 92670 Siyaram Gurjar,,,,
2019-03-08 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-125982 Arc GIS Desktop, 3D Analyst extn. Network Analyst extn, Spatial Analyst extn etc. 1528257 ESRI India Technology Ltd.,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-03-08 NHP-2018-2019-TSSW-952433 Current Meter with accessories 157412 M/s Steel Fabricators, #859,Azad Nagar Masjid,Roorkee,Uttarkand,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-03-08 NHP-2018-2019-TSSW-983793 Bridge outfits 200010 M/s Steel Fabricators, #859,Azad Nagar Masjid,Roorkee,Uttarkand,,,,
2019-03-07 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-782929 Regional Data center- Jodhpur 479954 M/s Mohan ram choudhary & Co.,Supreme art & craft,Good luck enterprises,Good luck enterprises,M/s Kaccawaha brothers
2019-03-06 2019-03-06 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-787628 District Data Center-Jalore 107838 RAJESH KUMAR SHARMA,,,,
2019-03-06 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-571742 District Data Center-Chittorgarh 91060 ARIHANT ENTERPRISES,VIKASH ENTERPRISES,SHOBHA LAL JAT,,
2019-03-06 2019-03-06 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-426075 Procurement of DG set 1971544 MIJOTEC, Zarkawt ,Aizawl :Mizoram,,,,
2019-03-05 2019-03-05 NHP-2018-2019-MHGW-434875-GO-SH-QU IT Equipement for data centre 2389900.00 LATEST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY,,,,
2019-03-05 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-200489 District Data center-Banswara 99502 M/s Ashapura Construction ,,,,
2019-03-01 2019-03-05 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-229316 Remaining work (for establishment of SPMU) and vehicle parking work 613680 M/S BALKISHAN CHAUDHARY,,,,
2019-03-05 2019-03-05 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-2700992-GO-SH-QU LCD screen for conference /meeting room and training equipment/LCD projector and screen 1060661.57 GLOBUS INFOCOM LIMITED,GLOBUS INFOCOM LIMITED,GLOBUS INFOCOM LIMITED,GLOBUS INFOCOM LIMITED,
2019-03-05 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-143223 Civil and Furnishing work for Establishment of Flood Management Cell. 3848568 Satyam Construction co.,,,,
2019-02-20 2019-03-05 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-450483 Procurement of Furniture for Establishment of Flood Management Cell 3848567.76 Satyam Construction Company,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-03-05 IN-RAJASTHAN -40425-GO-RFB RTDAS for state of Rajasthan 165957300 Mechatronics system pvt. Ltd. , Pune,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-03-02 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-134605-GO-SH-QU Lab equipments for munirabad WQ, subdisional WQ labs 507075 M/S.PSM Scientific Systems,Hubballi,Karnataka,,,,
2019-03-01 NHP-2018-2019-JH-928273-GO-SH-SCB Purchase of DGPS and GPS Handheld 1947000 PAN India Consultants Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-03-01 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-558636 Water Quality Multi Parameter measuring equipment for PDS 237591 ASIM NAVIGATION INDIA PVT LTD, NEW DELHI,,,,
2019-03-01 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-509917 District Data Center-sikar 81500 M/s VIDHYADHAR DARIYA,,,,
2019-02-26 2019-02-28 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-197101-GO-SH-QU Desktop 67764.3 M/s Shree Sai Computers, New Delhi,,,,
2019-02-26 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-259944 District data center- Alwar 97660 M/s rajesh kumar co. ,,,,
2019-02-26 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-390411 District Data Center-Dausa 92928 SHUBHAM CONSTRUCTION,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-02-26 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-223741-GO-SH-DE Testing Equipment for Water Level Sensors-TCCF (SW) 981697 M/s Mechatronics systems Pvt.Ltd.,Pune, India .,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-02-25 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-849490 Furnishing regional data centre 87500 M/s C.J.Palu & sons, Steel & wooden furniture, Thrissur, ,,,,
2019-02-22 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-602177 District Data center- Baran 95627 NAMDEV ELECTRONICS & FURNITURES,NARENDRA KUMAR SHARMA,,,
2019-02-21 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-181873 District data center-Ajmer 94956 BANSILAL JATOLIYA ,,,,
2019-02-21 NHP-2018-2019-MHSW-340203-GO-SH-DE Institutional Modernization Support, Incl. IT system & Software - Purchasing desktop & Laptops 2650000 R D Data System, Nashik,,,,
2019-02-13 2019-02-21 NHP-2019-2020-NIH-128064 Glass Chromatography Columns 181545 Genechrom Biotech, Lucknow (U.P.),,,,
2019-02-19 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-548301 District Data Center-sirohi 99870 SONAXI VISHNOI CONSTRUCTION & TRADING CO.,,,,
2019-01-01 2019-02-16 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-551818 Procurement of Automatic Level 151040 Elcome Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra,,,,
2019-02-14 2019-02-14 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-977832-GO-SH-QU Procurement of computers 217490 JINTECH COMPUTER CARE,,,,
2019-02-14 2019-02-14 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-573302-GO-NCB-DE SCADA and gate sensors for other dams 31908516.00 M/S Indexel engineering pvt. ltd. Kota, Rajasthan,,,,
2019-02-14 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-752350 District Data center-Bharatpur 99058 M/S LAXMAN SINGH CONSTRACTION COMPANY,,,,
2019-02-13 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-310532 District Data Center- Bundi 98569 M/S SATYANARAYAN NAMA ,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-02-13 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-993138-GO-NCB-DE Procurement of Underwater Electrical Resistivity Imaging System and GPS 5487487 AIMIL Ltd. New Delhi, India.,,,,
2019-01-31 2019-02-08 NHP-2018-2019-DVC-578685 Sedimentation survey of 4 nos Reservoirs of DVC which are Maithon, Panchet, Tilaiya & Konar. 5900000 Precision Survey Consultancy, Vichitra SP-45, NH-6, Howrah-711403, WB,,,,
2019-02-06 2019-02-06 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-153623 Procurement of Video Conferencing equipment (chairs & tables) 167090 ABIGAIL THE HOME STORE, Electric Veng, Aizaw], Mizoram,,,,
2019-02-06 2019-02-06 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-655826 Procurement of Video Conferencing equipment (Display Units) 175800 BETHEL ELECTRONICS Millennium Centre, Aizaw], Mizoram,,,,
2019-02-04 2019-02-04 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-667318 Establishing Bench Marks in RTDAS sites 70059 Krishna H, S/o Kunjiraman Thalassery,,,,
2019-02-04 NHP-2018-2019-APGW-307654 Design of District Data Centers 400000 M/s.Murty & manyam, Architects, Engineers & Planners, Hyderabad,,,,
2019-01-31 IN-DVC-19989-CW-RFB-2 Construction of Hydro-logical Data Center of DVC 20100000 Kamal Kumar Jain,,,,
2019-01-30 IN-KERALA SW-29244-GO-RFQ NHP- Procurement of Water Quality Lab Equipment for level I Labs 2016-17 and 2017-18. Procurement of 21240 M/s Crescent Lab Equipments, Aluva.P.O., Ernakulam,,,,
2019-01-30 2019-01-30 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-233047 Arc GIS softwares & related Extensions, 500000 ESRI India Technologies Ltd., Chennai,,,,
2018-05-17 2019-01-30 NHP-2018-2019-SOI-589512-GO-DC-DC Geographic Information System software for PDO 39612305 M/s ESRI India Technologies ltd.,,,,
2019-01-28 2019-01-28 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-518596-GO-SH-QU Flame Photometer 65205 Mars Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd., Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
2019-01-28 2019-01-28 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-859568-GO-SH-QU Procurement of printer with scanner 27489 IT SYSTEMS,KOUSHAL ENTERPRISES,,,
2019-01-25 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-180325 Mapping of GW quality in the industrial belt of Ernakulam district 900000 It is a PDS Study under progress ,,,,
2018-10-25 2019-01-25 NHP-2018-2019-TSSW-914321 Purchase of GIS Software 2500000 M/s SISL Infotech Private Limited,#81/2,2nd Floor,Aurobindo Tower, Aurobindo MArg, New Delhi-110017,,,,
2019-01-22 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-679062 IT equipments-Photocopier 398400 K M TECHNOLOGIES VADAVATHOOR P O, KOTTAYAM, Kerala-686010,,,,,
2019-01-22 2019-01-22 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-872563-GO-SH-QU Procurement of external hard disks 2TB 18500 ASTRO COMPUTERS,,,,
2019-01-21 2019-01-21 NHP-2018-2019-GJGW-329482 Upgradation of Arc-GIS Software - 2 Nos 1064360 Esri India Technologies Ltd.,,,,
2019-01-21 2019-01-21 NHP-2018-2019-CPCB-147435 Procurement of Printer 101600 M/S GCN Infotech Private Ltd.,,,,
2019-01-07 2019-01-18 NHP-2018-2019-DVC-889370-NC-SH-DE River cross section survey of Lower Damodar 647500 Precision Survey Consultancy, Vichitra SP-45, NH-6, Howrah-711403, WB,,,,
2019-01-15 2019-01-18 NHP-2018-2019-DVC-308378-NC-SH-DE Establishment of Bench mark and Gauge staff near the Radar sites 637100 Precision Survey Consultancy, Vichitra SP-45, NH-6, Howrah-711403, WB,,,,
2019-01-18 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-190181 Consultancy charges for PDS study on Impact of Urbanization on Gw Quality & Quantity & its Managemen 2000000 NGRI, Hyderabad ,,,,
2019-01-18 NHP-2018-2019-TR-115304-GO-SH-DE Procurement of Total station and handheld GPS 42000 A&S creation,,,,
2019-01-07 2019-01-16 NHP-2018-2019-CPCB-828332 Water Quality Kit 994000 M/s Jagrat Energy & Environmental Solution,,,,
2019-01-16 IN-KERALA SW-29081-GO-RFQ NHP- Procurement of Automatic Level under Hydrology Division Chengannur 75520 M/s, Elcom Technologies, Hariyana,,,,
2019-01-15 NHP-2018-2019-TR-284354-GO-SH-QU Procurement of IT equipments 392180 Arora IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.,Automation House,Automation House,HP Next World,
2019-01-07 2019-01-14 NHP-2018-2019-DVC-247732-CS-CQS-NAT Hiring of GIS/RS Expert 588000 Prasanta Santra, Rajarhat, North 24 Parganas, WB-700135 (Individual Consultant),,,,
2019-01-11 2019-01-11 NHP-2018-2019-HP-265893-CW-NCB-SE Construction of 12 Deep/shallow wells(Observation wells) with Rotary Method 6458000 M/S Super Drillers, 101, Jawahar Tower, AC-4, Gayatri Marg, S.J.S. Highway, Bani Park, Jaipur-302106,,,,
2018-12-17 2019-01-11 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-199461 Upgradation of Training Centre, Thrissur 5245489.20 M/s FINS Engineers & Contractors Private Ltd., Thrissur, Kerala,,,,
2019-01-11 2019-01-11 NHP-2018-2019-APGW-815876 Procurement of IT Hardware and Software 1679940 Signy Technologies Private limited,,,,
2019-01-11 2019-01-11 NHP-2018-2019-APGW-125617 Procurement of IT Hardware and Software 3499650 Signy Technologies Private limited,,,,
2019-01-10 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-805987 IT equipments-UPS 72500 HLBS TECH PRIVATE LIMITED M P NAGAR, BHOPAL, MADHYA PRADESH-462016,,,,,
2019-01-09 2019-01-09 NHP-2018-2019-APGW-897137 Procurement of IT Hardware and Software 5198260 Signy Technologies private limited, Vijayawada,,,,
2019-01-08 2019-01-08 NHP-2018-2019-PB-442654-GO-DC-DC System Upgrade and VC Equipmen- 25 no Desktop 1130000 Latest Devices Private Ltd.,,,,
2019-01-08 2019-01-08 NHP-2018-2019-PB-191178-GO-DC-DC System Upgrade and VC Equipment- 25 No Printers 208500 VIJEX OFFICE PRODUCT,,,,
2019-01-05 IN-SOI-51103-NC-RFB 0.5m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data acquisition and processing 488800000 Lot# 1,3,5 - M/s Geokno India Pvt. Ltd., hyderabad with JV M/s Cyient Ltd. Hyderabad. Lot# 2,4,6 - M/s IIC Technologies Limited, Hyderabad.,,,,
2018-12-26 2019-01-05 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-151156-GO-SH-QU Lab equipments for KERS WQ ,divisional WQ labs 116749.00 M/s. Systronics (India) Ltd.,Bangalore.,,,,
2019-01-04 2019-01-04 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-369091 Procurement and upgradation of ArcGIS Software 7479270.00 M/s, Electrical Measuring Instruments,,,,
2018-12-14 2019-01-03 NHP-2018-2019-AS-819736 CONSTRUCTION OF STATE DATA CENTRE 66390642.21 T & T PROJECTS LTD,,,,
2018-12-14 2019-01-03 NHP-2018-2019-APSW-661926-GO-NCB-SE RTDAS Procurement 76881150 M/S Seba Azista JV,,,,
2018-12-21 2019-01-02 NHP-2018-2019-ML-390072-GO-SH-SCB DGPS and Handheld GPS 1900000.00 LAWRENCE AND MAYO (INDIA) PVT LTD.,,,,
1900-01-01 2019-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-341034 Handheld GPS 242925 Future Media,16-2-674/A/1,, Opp. Andhra Bank, Judges Colony,, New Malakpet,, Hyderabad-500036,,,,,
2018-12-12 2018-12-31 NHP-2018-2019-APSW-785008 Water Quality Lab Equipment Procurement 11944196 M/s SWAN Environmental Pvt Ltd,,,,
2018-12-29 2018-12-29 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-130432-GO-SH-QU IT equipment for data centre-Copier / photocopier: through GEM portal 1103400.00 M/s .Peritech Systems Corporations,Bangalore,,,,
2018-12-14 2018-12-28 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-137049-NC-SH-QU Digitization of historical data, documents and reports etc. 1856525.00 UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS,UPTC 0249,2nd Floor,Upohar Town Centre,2052, Chakgaria, Kol-94.,,,,
2018-12-27 NHP-2018-2019-SOI-545689 Procurement of 50 Mahindra Bolero Camper utility vehicles 33500000 M/s Mahindra & Mahindra,,,,
2018-11-02 2018-12-26 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-833494 Public Alert: Block Level GW Availability 483045.00 RED APPLE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED,,,,
2018-12-21 2018-12-21 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-5372512 Installation of network, cabling etc & communication services( Broadband, Leaseline, MPLS etc)
2018-12-21 IN-SOI-61767-GO-DIR Procurement of Stereo Satellite imagery for creation of 3-5m DEM of gap areas 100000000 National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad,,,,
2018-12-20 2018-12-20 NHP-2018-2019-ML-127591-GO-SH-LM Procurement of PCs and printers for Data Centre 204000.00 INDIAN EXPORT & IMPORT CO.,,,,
2018-12-19 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-857774 Upgrading KERS Training Center : Improvements to hostel building (Block-I),KERS,KR Sagar 5799549 K.Jagadish,Mandya,,,,
2018-12-18 2018-12-18 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-475013-GO-SH-QU IT equipment for data centre-UPS system: through GEM portal 1459458.00 M/s .Adithi infotech,Bangalore,,,,
2018-12-10 2018-12-18 NHP-2018-2019-APGW-583728 Upgrading existing Website and Maintenance 2495300 M/s. APCFSS, Vijayawada,,,,
2018-12-15 2018-12-17 IN-PUNJAB -75610-CW-RFQ Maintenace / Restoration of already installed GWOW - Development of 700 no GWOW 5687407.92 RUPINDER SINGH, CONTRACTOR #531, Urban Estate, Phase-II, Patiala-PKG-3,SUKHDEV SINGH, CONTRACTOR [India] Village Sirthla, Khanna, Distt. Ludhiana-PKG-2, ONKAR SHARMA, CONTRACTOR [India] V&PO Badrukhan, Tehsil & Distt. Sangrur-PKG-1,,
2018-12-17 2018-12-17 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-263510 Procurement of Multifunction machine -6 no (Printer/Scanner/Fax) 698560 FotoFlux System Private Limited, Ahmedabad,,,,
2018-12-14 2018-12-14 NHP-2018-2019-APSW-807113 Procurement of ARCGIS 3569350 ESRI india Technologies Ltd.,ESRI india Technologies Ltd.,,,
2018-12-13 IN-SOI-23021-GO-RFB Procurement of low level workstations for updation of 1:25k geodatabase 18100000 M/s HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Karnataka,,,,
2018-12-12 NHP-2018-2019-UK-966605 Miscellaneous IT equipments 400000 M/s Mouze Computer, 10, Civil Lines, Roorkee,,,,
2018-12-07 2018-12-07 NHP-2018-2019-CPCB-130439 Procurement of Photocopier 89940 Uneecops Technologies,,,,
2018-12-03 2018-12-06 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-809404-CW-SH-QU Acoustics works,improvements works,civil & electrification etc.,, to class rooms at ESTC,KERS& other 3738587.07 Sri C.Puttaswamy ,Mysuru,,,,
1900-01-01 2018-12-03 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-364043-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of PMU Office (civil and electrical work) 246776 Sujit P Mate,,,,
2018-12-03 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-788074-GO-SH-DE Personal Computers (i-5) 514184 HLBS Tech, Pvt.Ltd. MP-462016, India.,,,,
1900-01-01 2018-12-03 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-802145-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of CMC division building 144169 Sujit P Mate,,,,
2018-12-03 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-615656-GO-SH-DE Personal Computers (i-7) 517266 HLBS Tech, Pvt.Ltd. MP-462016, India.,,,,
1900-01-01 2018-12-03 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-646589-CW-NCB-SE Desilting and minor repairs of Water recirculation systems 805226 C K Rathod,,,,
2018-11-28 2018-12-03 NHP-2018-2019-ML-493065-CS-LCS-NAT Hiring of GIS & RS Expert 50000.00 AELIZA AURELIA DONDOR RITSHONG,,,,
2018-12-01 2018-12-01 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-551441 IT Equipment for Data Centres - Printer 432388 Signy Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad ,,,,
2018-11-26 2018-11-30 NHP-2018-2019-ML-609629-CS-LCS-NAT Hiring of MIS & Database Management Expert 27000.00 KYRSOIBORLANG S KURBAH,,,,
2018-11-27 2018-11-30 NHP-2018-2019-ML-411358-CS-LCS-NAT Hiring of Ground Water Expert 150000.00 GOPAL CHANDRA SAHA,,,,
2018-11-15 2018-11-30 NHP-2018-2019-APGW-766601 Upgrading ArcGIS 1598687 M/s. ESRI India Technologies Ltd,,,,
2018-11-29 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-678575-GO-DC-DC Software upgradation: package 1 2054970 SISL Infotech Pvt Ltd., New Delhi,,,,
2018-10-17 2018-11-28 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-944031-CW-SH-QU Upgrading state data centre : package 1 2684313.10 Sri.B.C.Dinesh,,,,
2018-10-17 2018-11-27 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-210259 Upgradation of ArcGIS Software 532180.00 ESARI INDIA TECHNOLOGIES LTD., Parwanoo-173220, Himachal Pradesh.,,,,
2018-11-26 NHP-2018-2019-KLGW-420492 IT equipments-printer/plotter 140750 UNICOM INFOTEL PRIVATE LIMITED, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA - 400072,,,,
2018-12-05 2018-11-22 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-864594-GO-NCB-DE Normal Scintillation Counter 2651062 Noki Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad,,,,
2018-11-21 2018-11-21 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-733321-GO-SH-DE Electronic water level Sounder-TCCF (GW) 198216 Savant Instruments, Hydrabad,India.,,,,
2018-11-14 NHP-2018-2019-MOWR-228289 Development of Generic State-WRIS 9086000 Vassar Labs,,,,
2018-11-13 2018-11-13 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-261629-GO-SH-QU Basic field equipment for field officers 5773881.60 M/s FUTURE MEDIA HYDERABAD,,,,
2018-11-12 2018-11-12 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-707531 Hiring of IT Expert for Web application / Developing Website/ System & IT Survelance etc. 1260000 Mr. Ramji T. Singh,,,,
2018-11-02 2018-11-02 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-855409 Software for PDS_Arsenic (As) Distribution in Groundwater & As Contamination in Food-Chain 159300.00 LaGa Systems Pvt. Ltd.,,,,
2018-11-02 2018-11-02 NHP-2018-2019-NL-551923 purchase of desktop computer 188000.00 Eastern Computer Agencies, kohima, Nagaland.,Smart- Techies Service, kohima, Nagaland.,Computer Hub , kohima, Nagaland.,,
2018-10-24 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-110495 Procurement of archived High Resolution ALTM DEM for flood forecasting and inundation simulations fo 37600000 National Remote Sensing Centre,,,,
2018-10-24 NHP-2018-2019-SOI-902561-GO-NCB-DE Procurement of two Relative gravimeters for geoid modeling 21400000 M/s Sowar Private Limited New Delhi,,,,
2018-10-24 IN-SOI-60751-GO-RFB Procurement of Absolute gravimeter (01 no.) for geoid modeling 40200000 M/s Sowar Private Limited New Delhi,,,,
2018-10-23 IN-GUJARAT SW-22075-GO-RFQ Furnishing Water Quality labs with equipments & peripherals. Procurement of Airconditioner 85420 Apex Electronics,,,,
2018-10-23 2018-10-23 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-873395-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Standard Rain Gauges 355500.00 Raj Instruments,Ahmedabad,,,,
2018-10-08 2018-10-23 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-825129-GO-NCB-DE TOC Analyzer 3996825 Shiva Global Teknosys, Ghaziabad, UP,,,,
2018-10-08 2018-10-17 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-875446-CW-SH-QU Development of mobile app 2035500.00 MARG SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LUCKNOW,,,,
2018-10-17 IN-GUJARAT SW-23219-GO-RFB Procurement of office furniture for Water Quality lab 770437 Kishor J Ray,,,,
2018-10-15 2018-10-15 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-929140-GO-SH-QU Furnishing State/basin informatic centre :Pakage I 48300.00 Sunrise Enterprises ,Kerala,,,,
2018-10-15 NHP-2018-2019-MN-305393 CONSTRUCTION OF DATA CENTER 53819928 Ksh Chandrahas Singh,,,,
2018-10-12 2018-10-12 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-340435 Laptop for PDS_Arsenic (As) Distribution in Groundwater & As Contamination in Food-Chain 63347.00 M/S WEBEL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED,,,,
2018-10-03 2018-10-08 NHP-2018-2019-GJSW-763326 Procurement of RiverWare Licence - 3 Nos. 220271.45 University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado - 80309-0421,,,,
2018-10-06 2018-10-06 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-909517 Establishment cost of SPMU ( Furnishing/ Furniture) 2309974 Kendriya Bhandar, Jaipur,Shaurya Enterprises,Jyoti Raj Enterprises,,
2018-10-06 2018-10-06 NHP-2018-2019-SK-333559-GO-SH-QU Furnishing of divisional and sub divisional offices 895500.00 M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services ,M/s Sikkim Electronics Sales and Services
2018-10-05 2018-10-05 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-483550 Establishment of SPMU ( Renovation/ civil work) 5454846 M/s Shri Sanmati Constructions,,,,
2018-09-18 2018-10-05 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-437156-GO-NCB-DE Microwave digester 1543500 Anton Paar India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon,,,,
2018-09-03 2018-10-05 IN-KERALA SW-20846-GO-RFQ Procurement of Bridge outfit 477000 M/s The Western Precision Instruments Emporium, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India,,,,
2018-09-29 2018-10-03 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-664502 Purchase of IT equipment (scanner, UPS system , work station and Internet facility) 409400.00 Sunflower Electronics Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
2018-09-18 2018-09-28 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-981379-GO-SH-QU Procurement of UPS systemr through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at field div 157000.00 S.A. ENTERPRISES LUCKNOW,,,,
2019-09-28 2018-09-28 NHP-2018-2019-DVC-370770 Procurement of Printer for the data centre. 29028 M.S. Infotech, New Market Complex, Area-4, PO-Maithon Dam, Dhanbad Jharkhand, PIN-828207,,,,
2018-09-27 2018-09-27 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-819537-GO-SH-LM Purchase of Computers 677000.00 Sunflower Electronics Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
2018-09-27 2018-09-27 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-822378-GO-SH-LM Purchase of Copier/photocopier 1334500.00 M/S Multi Plaza, Mission Veng, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
2018-09-27 2018-09-27 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-884831-GO-SH-LM Purchase of AC 543820.00 Bethel Electronics, Millennium Centre, Aizawl Mizoram,,,,
2018-09-27 2018-09-27 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-936163-GO-SH-LM Purchase of printers 207000.00 Sunflower Electronics Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
2018-09-27 2018-09-27 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-312776-GO-SH-LM Purchase of Water Cooler 143400.00 LM Store, Tuikual South, Aizawl, Mizoram,,,,
2018-09-18 2018-09-26 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-541114-GO-NCB-DE Element Analyser 4756500 Elementar India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon,,,,
2018-09-24 2018-09-26 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-931387-GO-NCB-DE CHNS Analyser with Biomass Converter 3769500 Elementar India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon,,,,
2018-09-16 2018-09-26 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-594966-GO-SH-QU Procurement of workstations through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at field di 3096700.00 THE ELECTRONIC WORLD, LUCKNOW,,,,
2018-09-25 NHP-2018-2019-MN-500441 Surveying Equipment 604560 Geosystems Allterra Technologies LLP,,,,
2018-09-24 NHP-2018-2019-GA-471272-CS-DI-DI Fact finding and planning study coastal issues 2118599 M/S Space Age Furnishing Bhuvaneshwar 751003,,,,
2018-09-24 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-807626-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of family suites at CWPRS Guest House 2118599 M/S Space Age Furnishing Bhuvaneshwar 751003,,,,
2018-09-22 2018-09-22 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-983848 IT Equipment for Data Centres - UPS System 2449000 Cache Peripherals Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad ,,,,
2018-09-20 2018-09-20 NHP-2018-2019-ML-265245-GO-SH-QU ArcGIS 1975890.00 M/S, ESRI INDIA TECHNOLOGIES LTD,,,,,
2018-09-06 2018-09-20 NHP-2018-2019-APSW-678788 Procurement of Total Stations 1956912 M/s Sankon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,,,,,
2018-09-18 IN-MIZORAM -61334-GO-RFQ Purchase of Office Furniture by Shopping Method using E5 document 2559641 M.D. Enterprise,,,,
2018-09-14 2018-09-14 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-345314-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Current meters 177177.00 M/s B.S.V Enterprises,Hassan,,,,
2018-09-14 2018-09-14 NHP-2018-2019-PB-237118-GO-DC-DC Procurement of Office Furniture, Fans etc- 25 No Fans 46250 ASIA ELECTRICAL,,,,
2018-09-12 2018-09-12 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-553646 Software for Data Center - GIS software 2455864 ESRI India Technologies,,,,
2018-09-12 2018-09-12 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-536851-GO-SH-QU SURFERv14 Software 81302 Data Code, Nagpur, India.,,,,
2018-09-12 2018-09-12 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-400680-GO-SH-QU Terrset (Idrisi)-Image Processing Software 117292 Data code, Nagpur, India,,,,
2018-08-31 2018-08-31 NHP-2018-2019-TSGW-167277 Procurement of SOI Toposheets 93648 ESRI India Technologies,Survey of India, Hyderabad ,,,
2018-08-31 2018-08-31 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-416392 Scanner for data center (2018-19) 99800 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
2018-08-31 2018-08-31 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-854780-GO-SH-QU Computer for data center( 2018-19) 2938380 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
2018-08-31 2018-08-31 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-796471 Laptops for data center(2018-19) 737100 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
2018-08-31 2018-08-31 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-551788 Plotter/ printers for data center (2018-19) 417370 Kendriya Bhandar, jaipur,,,,
2018-08-28 2018-08-28 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-302457-GO-SH-QU Manual SRG (2018-19) 188400 Rehmann Nautical Replica,,,,
2018-08-23 2018-08-23 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-460974-GO-SH-QU Steel tape for water level measuring in the bore hole-TCCF (GW) 35400 Allahs Enterprices, New Sangavi, Pune-27, India.,,,,
2018-07-31 2018-08-23 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-204908-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of 100 cusecs return channel at Ch.0.0 m near Kirkatwadi nala 638685 Prateek Purushottam Mate,,,,
2018-08-16 NHP-2018-2019-RJ-833176 District Data Center-pali 84814 M/s Mateswari construction ,,,,
2018-08-14 IN-WEST BENGAL SW-38548-GO-RFB Procurement of survey instruments - RTK-DGPS 3563600 Topcon Sokkia India Pvt Ltd,,,,
2018-06-23 2018-08-08 NHP-2018-2019-APGW-384006 Design of State data center for SW and GW in Vijayawada 2422494 M/s. Murthy and Manyam, Hyderabad,,,,
2018-08-08 2018-08-08 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-877397-GO-DC-DC Procurement of ARC-GIS Software 11399247.00 M/s SISL Infotech Pvt Ltd,,,,
2018-08-03 IN-WEST BENGAL SW-38558-CW-RFB Construction of control room for SCADA of Durgapur Barrage 5984386.61 M/s Susanta Chakraborty,,,,
2018-08-02 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-562996-GO-SH-DE Split Ac (2 Ton) 559200 Apex Technics, India .,,,,
2018-08-01 IN-GUJARAT GW-24517-GO-RFQ Purchase of Procurement of B/W Printers - 10 nos. And Colour Printer A3 Size - 1 no. (Through GEM) 126899 Purchase of Procurement of B/W Printers - 10 nos. - Modern Computers,Bhopal,,,,
2018-07-30 2018-07-30 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-514362-GO-SH-QU 0.2 HP/ 0.25 HP Pumps 6888 Tri Star, Hydrotech Engineering, Pune-30, India.,,,,
2018-07-25 2018-07-30 NHP-2018-2019-BRSW-860405 Planning, Designing and Architectural Layout of Water Knowledge Centre, Bihar at Patna 2236100 Interface Architect Pvt. Ltd, 102/A, Om Usha villa, A.N. Path Boring Road Patna,,,,
2018-07-28 2018-07-28 NHP-2018-2019-HP-913226 Renovation and allied works for SDC Mandi 998506 Sh.Mohinder Sharma,,,,
2018-07-25 IN-WEST BENGAL SW-38559-CW-RFB Construction of State Data Center at Kolkata 20866687 M/S Rainbow Construction,,,,
2018-07-25 NHP-2019-2020-SOI-962156 Procurement of Mono Satellite imagery for updation of 1:25k geodatabase 70000000 National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad,,,,
2018-07-14 2018-07-24 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-850626-GO-SH-QU Procurement of storage and backup devices through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructu 199540.00 THE ELECTRONIC WORLD, LUCKNOW,,,,
2018-07-13 2018-07-23 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-140208-GO-SH-QU procurement of Plotter/Printer through GeM (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at field 1149800.00 RAJAT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES LUCKNOW,,,,
2018-06-11 2018-07-20 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-803704 Procurement of IT Equipment 5146417.00 AIRCON COMMUNICATION,TRISITA MARKETING PVT. LTD.,,,
2018-07-10 2018-07-19 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-800607-GO-SH-QU procurement of Networking / Internet facilities (Development/ strensthening of IT infrastructure at 139800.00 COLORCAL SYSTEMS, LUCKNOW,,,,
2018-06-29 2018-07-19 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-119698-GO-NCB-DE Automatic WL Recorder & Conductivity Logger 489090 Encardio-rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow (UP),,,,
2018-07-19 IN-HIMACHAL PRADESH-54274-CW-RFB Deep piezometers (civil work) with DWLR with ODEX Method (44 nos.) 9132200 M/s Super Drillers, Rajasthan,,,,
2018-06-30 2018-07-10 NHP-2018-2019-UPGW-568007-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Copier / photocopier through GeM (Development/ strenthening of IT infrastructure at f 1649970.00 THE ELECTRONIC WORLD, LUCKNOW,,,,
2018-05-07 2018-07-09 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-537847 Equipments for PDS_Arsenic (As) Distribution in Groundwater & As Contamination in Food-Chain 1677308.00 G B CHEMICALS,AMALGAMATED BIOTECH,AMALGAMATED BIOTECH,DAS SCIENTIFIC HOUSE,
2018-06-25 2018-06-28 NHP-2018-2019-DVC-266749-NC-SH-DE Pre monsoon River cross section survey work at different hydrological sites of DVC on river damodar 211050 San Survey Engineering 465, Jiban Pal Bagan, Karbala (West) Near Ramkrishna School Hooghly, WB-712103,,,,
2018-06-13 2018-06-27 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-741431-GO-NCB-DE Multi-Parameter Ion Analyser 472345 A & S Creations, New Delhi,,,,
2018-06-20 2018-06-20 NHP-2018-2019-DVC-381001-GO-DC-DC Procurement of GIS software under NHP 1975890 ESRI India Technologies Ltd.,,,,
2018-06-20 IN-SOI-61766-GO-DIR Procurement of Satellite imagery for updation of 1:25k geodatabase 100000000 National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad,,,,
2018-06-18 2018-06-18 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-604635-GO-SH-QU Procurement of AC 291000 COMCAT,,,,
2018-04-12 2018-06-13 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-132545 Current Meter with accessories- Cup Type 461980.00 M/s The Western Precision Instruments Emporium, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India,M/s Raj Instruments, Rakhial, Ahmedabad,M/s Himalayan Enterprises, Roorkee, Uttarakhand,,
2018-06-08 NHP-2018-2019-UK-533091 Procurement of Handheld GPS 100000 M/s Kohinoor Enterprises,H-663, Lalawali, Old Tehsil, roorkee,,,,
2018-05-21 2018-06-07 NHP-2018-2019-WBSW-351943-GO-SH-QU Procurement of Laptops 446984.00 PERICOM , 2/2B CHRISTOPHER ROAD, KOLKATA - 700 014,Earthline Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. Block DL 174, Sector-1 Saltlake City, Kolkata-700064.,Asha Trading Corporation, 56-C Nandan Kanan (S), P.O.- Rahara, Dist.- 24Pgs (N), W.B-700118,Sarannya Solutions , Kalitola, Ichapur, 24 Parganas (N), W.B-743144 ,
2018-06-04 2018-06-04 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-447564 Interior Works in GW Hydrology Training Centre (GWHTC) 777912.00 ECHO TELE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM,TOTAL INFOMAX,TOTAL INFOMAX,TOTAL INFOMAX,
2018-05-29 2018-05-30 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-538584-GO-SH-QU Camera 34500 M/s Kantika Digital Colour Lab, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
2018-05-29 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-832144-GO-SH-DE Refridgerator 35699 Rishab Enterprices, Delhi-110095,India.,,,,
2018-05-21 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-463848 Procurement of Echosounder 1200000 M/s Elcome Integrated Systems Pvt.Ltd, Arihant Building, Ahammedabad Street, Mumbai,,,,
2018-05-21 IN-WEST BENGAL SW-39196-GO-RFQ Procurement of ITC equipment 446984 PERICOM,,,,
2018-04-17 2018-05-18 NHP-2018-2019-AS-545673 RENOVATION & CONSTRUCTION OF DIVISIONAL DATA CENTER(UAID,JORHAT) 810656.85 SRI KONGKON JYOTI BORAH Dohabora Road, Jorhat,,,,
2018-05-17 2018-05-17 NHP-2018-2019-JH-846701-GO-SH-QU Printers with scanners 95000 Sai Enterprises Ranchi,,,,
2018-05-16 2018-05-16 NHP-2018-2019-HRSW-466265-GO-SH-QU Procurement of printer with scanner 14775 IT SYSTEMS,,,,
2018-04-27 2018-05-11 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-155250-CW-NCB-SE Construction of Bore well & fencing- GW 122490 C L Rathod,,,,
2018-05-07 2018-05-10 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-595296 Procurement of Current Meter, Resistivity Meter and Echo Sounder 212400.00 AIMIL LTD. INSTRUMENTATION & TECHNOLOGIES,,,,
2018-04-11 2018-05-03 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-511223-CW-NCB-SE Construction of AWS site and switch room 206907 C L Rathod,,,,
2018-05-03 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-717414-CW-DC-DC Civil Works for Telemetry 206907 M/s C.L.Rathod ,,,,
2018-04-25 IN-CHHATTISGARH GW-31280-GO-RFQ PROCUREMENT OF ONLINE UPS 15 K Y A 349900 M/s Unique Power System, Raipur,,,,
2018-04-25 2018-04-25 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-751851 Assessment of Water Quality status (Surface water) and evolving mitigation measures to improve the W 500000.00 Executive Director, Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM), Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode,,,,
2018-02-05 2018-04-24 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-888075-GO-SH-QU Plotter/Printer 60400 M/s Cyber Max Enterprises, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh),,,,
2018-04-24 IN-SOI-44988-CW-DIR Establishment of production facility for 1:25k gdb 12100000 CPWD, Dehradun,,,,
2018-04-24 IN-SOI-44996-CW-DIR Establishment of production facility for 1:25k gdb 13300000 CPWD, Dehradun,,,,
2018-04-24 IN-SOI-61871-CW-RFQ Establishment of production facility for 3-5m DEM 13200000 CPWD, Dehradun,,,,
2018-04-24 IN-SOI-62132-CW-RFB Setting up Production Centre for PDO 4600000 CPWD, Dehradun,,,,
2018-04-20 IN-UTTARAKHAND-53151-CW-RFB Civil Works for Construction of state water info. Centre and training center 120000000 M/s VKJ , Project, Pvt Ltd, 32/9, EC Road, Dehradun,,,,
2018-04-20 2018-04-20 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-934561-GO-SH-QU Portable pH & EC Meter 82408 M/s Chemi Health Diagnostics, Jammu,,,,
2018-04-19 IN-UTTARAKHAND-53341-GO-RFB Supply of water Quality testing equipment for water quality lab at Roorkee & Haldwani 9900000 M/s Mars Technologies & Services, 146/37, Ground Floor, Shiv Complex, Civil Lines, Roorkee.,,,,
2018-04-18 NHP-2018-2019-PY-197304 Civil Works for water Quality Lab Building -KKL 8000000 M/s.SMP associates ,Chennai-92,,,,
2018-04-12 2018-04-18 NHP-2018-2019-UK-209771 Equipments for water quality labs at Roorkee and Haldwani 9229960.00 M/s Mars Technologies & Services,,,,
2018-04-09 IN-WEST BENGAL SW-38546-GO-RFB Procurement of discharge measurement equipment - ADCP 4794104 ASB SYSTEMS PVT LIMITED,,,,
2018-04-08 IN-SIKKIM -18127-GO-DIR Purchase of Vehicle 1569400 M/S Sikkim Motors,,,,
2018-03-28 2018-03-28 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-677124 Purchase of Scanner (A4 size) 116000 M/S Computer Ware India Private Limited,,,,
2018-03-28 2018-03-28 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-707424 Purchase of UPS (7.5 KV) 296400 M/s Premier Enteprises,,,,
2018-03-28 2018-03-28 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-727479 Purchase of Printer (Color) 137970 M/s SS Enterprises,,,,
2018-03-27 2018-03-27 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-755564 Purchase of Photocopier Digital multifunctional Machine office Machine (Color) 292249 Konica Minota Business Solutions India Private Limited,,,,
2018-03-27 2018-03-27 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-271725 Purchase of Very High End workstation 1667000 M/s Computer Ware Private Limited,,,,
2018-03-27 2018-03-27 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-339996 Purchase of Low End Workstation 1403374 Netweb Technologies India pvt ltd,,,,
2018-03-27 2018-03-27 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-944587 Purchase of Photocopier Multifunctional (B&W) 93595 Comnet Vision India private Limited,,,,
2018-03-13 2018-03-27 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-650136 Analytical Balance Digital and Water Quality analyser for Level I Labs. 215000 M/s Cresent Lab Equipments, Edappally,,,,
2018-03-27 2018-03-27 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-797612 Furnishing of divisional Sub Divisional Data Centre with Non ITC equipment 149693 Mridulla Furniture World,,,,
2018-02-19 2018-03-26 IN-WEST BENGAL GW-31752-GO-RFQ Instrument for Chemical Lab 495000.00 AIMIL LTD. INSTRUMENTATION & TECHNOLOGIES,,,,
2018-03-26 IN-ASSAM -27692-GO-RFQ Procurement of Total Station and Levels 2289200 Topcon Sokkia India Pvt Ltd,,,,
2018-03-26 IN-CHHATTISGARH SW-29216-GO-DIR Procurement of LCD Projector 91300 R. K. Enterprises, Raipur,,,,
2018-03-21 2018-03-24 IN-NAGALAND -26244-GO-RFQ IT Equipment and Accesories 430000 Synergy Systems,Universal Systems,Computer and Communication Centerre,Infinity Infomatic Pvt Ltd,Linill Solution
2018-03-24 2018-03-24 IN-NAGALAND -42428-GO-RFQ Purchase of GPS 100000 Smart Techies Service,Eastern Computers Agencies,Kith Agencies & Kin Enterprise,,
2018-03-24 2018-03-24 IN-NAGALAND -54278-GO-RFQ IT Equipment and Accessories including UPS 75000 Smart Techies Service,Eastern Computers Agencies,Computer Hub,,
2018-03-23 IN-ASSAM -27985-GO-RFQ Procurement of GPS -Hand Held and Differential GPS 1552290 Lawrence & Mayo (I) Pvt Ltd,,,,
2018-03-23 IN-CHHATTISGARH SW-29152-GO-DIR Procurement of UPS ONLINE 15 KVA 699800 Unique Power System, Raipur,,,,
2018-03-16 2018-03-23 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-844940-CW-NCB-SE Construction of Experimental Flume 1102146 M/s Ajay Thite,,,,
2018-03-21 IN-CHHATTISGARH GW-31282-GO-RFQ PURCHASE OF VEHICLE 717549 Mahindra and Mahindra Limited,,,,
2018-03-21 IN-SIKKIM -35726-GO-DIR Request for quotations for 4 numbers of acoustic Doppler velocity meter ( Hand Held Current Meter) 961700 M/S Maharani Distributors,,,,
2018-03-21 IN-SIKKIM -37684-GO-RFQ Procurement of 5 nos. of Rain Gauge manual as per UID 107 49855 M/S Maharani Distributors,,,,
2018-03-21 IN-SIKKIM -42253-GO-RFQ Procurement of 4 numbers of Hand held GPS UID 120 by RFQ 119888 M/S Maharani Distributors,,,,
2018-03-20 IN-CHHATTISGARH SW-29206-GO-RFQ Procurement of Automatic floor scrubber machine 249900 Samart Orient Industries, Raipur,,,,
2018-03-20 IN-CHHATTISGARH SW-29146-GO-RFQ Procurement of Manual Standard Raingauge 247564 Samart Orient Industries, Raipur,,,,
2018-03-20 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-475123 Meteorological Equipments (SRG & FCS equipments in Manual Gauging stations for replacing the obsolet 73278 M/s Indiquote, Cochin& M/sLowrence & Mayo, Ernakulam,,,,
2018-03-19 2018-03-19 NHP-2018-2019-CWC-758674 Purchase of Plotter 952000 M/S Computer Ware Private Limited,,,,
2018-03-16 2018-03-19 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-371269-GO-NCB-DE Handheld GPS 191160 M/s Kaizen Technologies, Panchkula (Haryana),,,,
2018-03-12 2018-03-12 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-241231-GO-SH-QU Laptop 64890 M/s M2E Comcare, New Delhi,,,,
2018-03-12 NHP-2018-2019-AS-735672 RENOVATION & CONSTRUCTION OF DIVISIONAL DATA CENTER(LAID,BARPETA) 853300 Mr. Prabhat Pathak,,,,
2018-03-04 2018-03-08 NHP-2018-2019-MZ-976354-GO-SH-LM Procurement of sound system for Committee Room 445204.00 LH Lalzarliana, Hannah Sound, Serkawn, Lunglei Mizoram,,,,
2018-01-25 2018-03-05 IN-ASSAM -24094-CS-CQS Consultancy for construction of State Data Center-hiring of Architecture(Part Payment) 912000.00 CADMETRIC CONSULTING [India],,,,
2018-01-25 2018-03-05 NHP-2018-2019-AS-485181 Planning & Designing of State Data Centre, CONSTRUCTION OF STATE DATA CENTRE 912000 Cadmetric Consulting,,,,
2018-03-01 IN-MIZORAM -61345-GO-RFQ Purchase of Television by Shopping Method using E5 document 22900 Alpha Enterprise, Sony Exclusive Show room,,,,
2018-03-01 2018-03-01 IN-MIZORAM -61349-GO-RFQ Purchase of 1no Still Camera, Lens & Flash by Shopping Method using E5 document 65695 Photo House, Millenium Centre, Aizawl,,,,
2018-03-01 IN-MIZORAM -61350-GO-RFQ Purchase of 3nos Projector & 2nos Screen by Shopping Method using E5 document 150400 Sunflower Electronics,,,,
2018-02-28 2018-02-28 NHP-2018-2019-BRSW-917939 Establishment cost and furnishing of SPMU 294651.00 Bharat Commercial Agency, S.P. Verma Road, Patna,,,,
2018-01-30 2018-02-19 NHP-2018-2019-KLSW-129041 Procurement of staff gauge 172146 M/s The Western Precision Instruments Emporium, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India,M/s Prime Machine Tools Centre, Ranigunj, Secundrabad,,,
2018-02-19 IN-MIZORAM -61351-GO-RFQ Purchase of Intercom by shopping method using E5 document 507803 LH Thanga Enterprise,,,,
2018-02-06 2018-02-12 IN-MIZORAM -59384-CS-CQS Consultancy for design & architecture for Southern Divisional Centre 10100000 Mizoram Technocrats Company (P)Ltd.,,,,
2018-02-05 IN-ASSAM -26226-GO-RFQ Procurement of Laptops with software and Printer 336400 Jain Infosys Private Limited,,,,
2018-02-05 IN-CWPRS-31047-GO-RFQ Procurement of Multi Media LED Projector- 1 No. through Government e Market(GeM) 56950 Digital Media Products Pvt.Ltd. India.,,,,
2018-01-30 IN-KARNATAKA SW-42645-GO-RFQ Vehicle Mounted Cranes 1237460 Mahindra & Mahindra Limited,,,,
2018-01-30 IN-KARNATAKA SW-51640-GO-RFQ Procurement of All in one Printers for Divisional and Subdivisional offices. 198000 M/S Aditi Infotech,Bengaluru,,,,
2018-01-24 IN-UTTARAKHAND-53352-CS-CQS Consultancy for design, architecture, soil investigation, supervision, etc. for SWIC 1900000 Technical Consultancy Services, 14-C, Arawali Enclave, GMS Road, Dehradun,,,,
2017-12-18 2018-01-17 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-285970-CW-NCB-SE Upgradation of various Electrical Installations at CWPRS 1705951 Suvarna Electricals Pvt.Ltd.India.,,,,
2018-01-12 IN-MADHYA PRADESH-19089-GO-DIR Purchase of Vehicle(2Nos.) for State level SPMU 1746557 M/s RMJ Motors,M/s My Wheels,,,
2018-01-11 IN-CWPRS-31045-GO-RFQ Procurement of 22 nos. of 1 KVA/400VAH Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply through Governm 229902 PACE Business Machines Pvt.Ltd. Thane, India.,,,,
2018-10-11 2018-01-11 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-459736-GO-SH-DE Portable Two Channel Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter 483800 M/s Halcyon Technologies, Pune-20, India ,,,,
2018-01-06 NHP-2018-2019-CGSW-469936-CW-SH-QU Renovation of Sub Divisional Data Centre 2242000 Sabhajeet Singh, Jagdalpur,,,,
2018-01-06 IN-KARNATAKA SW-42648-GO-RFQ Procurement of UPS for divisional and subdivisional offices 1050000 M/S Aditi Infotech,Bengaluru,,,,
2017-12-29 2018-01-05 NHP-2018-2019-WBGW-494325 Web Hosting for NHP_WB(GW) 419859.00 GEOMATICX SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES(P) LTD.,,,,
2017-12-28 IN-GUJARAT GW-24242-GO-RFQ Procurement of Water level Indicator (GW Monitoring Equipment ) 252295 Swan Environmental Pvt Ltd ,Hyderabad,,,,
2017-12-15 IN-UTTARAKHAND-53107-CW-RFB Renovation of Water Quality Lab. at IRI Roorkee 2200000 M/s Atul Kumar,40/225, Civil Lines, Roorkee. ,,,,
2017-12-12 IN-WEST BENGAL SW-36326-GO-RFQ Procurement and installation of Photocopier and Printers for the State Project Management Unit of Na 495360 MSK SOLUTIONS,,,,
2017-12-12 IN-WEST BENGAL SW-36330-GO-RFQ Procurement and Installation of Desktop PC with peripherals for the State Project Management Unit of 369800 MCCANN INFO SOLUTION,,,,
2017-12-08 IN-TELENGANA SW-20131-GO-RFQ Furnishing of data centre such as furniture etc 189800 M/s Aran Global Marketing, Nampally Hyderabad,,,,
2017-11-29 IN-NRSC-56258-GO-DIR Satellite Data Cost 23600000 National Remote Sensing Centre,,,,
2017-11-29 IN-NRSC-56325-GO-RFQ High-end Computer Servers 6082180 National Remote Sensing Centre,,,,
2017-11-27 IN-GUJARAT GW-24283-GO-RFQ Purchase of Portable External Hard Disk - 6 nos. (Through GEM) 38940 JRD Services,Gandhinagar,,,,
2017-11-27 IN-KARNATAKA SW 1970-GO-RFQ IT infrastructure at KERS 992492 M/S Aditi Infotech,Bengaluru,,,,
2017-11-22 IN-TELENGANA SW-20163-GO-RFQ IT Equipment with Software 991404 M/s Parity System Pvt. Ltd. Secunderabad,,,,
2017-11-22 2017-11-22 IN-TELENGANA SW-20126-GO-RFQ Surveying Instruments 1935908 APT Survey Solutions Pvt Ltd,,,,
2017-11-21 IN-ANDHRA PRADESH GW-18144-GO-RFQ Procurement of Geo-Physical Survey Equipment 5852063 M/s. IGIS(P) Pvt.Ltd, Tarnaka, Hyderabad,,,,
2017-11-17 IN-KARNATAKA SW-26478-GO-RFQ Procurement of Current Meter Gauging equipment with accessories 784700 K.R Instruments,Bengaluru,,,,
2017-11-08 IN-KARNATAKA SW-41966-GO-RFQ Procurement of photocopiers for divisional and subdivisional data centes(A3.3.03.01) 856110 M/S Aditi Infotech,Bengaluru,,,,
2017-11-22 2017-10-30 IN-SIKKIM -18688-CS-CQS CONSULTANCY FOR DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE ETC 1998212.00 M/s Team Design Workshop,,,,
2017-10-25 IN-NIH ROORKEE-16148-GO-RFB Desktop Computers (20),Workstation (1),Digital Photocopier (1),Blade Server (2), Projector (1) 1173000 M/s Ascent E Digit Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Kalaimagal (Tamil Nadu),M/s One Cube Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi,,,
2017-10-23 IN-MEGHALAYA -20423-CS-CQS Consultancy for Design, Architecture, etc of the State Data Centre 1033680 Jwatbor Cajee & Associate,,,,
2017-10-10 IN-HIMACHAL PRADESH-20157-GO-RFQ procurement of water quality equipment & accessories for existing lab 323736 M/s Jyoti Trading Company, Solan,,,,
2017-10-09 IN-KARNATAKA SW 1978-GO-RFQ Procurement of vehicles 1186051 Maruti Suzuki Limited,,,,
2017-10-07 IN-MOWR RD-GR-31816-CS-QCBS Technical & Management Consultancy 1216700000 M/s EPTISA in Consortium with EY,,,,
2017-09-26 2017-09-26 IN-MIZORAM -61335-GO-DIR Procurement of Mini Bus 1500000 RLC Bussiness Agency, Kulikawn, AIzawl,,,,
2017-09-18 IN-MIZORAM -61339-GO-RFQ Purchase of I.T Equipment like 4 Desktop Computers, 3 nos Laptops, 15 nos Antivirus, 3 nos Laser pri 547148 United Computer (Computer Sales & Services),,,,
2017-09-08 IN-CHHATTISGARH SW-29219-GO-DIR Purchase of vehicle 694317 Mahindra and Mahindra Limited,,,,
2017-08-07 IN-KARNATAKA SW-26380-GO-RFQ Procurement of Computers(18 nos) through GEM Portal 1458000 Aditi Infotech,,,,
2017-08-07 IN-KARNATAKA SW-26472-GO-RFQ Purchase of Laptops & workstations 600000 M/S Aditi Infotech,Bengaluru,,,,
2017-08-05 IN-DVC-38272-NC-RFQ Operation and Maintenance of 9 nos of existing hydrological sites of DVC. 6486300 M/s Pramod Kumar Pandit,,,,
2017-07-27 IN-MEGHALAYA -20421-GO-DIR Purchase of Vehicles for State Data Centre 1547272 Stanley Roy Construction,,,,
2017-07-27 IN-MEGHALAYA -27690-GO-RFQ IT Equipment-Laptop 168588 Indian Export & Import Co.,The Computer Store,,,
2017-07-25 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-539558 Procurement of High Resolution ALTM DEM for flood forecasting and inundation simulations for Tapi Ri 8200000 National Remote Sensing Centre,,,,
2017-07-25 NHP-2018-2019-NRSC-599443 Procurement of addtional area High Resolution ALTM DEM for flood forecasting and inundation simulati 44700000 National Remote Sensing Centre,,,,
2017-07-19 IN-HIMACHAL PRADESH-20136-GO-RFQ Supply of computer along with software and accessories 266300 M/s Pee Kay Enterprises, Shimla,,,,
2017-07-09 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-450346-CW-NCB-SE Renovation of Hostel Building CWPRS Guest House 2779146 M/S T L Mate Khadakwasla Pune 24,,,,
2017-06-29 IN-SIKKIM -17740-GO-RFQ Procurement of Furniture 149519 M/S City Automobile,,,,
2017-06-28 IN-ANDHRA PRADESH GW-18149-GO-RFQ Procurement of DGPS 2971218 M/s. IGIS(P) Pvt.Ltd, Tarnaka, Hyderabad,,,,
2017-06-27 IN-ANDHRA PRADESH GW-18146-GO-RFQ Procurement of hand held GPS 2925000 M/s.Geo Sensors, Tarnaka,Hyderabad,,,,
2017-06-22 IN-SIKKIM -16384-GO-RFQ Procurement of IT equipment 466707 M/s Anitish Technologies,,,,
2017-06-21 NHP-2018-2019-NIH-310418-GO-NCB-DE Furniture and Furnishings 375150 M/s Furniture Gallery, Roorkee (Uttarakhand),,,,
2017-06-14 IN-DVC-38048-GO-RFQ Procurement of Server of RTDAS 861000 Bikash Infotech,,,,
2017-06-11 NHP-2018-2019-PY-482981 Civil Works for construction of additional floor in the existing Level II+Lab (PWRO) 5700000 Thiru.P.Prebagar,No.34.Vazhudavour Road,Kurumampet,Puducherry-605009.,,,,
2017-06-07 IN-KARNATAKA SW-57628-GO-RFQ Procurement of Current meters 841575 K.R Instruments,Bengaluru,,,,
2017-05-25 IN-KARNATAKA SW-26476-GO-RFQ Procurement of Bridge outfits-06 numbers for carrying out the current meter gauging 182700 M/S Raj instruments , Ahmedabad,,,,
2017-04-28 IN-ANDHRA PRADESH GW-18141-GO-RFQ Ground Water Monitoring Equipment 2367750 M/s.Geo Sensors, Tarnaka,Hyderabad,,,,
2017-04-08 IN-SIKKIM -35707-GO-RFQ RFQ for one Total Station(UID 108) 885000 M/S Maharani Distributors,,,,
2017-03-31 IN-MIZORAM -61352-GO-RFQ Purchase of Vehicle 2392857 Mana Motors ,,,,
2017-03-30 IN-MIZORAM -61332-GO-RFQ Purchase of 16 No. mini UPS 32000 Pachuau Computer Sales & Services ,,,,
2017-03-29 IN-CHHATTISGARH GW-28960-GO-DIR Procurement of Tablet computer 23900 M/s I Gallary Ashok Enterprises, Raipur,,,,
2017-03-29 IN-CHHATTISGARH GW-28952-GO-DIR Procurement of A4 printer 113500 M/s Shri Ram Computer, Raipur,,,,
2017-03-29 IN-CHHATTISGARH SW-28469-GO-DIR Procurement of 8 nos Desktop computer 569600 Shriram Computer, Raipur,,,,
2017-03-22 IN-CHHATTISGARH GW-28954-GO-DIR Procurement of Digital Copier Multifunctional. 219375 M/s R. K. Enterprises, Raipur,,,,
2017-03-22 IN-CHHATTISGARH GW-28951-GO-DIR Procurement of colour printer 37800 M/s Shri Ram Computer, Raipur,,,,
2017-03-21 IN-DVC-19985-GO-RFQ Procurement of IT hardware & Software 476600 Bikash Infotech,,,,
2017-03-21 IN-SIKKIM -36085-GO-DIR Procurement of Vehicle 777500 M/S Sikkim Motors,,,,
2017-03-21 2017-03-21 IN-NAGALAND -26982-GO-RFQ purchase of Vehicle 1600000 Apex Motors,Nili Motors,Yethomi Motors Pvt Ltd,,
2017-03-21 2017-03-21 IN-NAGALAND -26984-GO-DIR purchase of GIS software 2500000 Cyberswift Infotech Pvt Ltd,,,,
2017-03-16 IN-MIZORAM -61333-GO-RFQ Purchase of 1 Copier + Printer + Scanner 66950 Computer World,,,,
2017-03-16 IN-MIZORAM -61336-GO-RFQ Purchase of 3 laptops by shopping method using E5 document 290970 Computer World,,,,
2017-03-16 IN-MIZORAM -61340-GO-RFQ Purchase of 5 Desktop Computers by Shopping Method using E5 document 337000 Computer World,,,,
2017-03-16 IN-MIZORAM -61341-GO-RFQ Purchase of 7 Nos Printer by shopping method 85470 Computer World,,,,
2016-08-23 2016-09-06 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-376515-CW-NCB-SE Internal and external painting including some civil works in HMC Div. 1876493 M/s Sujit P Mate,,,,
2016-08-22 2016-09-06 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-205497-CW-NCB-SE Infrastructure facilities for NHP Laboratory at CWPRS 3335365 M/s K D Mate,,,,
2019-01-17 1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-517454-GO-NCB-DE Enhancement of Costal Field Data Collection Capabilities for sustainable development of coastal hydr
2019-01-16 1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-479481-GO-SH-DE Procurement of Battery Operated Forklift
2016-08-23 1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-563019-GO-SH-QU Glasswares and Chemicals
2019-10-18 1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-CWPRS-537515-GO-SH-DE Fuming chamber
2018-10-01 1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-KASW-258058-GO-SH-QU Bridge Outfits 200000
1900-01-01 IN-APSW-21435-GO-RFQ Purchase of ICT Equipments including Xerox machine 5200000
2020-03-13 1900-01-01 IN-RAJASTHAN -152742-GO-RFB Lab equipments for Material testing lab
2019-08-23 1900-01-01 IN-SOI-61868-GO-RFB Setting up of Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS)
2020-02-25 1900-01-01 IN-UTTAR PRADESH SW-98184-GO-RFB HIS for Gandak Canal System (2nd call)
1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-ODSW-226341 Procurement of IT equipment (Computer, Laptop) 500000
1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-MOWR-785174 software 1500000
1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-MOWR-785200 Procurement of server 2800000
2019-10-05 1900-01-01 NHP-2019-2020-BRGW-575341 Mobile/Remote Pump Controller for all Irrigation TW, initially for 4000 no
1900-01-01 NHP-2018-2019-TSSW-922045 Procurement of office furniture for Central Data Center & Regional Data Center 1500000
2020-01-28 1900-01-01 NHP-2019-2020-UPSW-531389 SCADA for Saryu Barrage
2020-02-19 1900-01-01 NHP-2019-2020-UPSW-567121 Furnishing & Upgradation of SPMU Office
2020-03-12 1900-01-01 NHP-2019-2020-MZ-393700 Fixing of False Ceiling with acoustic treatment for Video Conference Room
1900-01-01 NHP-2019-2020-MHSW-774917 A.M.C. of Existing RTDAS stations in Krishna & Bhima Basin after expiry of ongoing tender (for one y 21500000
2020-02-22 1900-01-01 NHP-2019-2020-KLSW-256206 Furnishing Regional Data Centre
2019-10-23 NHP-2018-2019-TN-747351 Renovation of Divisional Data Processing Centre at Salem and Sub Divisional Data Processing Centres 782701 Mr. Thiru. Senthil, 5/68C, K.M.Nagar, Ayothipattnam, Salem-636 103,,,,
2019-11-18 IN-TAMIL NADU -80252-CW-RFQ Renovation of Divisional Data Processing Centre at Cuddalore and Sub Divisional Data Processing Cent 757172 Mr.A.Sambath, ,,,,